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Seattle, Washington 1923 City Directory - L

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order.
Page 902Laatz, Labahu, LaBarge, LaBarre, LaBarthe, LaBatt, LaBau, Labb, L'Abbe, Label, LaBell, LaBella, LaBelle, La Belle, Labenski, Labere, Laberge, Laberteaux, Labisky, LaBlanc, Labole, Labor, LaBounty, LaBourslier, La Bow, LaBranch, LaBrant, LaBrash, LaBreche, Labree, LaCasa, Lacasse, Lacava, Lace, Lacey, LaChance, LaChapelle, LaChappelle, Lachman, Lachner, Lack, Lackaye, Lackey, Lackie, Lackore, Lackorn, Lackstrom, Lacock, Lacoff, Lacolla, Lacos, LaCroix, LaCross, Lactein, Lacy, Ladas
Page 903Ladd, Ladely, Laden, Laderquist, Ladic, Ladley, LaDuke, Lactellier, La Farge, LaFavar, Lafavor, LaFazia, LaFevre, Lafferty, Laffitte, Laflin, Laflour, LaFollette, LaFon, LaFontaine, Lafoon, LaForce, LaFore, LaForge, LaFortune, LaFountain, LaFountaine, LaFour, Lafranchi, LaFray, LaFremere, LaFrenier, Lafreniere, Lafromboise, Lafruance, LaGasa, Lage, Lageman, Lagen, Lager, Lagerlof, Lagerquist, Lagerstadt, Lagerstrom, Lagg, Laggon, Lagoe, Lagozzino, LaGrand, LaGrande, Lagras, LaGrave, Lagreid, Laguiller
Page 904LaHaise, Laher, Laherty, Lahey, Lahlum, Lahman, Lahmeyer, Lahti, Lahtinen, Lahtonen, Laibe, Laiblin, Laier, Lail, Laile, Laine, Lainell, Laing, Lainhart, Lair, Laird, Laister, Laiti, Laity, Laizure, La Joie, Lakart, Lake
Page 905Lake, Lakeberg, Lakeburg, Laken, Lakey, Lakin, Lakman, La Lanne, Lalanne, Lalfer, Lalien, Lalka, Lalley, Lallo, Lally, Lalmieri, LaLoge, LaLonde, LaLone, LaMain, LaMaine, Laman, LaMar, LaMare, Lamay, Lamb, Lambdin, Lambell, Lamberg, Lambert
Page 906Lambert, Lamberton, Lamberts, Lambertson, Lambie, Lambkin, Lambo, Lambordo, Lambrecht, Lambro, Lambson, Lambuth, Lamby, Lamiman, Lamken, Lamkin, Lamm, Lammers, Lamon, Lamonde, LaMont, LaMontagne, LaMontague, LaMonte, Lamoreaux, LaMoreux, Lamoria, LaMothe, LaMotte, LaMoure, Lamoureaux, Lamoureux, Lamp, Lampe, Lampert, Lamperts, Lampertx, Lamphier, Lamping
Page 907Lampke, Lampkin, Lampo, Lampton, Lamsek, Lamson, Lanafore, Lanaway, Lancashire, Lancaster, Lance, Lanckiret, Lancour, Land, Landa, Landaal, Landaas, Landahl, Landauer, Lande, Landeck, Landell, Landels, Landen, Lander, Landers, Landes, Landgraff, Landguth, Landin, Landis, Lando, Landon, Landquist, Landreth, Landru, Landry
Page 908Landsburg, Landskov, Landstrom, Landsworth, Landt, Landweer, Landwehr, Landy, Lane, Lanegan, Laney, Lang
Page 909Lang, Langabeer, Langalaar, Langan, Langdalen, Langdon, Lange, Langel, Langenbacher, Langendorfer, Langenhan, Langer, Langevin, Langford, Langhaug, Langille, Langkabel, Langland, Langlands, Langle, Langley, Langlie, Langlo, Langloe, Langmaid
