Catasauqua, Pennsylvania 1929/30 City Directory (including North and West Catasauqua) - E .. G

Pennsylvania Marriage Records    

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Page #Description / Surnames in order they appear on each page, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 15Eagle, Ealer, Eardley, Eberhart
Page 16Eberhart, Ebert, Eberts, Eck, Eckensberger, Eckert, Eckroth, Edgar, Edleman, Edmonds, Edward, Egolf, Eisenhard, Ellick, Elliott, Eltz, Elverson, Emanuel, Engleman, Engler, Englert
Page 17Epler, Eppers, Erdell, Erdman, Erich, Ernst, Esdale, Etheredge, Evans, Everett, Fahler, Fahy, Fairfield, Falk, Farrell, Fatzinger, Faulkner, Faust
Page 18Faust, Feenstra, Fegley, Fehnel, Fehr, Feller, Fekete, Feno, Fenstermaker, Ferencak, Ference, Fesko, Fetherolf, Figura, Filchner, Fink, Finley, Fiorello, Fischer, Fischl, Fisher, Fitzgerald
Page 19Fleckstein, Fleming, Flexer, Floyd, Fluck, Follweiler, Ford, Forner, Fox, Frack, Frances, Frantz, Frederick, Freeman, Freer, Frese, Frey, Freyman
Page 20Frick, Frickert, Fried, Fries, Fritchey, Fritz, Fritzinger, Fry, Frye, Fullager, Fuller, Fulton, Funk, Gackenbach, Gallagher, Galm, Gangawer
Page 21Gangawer, Gardner, Garrison, Gavin, Gazzor, Gearhard, Gearhart, Gebhard, Gehman, Gehres, Geiger, Gemmel
Page 22Gemmel, Gensey, George, Gerlach, German, Gesting, Gibbon, Gibson, Gierling, Gift, Gilbert, Gillespie
Page 23Gillespie, Gilly, Ginther, Gintz, Girard, Glace, Glasser, Glick, Goldsmith, Good, Goodman, Goscieniecki, Gosnesky, Gower, Goyodos, Graffin, Gratzon
Page 24Graver, Gray, Greaves, Green, Greene, Gregg, Gregory, Greisbach, Greitzer, Grenzenbach, Grey, Griffith, Grishatt, Groeller, Groller, Groman, Gronatsky, Gross, Grove, Grow, Guldner, Gulick, Gunther, Gurgel, Gurzinski
Page 25Gurzinski, Gustafson, Guth, Guzzy, Guzy, Gyer

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