1930 Harrisburg City Directory - O

Pennsylvania Marriage Records    

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Page #Surname
Page 475Oakley, Oakum, Obenstine, Ober, Obercash, Oberdick, Oberdier, Oberdorf, Oberholtzer, Oberlin
Page 476Obey, Oblosser, Obanal, Obrasky, O'Brien, O'Brine, Obrock, Och, Ochs, Ocker, O'Connell, O'Connor, Octorora, O'Day, O'Donnell, Oehme, Oelkers, Oellig, Oenslager, Oerman, Offman, Offutt, Ogelsby, Ogorek, O'Gorman, Ogryenosic, Ohall, O'Halloran, O'Hara, O'Hare
Page 477Ohey, Ohlson, Ohnhouser, Ohnmacht, Ohrum, O'Kelly, Okeson, Olds, O'Leary, Plejnik, Olewine, Olinger, Oliphant, Oliver, Olivet, Olivetto, Olley, Olmer, Olmsted, Olphin, Olschewski, Olsen, Olson, Olwine, Omarrow, Ommert, Onavage, O'Neal, O'Neil, O'Neill, Ong, Onis, Oppelt, Oppenheim, Opper
Page 478Opperman, Opries, Oprisca, Oram, Oran, Orchid, Orcutt, Ord, O'Rear, O'Reilly, Orem, Oren, Orendorf, Orndorf, Orner, O'Rourke, Orphan, Orr, Orris, Orsinger, Orsini, Orst, Orstein, Ort
Page 479Ortenzio, Orth, Ortity, Ortmyer, Orwig, Osborn, Osborne, Oser, Osler, Osman, Osmand, Ossman, Ostergard, Ostrum, O'Sullivan, Oswald, O'Toole, Otstot, Ott, Otterbein, Otto
Page 480Otto, Otzel, Ovalle, Over, Overholser, Overholt, Overman, Overmiller, Overton, Oves, Oviatt, Owen, Owens, Owesney, Owiler, Oxley, Oyler, Oyster

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