Ithaca City, Tompkins County, New York 1914 Classified Business Directory

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Page #Description / Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 284Business Categories: Agency, Amusements, Antique Furniture, Attorneys, Auto, Autophone, Banks, Blacksmiths, Bonds, Books, Building, Cafe, Coal, Cold Storage, Clothiers, Contractors, Chiropractic, Dentists, Drugs, Dry Goods, Education, Electrical
Page 284Surnames Listed: Swick, Gustadt, Chipman, Collins, Crowley, Jackson, Davis, St. John, Williams, Van Cleef, Rothchild, Cummings, Smith, Sanford, Taylor, Davis, Driscoll, Hammond, Baker, Smith, McCormick, McRavey, Murray, Robinson, Carpenter, Hook, Alexander, Buttrick, Frawley, Finkelstein, Lewis, Brandman, Shulman, Wells, Boogart, Hillick, Brown, Smith, Howe, Jenks, Brooks, Christiance, Dudley, Putney, Bush, Dean, Colcord, Francis, Banker, Davis, Williams, Covey
Page 285Business Categories: Engines, Express, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat, Flour, Furniture, Garages, Gents' Furnishing, Grocers, Hardware, Horse, House Furnishings, Hotels, Insurance, Jewelers, Junk, Ladies' Furnishings, Livery, Loan, Manufacturers, Meat
Page 285Surnames Listed: Lang, Ross, Wilson, Wright, Brock, Hull, Matteson, Barnes, Holman, Thayer, Tichnor, Barton, Bool, Campbell, Dutton, Condit, Finkelstein, Mintz, Sullivan, Atwater, Blackman, Morris, Barr, Rumsey, Treman, Calkins, Tichenor, Crawford, Edwards, Clapp, McNamara, Causer, Stevenson, Gibbons, Crim, Stephens, Campbell, Grant, Speed, Wood, Brooks, Brown, DeLavan, Haussner, Heggie, Hill, Kellogg, Kennedy, Liberman, Alperl, Kelley, Sawyer, Lewis, Harrison, Sage, Champaign, Miller, Klenke, Frew, Sage, Meyers, Nadje, Pritchard, Stewart, Wolf, O'Brien, Welch
Page 286Business Categories: Monuments, Motorcycle, Musical, Newspaper, Optician, Osteopathic, Plumbing, Photographers, Physicians, Produce, Real Estate, Second Hand, Seeds, Sewing Machines, Shoes, Sporting Goods, Teas & Coffee, Undertaking, Veterinary
Page 286Surnames Listed: Hoare, Storms, Cummings, Martin, Allen, Hickey, Williams, Lent, Baker, Wilson, Bingham, Donohue, McKinney, Conlon, Tuttle, Van Buren, Lawrence, McCormick, Wilson, Beach, Cole, Madeville, Fish, Georgia, Lynch, McDaniels, Mitchell, Lull, Van Order, Stanion, Squier, Van Rensselaer, Coan, Noxon, Rogers, Tisdell, Abott, Barnes, Bell, Card, Willis, Ashdown, Easton, Mead, Quick, Stanley, Dicker, Wall, Kellogg, Harding, Hayes, Leonard, Baldwin, Comings, Shea, De Witt