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Page #Description / Surnames
5 - 48Miscellany
Page 005Title Page
Page 006Copyright / Publisher's Note
Page 007General Index
Page 008Index to Advertisers
Page 009Index to Advertisers
Page 010Introduction
Page 011Introduction
Page 012Du Bois Statistical Summary
Page 013Miscellaneous Information
Page 014Miscellaneous Information
Page 015Miscellaneous Information
Page 016Advertisement
Page 017Advertisement
Page 018Advertisement
Page 019Advertisement
Page 020Advertisement
Page 021Advertisement
Page 022Advertisement
Page 023Advertisement
Page 024Advertisement
Page 025Advertisement
Page 026Advertisement
Page 027Advertisement
Page 028Advertisement
Page 029Advertisement
Page 030Advertisement
Page 031Advertisement
Page 032Advertisement
Page 033Advertisement
Page 034Advertisement
Page 035Advertisement
Page 036Advertisement
Page 037Advertisement
Page 038Advertisement
Page 039Advertisement
Page 040Advertisement
Page 041Advertisement
Page 042Advertisement
Page 043Advertisement
Page 044Advertisement
Page 045Advertisement
Page 046Advertisement
Page 047Advertisement
Page 048Abbreviations
49 - 263Du Bois Residential Directory

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Page 264Advertisement
265 - 316Du Bois Street and Householder Directory
Page 265Albert Court .. Atlantic Ave
Page 266Atlantic Ave .. Brady N.
Page 267Brady N. .. Brady S.
Page 268Brady S.
Page 269Brady S.
Page 270Brady S. .. Carson Av
Page 271Carson Av .. Church S.
Page 272Church S. .. Denton
Page 273Denton .. Dock
Page 274Driving Park .. Du Bois Av
Page 275Du Bois Av
Page 276Du Bois Av .. First
Page 277First N
Page 278First N .. Franklin North
Page 279Franklin North .. Grant
Page 280Grove Pl .. Hetrick
Page 281High South .. Highland South
Page 282Hill .. Jared South
Page 283Jared South .. Juniata
Page 284Juniata .. Kuntz
Page 285Kuntz .. Locust
Page 286Locust .. Long Av East
Page 287Long Av
Page 288Long Av
Page 289Long Av
Page 290Long Av
Page 291Long Av .. Luther Av
Page 292Madison .. Main
Page 293Main
Page 294Main .. Maple
Page 295Maple .. McLane
Page 296McLane .. Olive
Page 297Olive .. Overdorf
Page 298Park Av .. Park St
Page 299Park St .. Pifer
Page 300Pifer .. Quarry
Page 301Quarry .. Robinson
Page 302Robinson .. Sandy
Page 303Sandy .. Scribner
Page 304Scribner
Page 305Scribner .. Sherman
Page 306Sherman .. South Av
Page 307South Av .. Spring Av
Page 308Spring Av .. State
Page 309State .. Susquehanna
Page 310Susquehanna .. Tozier
Page 311Tozier .. Washington Av
Page 312Washington Av
Page 313Washington Av .. Weber Av
Page 314Weber Av
Page 315Weber Av .. Wood
Page 316Wood
317 - 324Du Bois Rural Directory
325 - 341Falls Creek Residential Directory
Page 342Advertisement
343 - 344Falls Creek Rural Routes Residential Directory
Page 343Ames, Briggs, Buchanon, Burley, Bussard, Calhoun, Cooper, Crawford, Daugherty, Delp, Dennison, Doane, Emrick, Evans, Ferringer, Friedline, Frye, Gardner, Goss, Gracey, Groves, Haugherty, Hay, Hicks, Hilliard, Hinderlitter, Hopkins, Hunter, Hutchison, Jones, Lerch, Lindsmuth, March, Matthews, McClure, McConnell, McCormick, McKeon, Moore, Mottern, Murray, Nopker, Patton, Perrin, Pierce
Page 344Pittsley, Pollum, Quinn, Reitz, Riggs, Robinson, Senior, Shields, Shoptahl, Smith, Snell, Snyder, Staton, Stephenson, Sterrett, Stewart, Stuart, Tudor, Vesco, Waite, Waterhouse, Welsh, Wilson, Wingrove, Wiser
345 - 404Du Bois Classfied Business Directory
Page 345Accountants .. Agricultural
Page 346Agricultural .. Art Goods
Page 347Art Needle .. Automobile
Page 348Automobile ...
Page 349Automobile ...
Page 350Automobile ...
Page 351Automobile .. Barbers
Page 352Barbers .. Batteries
Page 353Batteries .. Billiards
Page 354Billiards .. Brokers
Page 355Builders Supplies .. Buildings
Page 356Buildings .. Chiropractors
Page 357Churches
Page 358Churches .. Clergymen
Page 359Clergymen .. Clubs
Page 360Clubs .. Coal
Page 361Cold Storage .. Confectionery
Page 362Confectionery .. Contractors
Page 363Contractors .. Dentists
Page 364Dentists .. Dressmakers
Page 365Dressmakers .. Dyers
Page 366Dynamite .. Electrical
Page 367Electrical .. Expressing
Page 368Expressing .. Fish
Page 369Flavoring .. Fruits
Page 370Funeral .. Garages
Page 371Garages .. Gasoline
Page 372Gasoline .. Grist Mills
Page 373Grocers
Page 374Grocers
Page 375Grocers .. Harness
Page 376Harness Makers .. Hotels
Page 377House Furnishings .. Insurance
Page 378Insurance
Page 379Insurance .. Jewelers
Page 380Junk .. Lawyers
Page 381Lawyers .. Long Distance Hauling
Page 382Lumber .. Meats
Page 383Meats .. Merchandise Distribution
Page 384Milk .. Morticians
Page 385Motor Trucks .. Musical Instruments
Page 386Musical .. Nurses
Page 387Nurses .. Paint
Page 388Paint .. Pattern
Page 389Pattern .. Pianos
Page 390Picture Frames .. Plumbers
Page 391Plumbers .. Printers
Page 392Produce .. Railroad
Page 393Railroad .. Restaurants
Page 394Restaurant .. Salesmanship
Page 395Sand .. Schools
Page 396Service Stations .. Shoe Repairs
Page 397Shoe Repairs .. Societies
Page 398Societies
Page 399Societies .. Steam
Page 400Steam .. Tailors
Page 401Tailors .. Tires
Page 402Tires .. Typewriting
Page 403Undertakers .. Watches
Page 404Watchmakers