Josephine FERRELL Hall's Family Search

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Josephine FERRELL Hall's Family Search

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      Josephine FERRELL Hall's Family Search

      Description / Surnames:

        Ferrell from KY>Cass County Texas
        Bolton from NC>AL>TX>Cass County Texas
        Watkins from GA>TX>Cass County Texas
        Gamble/Gambill from ??>Titus and Cass County Texas
        Griffis from AL>TX>Cass County Texas
        Chamblee/Chamlee from Wake Co. NC
        Demonbreun (and other spelling) Canada, Illinois, TN>KY
        Trumble from ??>Cass, Titus and Morris Counties, Texas
        The Trumble's before 1850 in Texas has been a brick wall.
        Myers from KY>IN>Cass County Texas
        Fletcher from GA>Cass County Texas
        Stroud from ??>AR>TX - need help on this family.
        Penny from GA>Cass County Texas
        Lee from ??>Cass County Texas
        Moon from AL?>Cass County Texas - one of my brick walls.
        Dawdy from NJ>SC>TN>KY>TN
        Some Dawdy's in IL, MO and TX also.
        Looking for Chamblee, Strickland connections that came to TX.