Page 910Langmead, Lango, Langrell, Langrin, Langrud, Langsand, Langsea, Langseth, Langschmidt, Langstead, Langston, Langstrom, Langteau, Langton, Langtry, Languille, Langvand, Langwell, Langworthy, Lanier, Lanigan, Laning, Lankford, Lanksbury, Lanman, Lannard, Lanneau, Lanning, Lannon, Lanos, LaNoska, Lanphear, Lanpher, Lanphere, Lanphier, Lans, Lansbury, Lansdale, Lansdowne, Lanser, Lansing, Lanstrom, Lanter, Lanterman, Lanthrop, Lantin, Lantz, Lanway, Lanz, Lanzi
Page 911Lapasin, Lapell, Lapham, Lapidewski, Lapin, LaPine, LaPlant, LaPoint, LaPointe, La Polet, Lapool, Laport, Laporte, Lapp, Lappe, Lappin, Lapping, Lappley, LaPraig, Lapriore, LaPure, LaQuet, Lara, Laramie, Laraway, Larbeer, Larcher, Larcom, LaReau, Larensen, Larentsen, Lares, Large, Largent, Largis, Larigas, Larimer, Larimore, Larisey, Larivere, LaRiviere, Larkin, Larkins, Larnach, Larne, Larned, Larney, LaRoche, LaRock, Larocque, LaRose, Larpenteur, Larrabee, Larrick
Page 912Larrimore, Larrison, Larsan, Larsen
Page 913Larsen, Larson
Page 914Larson
Page 915Larson, Larssen, Larsson, Larti, LaRue, Lary, La Salle, Lasater, Laschitz, Lasene, Lash, Lashbaugh, LaShelle, Lasher, Lashley, Lashol, Lashua, Lashway, Laskey, Lasky, Lasley, Lasnier, Lasonen, Lass, Lassen, Lasser, Lassfolk, Lassila, Lassiter, Lassoie, Lassola, Laster, Lastrange, Latham
Page 916Latham, Lathe, Lathers, Lathey, Lathrop, Latie, Latimer, Latoret, LaTour, Latourette, LaTrell, Latsch, Latschaw, Latt, Latta, Latter, Lattimer, Lattin, Latto, Latus, Lau, Laub, Laube, Laubenheim, Lauber, Laubscher, Lauch, Laucke, Laucke, Lauckhart, Lauckhart, Laucks, Laudan, Lauder, Lauenstein, Lauer, Lauermann, Laufeld, Lauger, Laugh, Laughary, Laughen
Page 917Laughlin, Laughon, Laughrey, Lauhon, Launder, Laundy, Laura, Laurence, Laurens, Laurenze, Lauricella, Lauridsen, Laurie, Laurine, Lauritsen, Laurrin, Lauscher, Lautenschlager, Lauter, Lauth, Lautz, Lauzon, Lavacca, Lavack, Lavake, Laval, LaVallee, LaValley, Lavan, Lavanchy, Lavansky, Lavanway, LaVarre, LaVassar, Lavdal, LaVeck, Lavell, Lavelle, Laven, Lavender, LaVera, Lavering, Laverty, LaVictory, LaVien, Lavigne, LaVille, Lavin, Lavine
Page 918Lavine, LaViollette, Lavold, Lavorini, LaVoy, Law, Lawe, Lawen, Lawhela, Lawler, Lawless, Lawn, Lawnsdale, Lawrence
Page 919Lawrence, Lawrenty, Lawrie, Lawry, Laws, Lawshe, Lawson, Lawter, Lawthers, Lawton, Lawyer, Lax, Laxdel, Lay, Laycock, Layman, Laymonde, Layne, Layson, Layton, Lazansky, Lazar, Lazarus, Lazarutti, Lazier
Page 920Lazinka, Lazone, Lazott, Lazzar, Lazzareschi, Lazzery, Lazzure, Lea, Leach, Leachey, Leadbeater, Leadbeter, Leadbetter, Leader, Leaf, Leaford, Leahy, Leake, Leamy, Lean, Leander, Lear, Learman, Learmouth, Learn, Learned, Leary
