City of Burlington, Vermont 1902-3 Directory - Q .. R

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 186Quigley, Quilligan, Quimby, Quinn, Quintal, Quirk, Quoillon, Quvillon, Radike, Rafter, Raine, Ralli, Ramsay, Ramsey, Rand, Randall, Rankin, Ransom, Rascoe, Rashaw
Page 187Ravelin, Ravey, Rawson, Ray, Raymond, Rayta, Read, Ready, Reagan, Reape, Reaume, Reavey, Redmond, Reed
Page 188Reed, Reedy, Reeves, Reissig, Remington, Renaud, Renihan, Rennell, Renschel, Reynolds, Rhone, Rice
Page 189Rice, Rich, Richard, Richards, Richardson, Richelieu, Richmond, Ricker, Rickey, Riddle
Page 190Riley, Rioux, Ripley, Ritchie, Rivaite, Rivers, Rivet, Roach, Robair
Page 191Robair, Robarge, Robbins, Robear, Roberge, Roberts, Robertson
Page 192Robillard, Robinson, Roby, Roche, Rocheville, Rock, Rockwell
Page 193Rockwell, Rockwood, Roddy, Rodliff, Roeder, Rogers, Rohanna, Roland, Rolf, Rongey, Roohan, Rooney, Root, Rosati, Rose
Page 194Rosen, Rosenberg, Rosenthal, Ross, Rounds, Rourke, Rousseau, Rouville, Rowe, Rowell, Rowland, Rowley, Roy
Page 195Roy, Royal, Royce, Rubin, Ruelle, Rugg, Ruland, Rumrill, Rumsey, Rupert, Rush, Rushlow, Russell
Page 196Russell, Rustin, Rutter, Ryan, Ryder
Page 197Rye, Ryle

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