Buffalo, New York 1869 City Directory - F

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 287Faber, Fachslanger, Faddell, Faerber, Faeth, Fagan, Fahey, Fahler, Fahning, Fairbanks, Fairber, Fairbrother, Fairchild, Faircloth, Fairfield, Falb, Falbott, Falck, Falk, Falke, Falkenhahn, Falkenstaub, Falkner, Fall, Fallahee, Faller, Fallon, Falvey, Fanaim, Fanter, Fargo, Farley, Farmer, Farnham
Page 288Farnlather, Farnow, Farr, Farrar, Farrell, Farren, Farrenbach, Farringan, Farrington, Farron, Farth, Farthing, Farwell, Fassel, Fassnacht, Fanchon, Faucett, Faude, Fausett, Faul, Faulkner, Faulstich, Faunce, Faust, Faver, Fax, Faxlanger, Faxon, Fay, Fayen, Fayfold, Feahr, Fearing, Featherston, Febery, Fech, Fecher, Fedder, Federlein, Fee, Feedler, Feeds, Feely, Feeney, Feeny, Fees, Feeser, Feesz, Feger, Fehringer, Fehrmann, Feichter, Feiddler
Page 289Feidt, Feierle, Feierstein, Feiertag, Feif, Feige, Feigel, Feiger, Feil, Feile, Feine, Feischlag, Feist, Feit, Feldman, Feldmann, Feldmayer, Feldmiller, Felgemaker, Felgenmacher, Felger, Felker, Fell, Fellnagel, Fellner, Fellows, Felmaten, Felser, Felsinger, Feltes, Felthousen, Feltman, Felton, Fencel, Fenderlein, Feney, Fenharm, Fenlin, Fennel, Fennerich, Fenster, Fensterbok, Fenstermacher, Fenton, Fenzel, Ferber, Ferdinand, Fereter, Ferger, Ferguson
Page 290Ferguson, Ferkel, Ferley, Fernald, Fero, Ferrick, Ferrier, Ferrill, Ferrin, Ferris, Ferro, Ferron, Ferst, Fertig, Fesler, Fessle, Festroot, Feth, Fette, Fetten, Fetz, Fetzer, Feurbach, Feurig, Fex, Feyl, Feyle, Fick, Fickel, Fickle, Fickner, Fiden, Fidenz, Fiedler, Fiefield, Fiegelen, Field, Fields, Fiels, Fier, Fiess, Fifeld, Filbert, Filio, Filkins, Fillmore, Filner, Filpert, Filsinger
Page 291Finch, Finck, Finckler, Findley, Findlay, Finegan, Fines, Finge, Finger, Fink, Finkler, Finley, Finn, Finnegan, Finnigan, Finsterer, Finsterwald, Fintzer, Finy, Firmenich, Fisch, Fischbach, Fischendorf, Fischer
Page 292Fischer, Fiscus, Fish, Fisher, Fisk, Fiske, Fiskers, Fisler, Fiss, Fistler, Fitch, Fithian, Fitte, Fitting, Fittings, Fitzgerald
Page 293Fitzgerald, Fitzgibbon, Fitzgibbons, Fitzhenry, Fitzinger, Fitzmorris, Fitzpatrick, Fivemoney, Fix, Flach, Flacher, Fladung, Flaglor, Flaherty, Flaig, Flammer, Flanagan, Flanigan, Flannery, Flare, Flary, Flaschhaur, Flatz, Flauer, Flavan, Flay
Page 294Flay, Fleckenstein, Fleeharty, Fleeman, Fleiderer, Fleik, Fleis, Fleisch, Fleischhauer, Fleishman, Fleischman, Fleming, Flersheim, Fletch, Fletcher, Flett, Fleury, Flick, Flickner, Flieger, Fliell, Flierl, Flinn, Flint, Flintrowitz, Flood, Flook, Florean, Florian, Fludder, Flug, Flury, Fluss, Flynn, Foarter, Fobes, Foegen, Foell, Foelner, Foerner, Foerschler, Foerster, Foertsch, Fogarty
Page 295Fogerty, Fogg, Foglesork, Foih, Foley, Folk, Follett, Folley, Folsom, Foltz, Fonda, Fontaine, Foot, Foote, Foottit, Foran, Forbes, Forbush, Ford, Forde, Forderer, Fordy, Foreman, Foren, Forest, Forester, Forhen, Foritsch, Fork, Forksan, Forlong, Fornes, Forney, Fornhoff, Fornholt, Foroitz, Forrest
Page 296Forrester, Forrestall, Forschler, Forson, Forster, Forsyth, Fortier, Fortin, Fortmilkler, Foschler, Fosdick, Foser, Fossett, Foster, Foth, Foubert, Foudy, Fougeron, Foulk, Fourat, Foursch, Fowler, Fox, Foxall, Foyel, Foyster, Fraalf
Page 297Fraes, Fraglin, Fralick, Fralie, Fralley, France, Franceknecht, Franch, Francis, Franck, Francklemond, Frank, Franke, Frankenstein, Frankerberger, Franklin, Franks, Franz, Frary, Fraser, Fratus, Fraunreither, Fraust
Page 298Frawenknecht, Frawley, Frazier, Freadenstone, Freas, Frecho, Fredenburg, Frederick, Freebury, Freedberry, Freedman, Freeher, Freeman, Freer, Frees, Freese, Frehberger, Frehson, Frei, Freiberger, Freidenberger, Freidman, Freier, Freiert, Freiheit, Freiher, Freiherr, Freimiller, Freischlag, Freitag, Freitas, Frelick, Freman, French, Frenz, Fres, Fresch, Frescher, Fress, Freudel, Freund, Frew, Frexelius, Frey, Freyburger, Frichlag, Frick
Page 299Fricke, Frickert, Fricks, Friday, Friebis, Friedel, Friedemann, Friedenberger, Friedner, Friedenstein, Friederich, Friedman, Friedrich, Friedrichs, Frieg, Friend, Fries, Friesler, Friess, Frim, Fringer, Frink, Friol, Frisch, Frischholz, Fritsch, Fritz, Fritzenschaf, Fritzsche, Froalick, Froggatt, Froh, Froidevaux, Fromholtz, Fromm, Frommel, Frommholz, Frost, Frothingham, Frowin, Frumet, Frutig, Fryer, Fuchs
Page 300Fuchs, Fuell, Fuge, Fugle, Fuhrman, Full, Fullem, Fuller, Fullerton, Fullum, Funck, Funk, Furguson, Furgeson, Furlong, Furman, Furnace, Fursman, Furzeit, Fushey, Fuss, Futterer, Futtit, Fyffe

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