Page 921Leary, Leascon, Lease, Leask, Leasure, Leath, Leathem, Leather, Leathers, Leavens, Leavenworth, Leavers, Leavey, Leavich, Leavitt, Lebahn, LeBallister, LeBar, LeBarron, Lebb, LeBeau, Lebeck, Lebede, Lebel, Leber, Leberg, Leberiman, Lebieton, LeBlanc, LeBlond, LeBlue, Lebo, Lebold, LeBow, LeBreche, LeBrocq, LeBrun, LeCain, Lecheler, Lechner, Leckband, Leckenby, Leckey, Leckie, Leckington, LeClair, leClaire, LeClerc, LeCount, LeCronne, Lecture, LeCuyer, Leddet, Leddy, Ledell, Lederle, Lederman, Ledford, Ledgerwood, Ledig, Leding, Ledingham, Ledonne, LeDuc
Page 922LeDuke, Ledwich, Lee
Page 923Lee, Leebhaff, Leece, Leech, Leede, Leedham, Leedom
Page 924Leeds, Leedy, Leehey, Leekins, Leekley, Leeks, Leemhuis, Leenhouts, Leenknecht, Leeper, Leon, Leer, Leers, Lees, Leeson, Leet, Leetha, Leever, Leevy, Leezer, Lefebvre, LeFevre, Leffen Leffingwell, Leffler, Lefler, Lefohn, LeFors, LeFrancis, Leftcovitch, Leftridge, LeGallais, Lagar, LaGary, Legas, Legate, LeGault, Legaz, Legg, Leggat, Legge, Leggett, Leghorn, Legolut, LeGore, LeGrand, Legried, Leham, Lehan, Lehde
Page 925Leherman, Lehigh, Lehman, Lehmann, Lehn, Lehner, Lehnhoff, Lehr, Lehrmann, Lehtinen, Lehto, Lehtonen, Leib, Leibachen, Leibel, Leibert, Leibly, Leibrecht, Leiby, Leicht, Leichty, Leidenberg, Leider, Leidtke, Leidy, Leiferman, Leigh, Leight, Leighton, Leighty, Leijon, Leik
Page 926Lein, Leininger, Leino, Leipenstein, Leipp, Leipper, Leis, Leisberg, Leise, Leisen, Leiser, Leishman, Leistner, Leisy, Leitch, Leitenberger, Leiter, Leith, Leitha, Leithead, Leitske, Leivers, Leivy, Lekky, Lektinen, LeLaChure, Leland, Lelarn, Lemagie, Leman, LeMar, LeMarb, LeMaster, LeMay, Lember, Lemberg, Lembke, Lembo, Lemcke, LeMeister, Lemelle, Lemen, Lemenager, Lemere, LeMeyer, Lemieux, Lemins, LeMirs, Lemke, Lemley, Lemm
Page 927Lemmel, Lemmer, Lemmon, Lemoine, Lemon, Lemond, Lemonde, Lemonger, LeMont, Lemrick, Lenair, Lend, Lendblade, Lenehan, LeNeve, Lenfest, Lenfesty, Lenfkins, Leng, Lenge, Lenhart, Lenine, Lenintoff, Lenke, Lennair, Lennart, Lennekamp, Lenning, Lennon, Lennox, Lenoir, Lenont, Lenox, Lens, Lensinger, Lenski, Lensrud, Lent, Lentch, Lenthall, Lenton, Lentwein, Lentz, Lenz, Lenzi, Leo
Page 928Leon, Leonard, Leonardi, Leoncini, Leonetti, Leong, Leonhard, Leonhardt, Leonhart, Leonidas, Leopold, Leos, LePage, Lepen, Lepione, Lepistole, Laplat, LaPoidevin, Leponis, Leppart, Lepper, Leppich, Leppia, Lepsch, Lepse
Page 929Lepse, Leptich, Leptien, Lerable, Lerch, Lercher, Leren, LeRey, Lermond, Lermonde, Lerner, LeRock, Leros, Leroux, Leroy, Lerry, Lersten, Lervis, Lervold, Lesan, Lescher, Leschi, Lesem, Lesher, Leshin, Leskovar, Leslie, LeSourd, Less, Lesser
