West Troy, Lansingburgh, Cohoes and Green Island 1877 Business Directory

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Page #Description
Page 281Acids .. Bakers
Page 282Bakers .. Blacksmiths
Page 283Blank Book Mfgs .. Boots and Shoes
Page 284Boots and Shoes .. Brewers
Page 285Brewers .. Button Hole Cutters
Page 286Cabinetmakers .. Carpets
Page 287Carriage Builders .. Cigar
Page 288Cigar .. Coal and Wood
Page 289Coal and Wood .. Collecting Agents
Page 290Collecting Agents .. Commissioners of Deeds
Page 291Commissioners of Deeds .. Cotton Mills
Page 292Cotton Mills .. Dress Makers
Page 293Dress Makers .. Druggists
Page 294Druggists .. Engineers
Page 295Engineers Supplies .. Fire
Page 296Fish Dealers .. Fruit Dealers
Page 297Furnaces .. Granite
Page 298Grates .. Grocers
Page 299Grocers
Page 300Grocers
Page 301Grocers Wagons .. Harness
Page 302Hats .. Hosiery
Page 303Hosiery .. Insurance
Page 304Insurance .. Junk Dealers
Page 305Kindling Wood .. Lawyers
Page 306Lawyers .. Liquor
Page 307Liquor .. Lumber
Page 308Lumber .. Marble
Page 309Masons .. Meat
Page 310Meat .. Milliners
Page 311Milliners .. Notary
Page 312Notary .. Nurses
Page 313Nurses .. Painters
Page 314Paints .. Photo
Page 315Photographers .. Physicians
Page 316Physicians .. Potteries
Page 317Poultry .. Real Estate
Page 318Real Estate .. Saloons
Page 319Saloons
Page 320Saloons .. Sewing
Page 321Shaftings .. Spectacles
Page 322Spool .. Storage
Page 323Stove .. Teachers
Page 324Teachers .. Tooth Powders
Page 325Tow Dealers .. Vegetables
Page 326Ventilators .. Wood Dealers
Page 327Wood Dealers .. Yeast