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Kittanning 1919-20 Residential and Business Directory - H

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Page #Surnames in order they appear. Not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 70Hackelthorne, Haffley
Page 71Haffley, Hefner, Hague, Haines, Hallman, Hammond, Hampton, Haney, Hankey, Hacula, Harder, Harding, Hare, Harkelrode, Harker, Harmon
Page 72Harriger, Harrington, Hart, Harter, Hartman, Harvey, Haslett, Hatch, Hauser, Hawk, Hawkins, Hawley, Hayes, Hays
Page 73Hays, Heaphy, Heasley, Heckman, Hedden, Heffelfinger, Heffrin, Heginbotham, Heidersdorf, Heifner, Heigley, Heilman
Page 74Heilman, Heimlich, Heiner, Heisner, Helbig, Held, Helfrich
Page 75Helm, Helsel, Henderson, Henry, Henshey, Herbert
Page 76Herman, Herpel, Hetrick, Hettenbaugh, Heymers, Hidinger, Hildera, Hileman, Hill
Page 77Hill, Hilliard, Hilton, Himes, Hinderliter, Hindes, Hindman, Hirshberger, Hirst, Hiwiller, Hobaugh, Hoch
Page 78Hoch, Hockenberry, Hoey, Hoffman, Hogenmiller, Hollen, Holler, Hollobaugh, Holloer, Hollowbrook, Holtshour, Holtzhauer, Hooks
Page 79Hoover, Hopkins, Horwitz, Hosick, Houck, Householder, Howard, Hubbard, Hudson, Hughes, Hunger
Page 80Huntington, Hurst, Hutchinson, Hutchison, Huth

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