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Ulster County, New York 1892 - 93 Directory - C

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order,
Page 62Caffrey, Cahill, Caire, Caifalia, Caile, Caldwell, Valhoun, Calkins, Calinen, Callahan, Callen, Cameron, Camiskey, Campbell, Campfield
Page 63Campfield, Canaley, Canfield, Canine, Caniff, Canner, Cantine, Canty, Capen, Capin, Carbary, Carewe, Carey, Carhart, Carle, Carl
Page 64Carle, Carlin, Carlson, Carley, Carman, Carmichael, Carn, Carney
Page 65Carney, Carnright, Carnwright, Carpenter, Carr
Page 66Carroll, Carter, Carson, Cartman, Carver, Cashdollar, Cashin
Page 67Case, Casey, Cassele, Cassel, Cassell, Cassidy, Castin, Castle, Castner, Castor, Caswell, Catherwood, Catlin, Caton, Cavanaugh, Caywood, Chace
Page 68Chace, Chainley, Chamberlain, Chambers, Champagne, Champlin, Chandler, Chapin, Charles, Charlton, Chase, Childs, Chichester
Page 69Childs, Chipman, Chipp, Chord, Chrissey, Christian, Christiana, Church, Churchill, Churchwell
Page 70Churchwell, Cism, Clack, Clair, Clancy, Clare, Clark
Page 71Clark, Clarkson, Clary, Class, Clayton, Cleary, Clearwater, Clement
Page 72Cleveland, Cline, Clinton, Close, Clum, Clumb, Clymer, Clyne, Coalson, Coats, Cobbe, Cockburn, Cocks, Coddington
Page 73Coddington, Cody, Coe, Cofflin, Coghlan, Cogswell, Cohn, Cohen, Cole
Page 74Cole, Coleman, Collins, Colvin, Colton, Comfort, Condon, Conine, Conklin
Page 75Conklin, Conley, Connelly, Conner
Page 76Conner, Conners, Connor, Conover, Conroy, Constable, Constant, Conway, Conyes, Corcoran, Cook, Cooke
Page 77Cooke, Cook, Cooley, Coons, Coon, Cooney
Page 78Coons, Cooper, Coopinger, Corbett, Cordes, Corcoran, Corkey, Cornelius, Cornell, Cornish, Cornwell, Cornwright, Corse, Corwin
Page 79Corwin, Costello, Coswell, Costello, Cosgrove, Cotter, Couch, Coughlin, Countryman, Coutant
Page 80Coutant, Covert, Cowan, Cowdery, Cowell, Cowley, Cowperthwait, Cox, Coy, Coyle, Craft
Page 81Craft, Craig, Craige, Cramer, Crandall, Craw, Crawford, Crenell, Creedin, Crisinger, Crispell
Page 82Crispell, Criss, Cristianne, Cristle, Crittenden, Cronan, Cronk, Crook, Crookston, Cropser, Crose, Crosby, Cross
Page 83Cross, Crough, Croswell, Crowell, Crowley, Cruger, Crum, Crump, Cruse, Cryer, Crystal, Cubbard, Cuda, Cudley, Cudney, Cuff, Culden, Culken, Cullen, Culligan, Cummings, Cunningham, Curry
Page 84Cunningham, Cunyes, Cure, Curley, Curran, Curtin, Curtis, Cushin, Cushing, Cushner, Cusick, Cutler

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