Page 930Lessey, Lestadrus, Lester, Lesterman, LeStrang, Letcher, LeTherman, Letourmy, Letourneau, Lets, Letsinger, Lettelier, Letterman, Lettich, Leu, Leuenberger, Leufqvist, Leurent, Leurguin, Levack, LeVake, Levandoski, Levar, LeVare, Levas, LeVeao, Levelle, Levellie, Levemberger, Levene, Leveney, Levensaler, Levenson, Lever, Leverenz, Levergreen, Leverich, Leverick, Leverson, Levetin, Levey, Levi, Levich, Levigne, Levin, Levine
Page 931Levinson, Levintoff, Levis, Levisee, Lesitin, Levitt, Levold, Levy, Lew, Lewarch, Lewars, Lewer, Lewes, Lewin, Lewine, Lewis
Page 932Lewis
Page 933Lewis, Lewith, Lewius, Lewness, Lexdal, Ley, Leyba, Leyden, Leyman, Leyn, Leyretz, Leytze, Lhamon, L'Heureux, Liakokos, Lian, Libbee
Page 934Libbey, Libbrecht, Libby, Liberato, Liberg, Liberman, Liberson, Licht, Lichtenberg, Lichtenberger, Lichtenstein, Lichtenwalner, Lichtenwaltner, Lick, Licka, Lickberg, Licorenko, Lida, Liddell, Liddle, Liddy, Liden, Lider, Lidgate, Lidholm, Lidral, Lidren, Linston, Lie, Lieb, Liebeck, Liebel, Lieben, Lieber, Lieberg, Lieberman, Lieberson, Liebert, Liebes, Liebman, Liedtke, Liefe, Lielinski, Lien, Lienau, Liening, Liep, Lieppe, Lieren, Lieske, Liesz, Lieurance
Page 935Liff, Lifvendahl, Ligget, Light, Lightenberg, Lighter, Lightfoot, Lightheart, Lightle, Lightner, Lightowler, Lignaite, Likely, Likert, Likins, Liko, Likos, Lilach, Lilard, Lile, Lilienthal, Liliopoulos, Liljagren, Lill, Lille, Lillehei, Lillenes, Lilleoren, Lillevand, Lilley, Lillian, Lillico, Lillie, Lilliquist, Lillison, Lillos, Lillquist, Lilly, Lilos, Lilygren, Lim, Limbach, Limbocker
Page 936Limecooly, Limer, Liming, Limit, Limpie, Limpright, Limpus, Lin, Linaberry, Linardos, Linbarger, Linberg, Linbolt, Linborg, Linburg, Lince, Linchfield, Lincider, Lincks, Lincoln, Lind, Lindahl, Lindale, Lindauer, Linday, Lindberg
Page 937Lindberg, Lindbkvist, Lindblad, Lindblade, Lindblom, Lindbloom, Lindborg, Linde, Lindeberg, Lindehl, Lindeke, Lindel, Lindell, Lindeman, Lindemann, Linden, Lindenberger, Linder, Linderman, Linderoth, Lindersmith, Lindfors, Lindgard, Lindgren, Lindgrenn, Lindgrun, Lindh, Lindhe, Lindholdt, Lindholm, Lindholz, Lindjord, Lindlauf, Lindle, Lindley
Page 938Lindley, Lindman, Lindmark, Lindner, Lindoerfer, Lindoff, Lindor, Lindorth, Lindow, Lindquist, Lindroos, Lindros, Lindroth, Lindsay, Lindseth, Lindsey, Lindsheim, Lindski, Lindskog, Lindsley, Lindstedt, Lindstrand, Lindstrom
Page 939Lindstrom, Lindt, Lindus, Lindwall, Line, Linebaugh, Lineberger, Lineer, Linegal, Linegar, Linehan, Linenkohl, Linenschmidt, Liner, Lines, Linford, Ling, Linge, Lingen, Lingenbrink, Lingenfelter, Linger, Lingle, Lingo, Lingrain, Lingren, Lingroth, Lingwood, Linhoff, Linhoff, Linholm, Linington, Link, Linke, Linkletter, Links, Linn, Linnane, Linne, Linnekamp, Linnenkohl, Linney, Linquist, Linroth, Linrud, Lins, Linscott, Linse, Linsert, Linseth, Linsky
