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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 1925 City Directory - T

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Page #Surnames in order they appear. Not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 688Tabb, Tabert, Tabor, Tacker, Tackett, Taft, Taggart, Tague, Talbert, Talbirt, Talbot, Talbott, Taliaferro, Talkington, Tallant, Talley, Tallman, Tally, Tamayo, Tambling, Tanchett, Tandy, Taney, Tankersley
Page 689Tannahill, Tannebaum, Tanner, Tannor, Tanquary, Tansel, Tant, Tapia, Tapp, Tappan, Tappe, Tapscott, Tarber, Tarkington, Tarman, Taron, Tarpey, Tarpenning, Tarplay, Tarr, Tarrant, Tarrazona, Tarris, Tartar, Tarter, Tarver, Tarvin, Tasso, Tate, Tater, Tatman, Tattershall, Tatum
Page 690Tatum, Taulbee, Taute, Tavenner, Taylor
Page 691Taylor
Page 692Taylor, Tays, Teague, Teahon, Teal, Teale, Teall, Teate, Tebeck, Teck, Tedford, Tedrich, Tedrick, Teeple, Tegeler, Tefteller, Tegerson, Tegthof, Telegan, Teller, Temple
Page 693Temple, Templeman, Templeton, Templin, Tener, Tenet, Tennal, Tennery, Tenney, Tennison, Terral, Terrell, Terrett, Terrill, Terry, Teschner, Teshran, Teskey, Tessitor, Tessneer, Testerman, Teter, Teuscher, Tevebaugh, Tew, Thacker
Page 694Thacker, Thagard, Thames, Tharp, Tharpe, Thatcher, Thaxton, Thayer, Thedford, Theimer, Thema, Theodosis, Thewlles, Thiele, Thieme, Thiems, Thiery, Thigpen, Thing, Thoburn, Thoen, Tholborn, Tholin, Thoman, Thomas
Page 695Thomas
Page 696Thomas, Thomason, Thomison, Thomlinson, Thompson
Page 697Thompson
Page 698Thompson, Thoms, Thomsen, Thomson, Thorn, Thornberg, Thornburgh
Page 699Thorne, Thornhill, Thornton, Thorp, Thorpe, Thrash, Thrasher, Threadgill, Threadkell, Threlfall, Threlkeld, Thresher, Throchmorton, Throwes, Thurber
Page 700Thurlow, Thurman, Thurmond, Thurston, Tibbets, Tibbs, Tibey, Tice, Tichenor, Tickej, Tidd, Tidnam, Tidwell, Tiefel, Tiefenbrun, Tierce, Tierney, Tifflin, Tighe, Tigner
Page 701Tilghman, Tiller, Tillery, Tilley, Tillison, Tillman, Tillotson, Timberlake, Timberman, Timken, Timmer, Timmerding, Timmie, Timmins, Timmons, Timms, Tincher, Tindell, Tinder, Tiner, Tines, Tinker, Tinkham, Tinkle, Tinkler, Tinniswood, Tinsley, Tippett, Tippin, Tippit, Tipton
Page 702Tischer, Tisdal, Tisdale, Tish, Tisinger, Tissington, Titus, Tlopak, Toan, Tobias, Tobin, Todd, Toft, Tokay, Tolbert, Tolby, Tole, Toler, Tolford, Toliver, Tolle, Toller, Tolleson, Tolley, Tolliver, Tolly, Tolman, Tom, Tomberlin, Tomer, Tomerlin
Page 703Tomlin, Tomlins, Tomlinson, Tommaney, Tomme, Tompkins, Tompton, Toms, Tong, Tongate, Tonini, Tooker, Tooks, Toole, Toombs, Toothman, Toplen, Torbert, Torbet, Torbett, Torbitt, Torian, Tormohlen, Torres, Torrez, Toth, Totoro, Totten, Totty, Toucher, Touchon, Towe, Towell, Towers, Towler, Towne, Towner, Townson, Townsend
Page 704Townsend, Townsley, Towsen, Toy, Tozer, Tracey, Tracy, Trail, Trammel, Trammell, Trapp, Trappe, Trask, Tratchel, Traub
Page 705Traub, Trave, Travis, Traweek, Trawick, Trayer, Trayler, Traylor, Traywick, Treadwell, Treat, Treblejohn, Treece, Tredwell, Treichler, Trejo, Tremblay, Tremble, Trent, Tresner, Tressel, Trezevant, Treznik, Tribbey, Tribble, Trice, Tricky, Trigg, Triggs, Trim, Trimble, Triplett, Triplitt, Tripp, Trippe, Trippet, Triska, Tristan, Tritch, Tritchener
Page 706Tritten, Trochta, Troester, Troler, Trolinger, Tromble, Trone, Tronosky, Trosper, Trotter, Trout, Troutman, Troutt, Troy, Truax, Trudgeon, True, Trueblood, Truelove, Truesdell, Truester, Truett, Truhart, Truitt, Trulock, Trumbley, Trumbly, Trumbull, Trummer, Trunnell
Page 707Trunzler, Truscott, Trusler, Truss, Trussle, Truster, Tryon, Tuan, Tubb, Tubbs, Tuck, Tucker
Page 708Tucker, Tuell, Tuggle, Tull, Tullis, Tullius, Tuma, Tumilty, Tunberg, Tune, Tunison, Tunley, Tunnard, Tunnell, Tunner, Tunnissen, Tunnucane, Tunstill, Tuohy, Turbeville, Turcotte, Turk, Turley, Turman, Turnage, Turnbo, Turnbull, Turner
Page 709Turner, Turney, Turnham, Turpin, Tutin, Tutor, Tutt, Tuttle
Page 710Tuttle, Tway, Twigg, Twiss, Twitty, Twyford, Twyman, Tydings, Tye, Tygard, Tyler, Tyndall, Tyner, Tynes, Tyson

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