1930 Harrisburg City Directory - W

Pennsylvania Marriage Records    

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Page #Surname
Page 629Wachtman, Wacker
Page 630Waddell, Waddy, Wade, Wadham, Wadley, Wadman, Wadsworth, Wagenback, Wagenheim, Wagenseller, Wager, Waggoner, Wagner
Page 631Wagner, Wagoner, Wagstaff, Wahl, Waid
Page 632Waidlich, Waite, Waitkus, Walanka, Walborn, Walburn, Waick, Walcott, Wald, Walde, Walden, Waldo, Waldron, Waldschmitt, Walkden, Walkemeyer, Walkendifer, Walker
Page 633Walker, Walkinshaw, Wallace, Wallaceton, Wallauer, Waller, Wallet, Walling, Wallis, Walliser, Wallize, Wallower
Page 634Wallower, Walmer, Walp, Walsh, Walt, Walter, Waltermyer, Walters
Page 635Walters, Waltersdorf, Waltman, Walton, Waltz, Walzdorf, Walzer
Page 636Wampler, Wanamaker, Wanbaugh, Wanner, Ward, Warde, Wardecker, Wardell, Warden, Wardle, Ware, Wareham, Warfel
Page 637Warfel, Warfield, Wariner, Warlow, Warner, Warren, Warrick, Warssin, Wart, Wasalouski, Washburn, Washinger, Washington
Page 638Washington, Washock, Waskow, Wasmey, Wasmund, Wass, Wassersweig, Wassing, Wasson, Waterhouse, Waterman, Waters, Watkins, Watson
Page 639Watson, Watt, Watterson, Watts, Waugaman, Waugh, Waxman, Way, Wayne, Weader, Weagley, Weakley, Wealand, Weand, Wear, Weary, Weast, Weatherby, Weathers
Page 640Weaver, Weaver, Weaver
Page 641Weaver, Webb, Webber, Webbert, Weber, Webinger, Webner, Webster
Page 642Webster, Weddington, Wedlock, Weeber, Weed, Weegon, Weeks, Wehler, Wehling, Wehrenberg, Weible, Weibley, Weidenhamer, Weidenmeyer, Weidler, Weidman, Weigand, Weigel, Weiger, Weigle
Page 643Weigle, Weikert, Weil, Weiland, Weiller, Weills, Weimer, Wein, Weiner, Weinman, Weintraub, Weir, Weirbach, Weirich, Weirick, Weisbrod, Weise, Weiseman, Weiser, Weisinger, Weiss, Weist
Page 644Weistling, Weitmyer, Weitzel, Welch, Welcomer, Weld, Welensky, Welker, Wellen, Weller, Wellington, Welliver, Wells, Welsh
Page 645Welsh, Welter, Weltmer, Welty, Welzel, Wemyss, Wendal, Wendel, Wendell, Wendler, Wendt, Wenerick, Wengel, Wengert, Wengle, Weninger, Wenk, Wennel, Wennell, Wenner, Wenrich
Page 646Wenrich, Wenrick, Wensel, Wenticker, Wentling, Wentworth, Wentz, Wentzel, Wenzel, Werga, Werkhiser, Werlick, Werline, Werner, Werrick, Wert, Wertz
Page 647Wertz, Wertzberger, Wescott, Wesley, Wesolowski, Wessner, West, Westbrook, Westenhaver, Westenheffer, Westfall, Westhafer
Page 648Weston, Wetmore, Wetzel, Wevodau, Weyant, Whalen, Whaley, Wharton, Wheeler, Wherley, Wherly, Whetzel, Whichello, Whikle, Whipple, Whisler
Page 649Whisler, Whistler, Whitacre, Whitaker, Whitcomb, White, White
Page 650White, Whitecotton, Whited, Whitehead, Whiteman, Whiten, Whiteneck, Whiteside, Whiting, Whiteman, Whitemarsh, Whitmer, Whitmeyer, Whitmore, Whitmoyer, Whitmyer, Whitney, Whitsel, Whittaker, Whittington, Whittle, Whitton, Whorley, Whyte, Wiant, Wible, Wicht, Wick, Wickenhayer, Wickenheiser, Wicker, Wickersham
Page 651Wickersham, Wickerson, Wickey, Wickline, Wickwire, Widder, Widman, Widmayer, Wieand, Weibner, Wedenman, Wieger, Wier, Wierman, Wieseman, Wiesen, Wiest, Wiesthing, Wigand, Wigfield, Wiggins, Wightman, Wigton, Wike, Wiker, Wiland, Wilbar
Page 652Wilbar, Wilbert, Wilbur, Wilcock, Wilcox, Wild, Wilde, Wilder, Wildermuth, Wildman, Wileman, Wilensky, Wiles, Wiley, Wilford, Wilhelm, Wilkes, Wilkin, Wilkinson, Wilkison, Will, Willard
Page 653Willett, Willetts, Willey, Willi, William, Williams, Williams
Page 654Williams, Williams, Williams
Page 655Williams, Williamson, Willier, Willingham, Willis, Willits, Willners, Willoughby, Willour, Willow, Wills, Willson, Wilmer, Wilmore, Wilsbach, Wilson
Page 656Wilson, Wilson, Wilson
Page 657Wilson, Wilt, Wilton, Wilver, Wimer, Winand
Page 658Winand, Windeker, Windermaker, Windle, Windsor, Winecoff, Winegard, Winegardner, Wineholt, Winemiller, Winey, Winfield, Wingard, Wingeard, Winger, Wingerd, Winkleman, Winks, Winn, Winners, Winrick, Winter, Wintermyer
Page 659Winters, Winthrop, Wipperman, Wire, Wirrick, Wirt, Wise, Wisegarver, Wisehart, Wiseman, Wismer, Wisner
Page 660Wissler, Wister, Witchey, Witham, Wither, Witherow, Withers, Witherspoon, Withrow, Witke, Witman, Witmer, Witmor, Witmyer, Witta, Witten, Wittenmyer
Page 661Witter, Witters, Wittle, Wix, Wlach, Wohlfarth, Wohlgemuth, Woland, Wolaver, Wolbert, Wolf
Page 662Wolf, Wolfe, Wolfe
Page 663Wolfe, Wolfendon, Wolfensberger, Wolfer, Wolfersberger, Wolgang, Wolfinger, Wolfley, Wolford, Wolfson, Wolgemuth, Wollerton, Wollet, Wolley, Wolmer, Wolpert, Woltz, Womack, Womer, Wonderly, Wonders, Wood
Page 664Wood, Woodburn, Woodcock, Woodell, Woodford, Woodhouse, Woodland, Woodouff, Woodring, Woodrow, Woodruff, Woods, Woodside, Woodson, Woodward, Woody, Woodyard, Woof, Woolf, Wooley, Woolridge, Woomer, Wooters, Worcester, Worden, Work, Workapatch
Page 665Workman, Worley, Wormell, Wormley, Wornley, Worper, Worrell, Worst, Worthington, Wotring, Woutersz, Wragg, Wray, Wren, Wrenn, Wretman, Wright, Wright
Page 666Wright, Wrighton, Wrightstone, Writer, Writt, Wueschinski, Wuhrl, Wunder, Wunderlich, Wurster, Wyant, Wyatt, Wyble, Wyckoff, Wykoff, Wyland, Wyle, Wylie, Wyman, Wynn, Wyre, Wysock

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