Page 940Linsley, Linstad, Linstead, Linstrom, Linthicum, Lintner, Linton, Lints, Linville, Linvog, Linvoy, Linwald, Linwall, Lion, Lionis, Lipcomb, Lipe, Lipes, Lipke, Lipkin, Lipman, Lippincott, Lippis, Lippman, Lippmann, Lippy, Lipscomb, Lipscombe, Lipsky, Liptrop, Lircher, Lirhus, Lisa, Lischetti, Lish, Lishol, Lisk, Liska, Lisle, List, Lister, Listiak, Listman
Page 941Listman, Liston, Litch, Litchfield, Litchman, Lithgow, Litho, Litonius, Litsey, Litt, Littau, Littell, Littis, Little, Littlefield, Littlehale, Littlehales, Littlejohn, Littler, Littleton, Litts, Liveden, Lively, Livengood, Livensparker, Livergreen, Livermore
Page 942Liverton, Livesey, Lisesley, Livington, Livingstone, Livshic, Lizardo, Ljubetich, Ljunghammar, Llewellyn, Lloyd, Lmao, Loacker, Loader, Loam
Page 943Loan, Loasby, Loback, Lobaugh, Lobb, Lobberegt, Lobberet, Lobbregt, Lobdell, Lobley, Lobly, Lobregat, Lobsiger, Locatelli, Lochnane, Lochore, Lochow, Lochr, Lochrem, Lock, Lockard, Locke, Lockead, Locken, Locker, Lockerby, Lockert, Lockett, Lockey, Lockhart, Lockheart, Lockington, Locklin, Lockman, Locknane, Lockow, Lockwood
Page 944Lockwood, Lockyer, Locust, Lode, Loder, Lodestein, Lods, Lodygowski, Loe, Loeb, Loedeke, Loeffelbein, Loefflen, Loeffler, Loehr, Loehrl, Loekke, Loer, Loerch, Loeser, Loetcher, Loew, Loewe, Loewenthal, Loewer, Loewing, Loewy, Lofall, Loffland, Loffler, Loffness, Loffredo, Loffron, Lofftus, Lofgren, Loflin, Lofquist, Lofstad, Lofstrom, Lofthouse, Lofthus, Lofts, Loftus
Page 945Logan, Logar, Logault, Logerquist, Logerstedt, Logg, Loggle, Logozzino, Logsdon, Logslet, Logue, Logus, Lohdi, Lohe, Lohma, Lohman, Lohmann, Lohndorff, Lohner, Lohnes, Lohr, Lohrel, Lohrer, Lohse, Lohuis, Loiselle, Loken, Lokke, Lokken, Loland, Loman, Lomas, Lomax
Page 946Lomax, Lombard, Lombardi, Lombardini, Lombardo, Lombson, Lommasson, Lommel, Lomond, Lomundal, Lonarjan, Londahl, Londale, Londeen, Londelius, Londerville, London, Lonergan, Loners, Long
Page 947Long, Longabaugh, Longbottom, Longcoy, Longdon, Longe, Longenberger, Longer, Longevin, Longfellow, Longfield, Longhbottom, Longhead, Longhurst, Longley, Longmate, Longmire, Longmore, Longmuir, Longo, Longstaff, Longstreet, Longtin, Longworth, Lonke, Lonning, Lonnis, Lonsberg, Lonsbury, Lonsdale, Lonseth, Lontz, Look
Page 948Looker, Loomes, Loomis, Loonam, Looney, Loop, Loope, Loose, Lopax, Lopcinski, Lopez, Loplato, Lopp, LoPrest, Lopriore, Loquist, Lorah, LoRane, Lorange, Loranger, Lorch, Lord, Loreley, Loreman, Lorenmy, Lorenson
Page 949Lorentz, Lorentzatos, Lorentsen, Lorenz, Lorenzen, Lorenzo, Lorey, Loria, Lorig, Loring, Lorington, Lormor, Lorniez, Lorraine, Lortie, Lorton, Lortz, Losau, Loschbin, Losee, Losekamp, Loseth, Losey, Loss, Lossius, Losson, Loth, Lothe, Lothian, Lothrop, Lotka, Lott, Lottsfeld, Lotus, Lotz, Lotzkar, Lou, Louchlin, Loucks, Loud, Louden, louderback, Loudermilk, Loudon
