1930 Harrisburg City Directory - L

Pennsylvania Marriage Records    

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Page 386Laase, Labaree, Lacey, Lachman, Lack, Lackey, Ladd, Ladenberger, Ladwig, Lady, Lafferty, Laflin, Lagos, Lagy, Laing, Laird, Lake, Lakey
Page 387Lakin, Lally, Lalos, Laman, Lamarea, Lamb, Lamberson, Lambert, Lamborne, Lamisin, Lamm, LaMotte, Lampas, Lanahan, Lancaster, Lance, Landeck, Landenslayer, Lander, Landes, Landis
Page 388Landis, Landon, Landsman, Lane, Lang, Langan, Langdon, Langletz, Langlotz, Lank, Lanney, Lanshe, Lansing, Lantz, Lanza, Lanzino, Lape, Lapides, Lapkin, Lapp, Lappano, Lappley
Page 389Lappley, Lariahan, Larkin, LaRose, LaRoss, Larsen, Larson, LaRue, Lash, Lashelle, Lasher, Laskowski, Laster, Latham, Latherow, Lathers, Latin, Latshaw, Latt, Latta, Lau, Laubach, Laubenstein, Lauber, Laubheim, Laubs, Lauck, Laucks, Laud, Laudenslager, Laudermilch, Lauer, Laufer
Page 390Lauffer, Laufle, Laughlin, Launse, Lauria, Laurie, Laurish, Lausch, Lauster, Lautsbaugh, Lauver, Laux, Lavanture, Laverty, Lavery, Lavia, Lavigna, Lavine, Law, Lawhead, Lawler, Lawless, Lawley, Lawrence, Lawrey, Lawrie, Laws, Lawson
Page 391Lawson, Lawton, Lawver, Lawyer, Lax, Lay, Layesman, Layher, Layman, Layser, Layson, Layton, Lazzarini, Leach, Leader, Leads, Leahy, Leake, Leakway, Leaman, Leaming, Leap, Lear, Leas
Page 392Lease, Least, Leatherwood, Leathery, Leavy, Lebeau, Lebenson, Leber, Lebo, Lebowitz, Lechleiter, Lechleitner, Lechthaler, Leckner, LeCompte, Lecoq, Ledford, Lediard, Ledig, Lee
Page 393Lee, Leech, Leedom, Leeds, Leedy, Leeper, Lees, Leese, Lefever, Leffler, Leftridge, Leggon, Lego, Lehigh, Lehman
Page 394Lehman, Lehmayer, Lehmer, Lehn, Lehr, Lehrman, Leib, Leibengood, Leibensperger, Leibig, Leibson, Leiby, Leicht, Leidich, Leidig
Page 395Leidigh, Leidy, Leifter, Leighner, Leightner, Leighton, Leinart, Leinbach, Leiner, Leininger, Leirer, Leisewinger, Leisher, Leisman, Laister, Leisure, Leitch, Leiter, Leithiser, Leitner, Leitzel, Leitzell, Leizear, Leland, Leman, Lemer, Lemey, Lemke, Lemoine, Lemon, Lemons, Lencioni, Lend, Lengel, Lenhart
Page 396Lenhart, Lenig, Lenker, Lenney, Lennox, Lenorire, Lent, Lentz, Leo, Leohner, Leonard, Leone, Leonhard, Leonza, Leopold
Page 397Lepperd, Lerch, Lerew, LeRoy, LeRue, Lescure, Lesh, Lesher, Leslie, Lessig, Lest, Lester, Leswing, Lett, Leusch, Levan, Levengood, Levens, Levi, Levia, Levin
Page 398Levin, Levine, Levinsohn, Levinson, Levis, Levitt, Levitz, Levy, Lewin, Lewis
Page 399Lewis, Lewy, Ley, Leyda, Leyder, Lian, Libhart, Librandie, Librandy, Lichtenberger, Lichtenthaler, Lichty, Lick, Lickel, Liddick, Lieb, Liebfried, Liedgott, Liedtreu, Liesmann, Liggett
Page 400Light, Lightman, Lightner, Lighty, Likins, Lilley, Lilly, Limbaugh, Lime, Limes, Limperakis, Limppo, Linah, Linard, Linas, Linbaugh, Lincoln, Lind, Linde, Lindemuth, Linden, Lindenberger, Lindermuth, Lindh, Lindle, Lindley, Lindon, Lindquist
Page 401Lindsay, Lindsey, Lindsley, Line, Linebaugh, Lineberg, Lineburg, Lineweaver, Ling, Lingenfelter, Lingg, Lingle, Link, Linkous, Linn
Page 402Linnane, Linnekin, Linnich, Linniken, Linsenbach, Linsenmayer, Linthicum, Lintner, Linton, Lipman, Lipovan, Lipp, Lippert, Lippi, Lippman, Lippy, Lipscomb, Lipsitt, Lipsitz, Lisano, Liscomb, Lisse, List, Little, Littlefield, Littmann, Litvin, Livezey, Livingston
Page 403Livingston, Livingstone, Llewellyn, Lloyd, Loban, Lobb, Lock, Lockard, Locker, Lockhart, Lockman, Lockthaler, Lockwood, Loddengaard, Lodge, Loehle, Loescher, Loeser, Loewen, Lofberg, Loftus, Logan
Page 404Logan, Loggio, Logsdon, Lohman, Lohr, Lomax, Lonberger, Loncar, Londergan, London, Long, Long, Long
Page 405Long, Longabaugh, Longacre, Longaker, Longenberger, Longenecker, Longfield, Longo, Longsdorf, Longstaff, Lonkart, Lontz, Look, Looker
Page 406Lookie, Loomis, Loon, Looney, Loose, Loper, Lorah, Lord, Lorener, Lorenz, Loretta, Lorimer, Lorince, Loritz, Lormer, Losch, Loser, Losh, Lotz, Louden, Loudenberger, Loudenslager, Lough, Loupi, Lourimer, Loux, Love, Lovelace, Lovell, Low
Page 407Low, Lowans, Lowden, Lowder, Lowe, Lowengard, Lower, Lowery, Lowry, Lowther, Loy, Loyd, Loyton, Lubbehusen, Lubold, Lubrecht, Lucas, Luce, Lucious, Lucisan, Lucisano, Luckenbaugh, Luckert, Luckett, Luckey, Ludes
Page 408Ludington, Ludlow, Ludt, Ludwick, Ludwig, Luft, Luft, Lugo, Lukens, Lukina, Lum, Lumb, Lumpkin, Lumpkins, Lund, Lundbeck, Lundgren, Lunzeno, Lupfer, Lupia, Lupke, Lupkie, Lupold, Lupton, Luring, Luse, Lusk, Luster, Lustina, Lutes, Luther, Lutters, Luttringer, Lutz
Page 409Lutz, Lutz, Lutz, Luxel, Lybarger, Lycoming, Lyle, Lyles, Lyman, Lyme, Lymes, Lynch, Lyne
Page 410Lynn, Lynne, Lyon, Lyons, Lysle, Lytel, Lytell, Lyter, Lytle

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