Canton, Ohio 1914 Business Directory

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Page #Description
page 829Abstractors .. Attorneys
page 830Attorneys .. Auto Dealers
page 831Auto Dealers .. Baby Carriages
page 832Baggage .. Barber Shops
page 833Barber Shops .. Boarding Houses
page 834Boarding Houses .. Bowling Alleys
page 835Box and Crate .. Building Cleaners
page 836Building and Loan .. Ceiling and Roof
page 837Ceiling and Roof .. Cigars
page 838Cigars .. Coal Dealers
page 839Advertisement
page 840Coal Dealers .. Confectionery
page 841Confectionery .. Contractors
page 842Contractors .. Corsetiere
page 843Crackers .. Directory Publishers
page 844Distributing .. Dry Cleaning
page 845Dry Cleaning .. Engineers
page 846Engravers .. Flats and Apartments
page 847Flats and Apartments .. Funeral Directors
page 848Furnace .. Gas Lights
page 849Gas Lights .. Grocers
page 850Grocers
page 851Grocers .. Hatters
page 852Hay .. House Furnishing
page 853House Furnishing .. Insurance
page 854Insurance .. Ladders
page 855Ladies Furnishings .. Loan Agents
page 856Loan Agents .. Mantels, Grates and Tiling
page 857Manufacturers Agents .. Men's Furnishings
page 858Men's Furnishings .. Millinery
page 859Millinery .. Music Teachers
page 860Music Teachers .. Nurses
page 861Nurses .. Oil Dealers
page 862Oil Dealers .. Pension Attorneys
page 863Pension Attorneys .. Physicians
page 864Physicians .. Plumbers
page 865Plumbers .. Proprietary Medicines
page 866Public Accountants .. Real Estate
page 867Real Estate .. Roofing
page 868Roofing .. Saloons
page 869Saloons
page 870Saloons .. Sheet Metal
page 871Sheet Metal .. Sporting Goods
page 872Sporting Goods .. Street Railroads
page 873Street Railroads .. Tinners
page 874Tinners .. Wall Paper