Page 950Louermann, Louf, Lough, Loughary, Loughead, Loughin, Loughlen, Loughlin, Loughney, Loughran, Loughray, Loughrey, Loughridge, Loughweed, Loui, Louie, Louis, Louiselle, Louisdon, Loundagin, Lounsberry, Lounsbery, Loundsbury, Lourine, Louring, Loury, Louthers, Loutz, Louvier, Loux, Louy, Love, Loveberry, Lovedale, Lovegren, Lovejoy
Page 951Lovejoy, Lovelace, Loveland, Loveless, Lovell, Lovely, Loven, Loveridge, Lovering, Loveseth, Lovestrom, Lovetinsky, Lovett, Lovgren, Lovinah, Loving, Lovlien, Lovold, Lovsted, Lovsteen, Low, Lowaine, Lowden, Lowdermilk, Lowdon, Lowe
Page 952Lowe, Lowell, Lowen, Lowenthal, Lowers, Lowery, Lowing, Lowman, Lowndes, Lownds, Lowney, Lowrey, Lowrie, Lowriss, Lowry, Lowthan, Lowther, Lowthian, Loy, Loyd, Loyecon
Page 953Loyle, Loyselle, Lozert, Lozier, Lozon, Lozzi, Luallen, Luama, Luark, Luba, Luban, Lubbe, Lubberts, Lubcke, Lubelski, Lubetich, Lubin, Lubiski, Lubrink, Luby, Lucas, Lucchesini, Lucchesnni, Lucci, Luccock, Luccy, Luce, Lucente, Lucey, Lucha, Lucia, Lucich, Luckart, Lucke, Lucken, Luckey, Luckhurst, Lucks, Lucky, Lucopolos, Ludden, Luddington, Lude, Ludecke
Page 954Ludeman, Luders, Ludersen, Ludford, Ludin, Lundington, Ludkey, Ludley, Ludlow, Ludlum, Ludovic, Ludsky, Ludvigsen, Ludvigson, Ludwick, Ludwig, Ludwigson, Lueben, Luechisini, Luedtke, Lueke, Luenow, Luff, Lufkens, Lufsky, Lugar, Lugg, Luhman, Luhrman, Lui, Luiker, Luithle, Luithlen, Lukan, Lukanovic, Luke, Lukenbill, Lukensmeyer, Luker, Lukes, Luketa, Lukin, Lukk, Lukov, Lull, Lum, Lumbar, Lumbard
Page 955Lumberg, Lumbermn, Lumbert, Lumpe, LLumpp, Lumsdaine, Lunan, Lunbeck, Lunberg, Lunbom, Lunceford, Lund, Lundahl, Lundale, Lundberg
Page 956Lundberg, Lundblad, Lundblade, Lundby, Lunde, Lundeen, Lundell, Lunden, Lunder, Lunderhauf, Lundgren, Lundh, Lundhard, Lundholm, Lundin, Lundine, Lundmark, Lundquist
Page 957Lundquist, Lundregan, Lundstedt, Lundsten, Lundstlom, Lundstrom, Lundvall, Lundvell, Lundwall, Lundy, Lung, Lunghart, Lungreen, Lungren, Lunhard, Lunke, Lunn, Lunness, Lunney, Lunos, Lunsford, Lunt, Luoma, Lupis, Luppold, Luprono, Lupstad, Luptom, Lupton, Lurie, Lurvey, Lusby, Lushing, Lushington, Lusler, Lusk
Page 958Lusk, Lusko, Luss, Lussi, Lussier, Lustermann, Lusthoff, Lustig, Luten, Lutes, Luthens, Luther, Luthi, Lutkehaus, Luton, Luts, Luttenin, Lutz, Lux, Luzny, Lyall, Lybeck, Lybold, Lycette, Lyda, Lydell, Lyden, Lydon, Lyford, Lygdman, Lyke, Lykka, Lyle, Lyman
Page 959Lyman, Lynam, Lynch, Lynde, Lyndman, Lyne, Lyner, Lyng, Lyngen, Lynn
Page 960Lynn, Lynne, Lyon, Lyons, Lyppes, Lyppon, Lysen, Lysene, Lyshon, Lysnes, Lyson, Lysound
Page 961Lystad, Lyste, Lystic, Lytchliter, Lytle, Lyttaker, Lytton

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