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We have scanned the original directory for Binghamton, New York for 1900 (including Lestershire Residential and Business directories) and indexed it for your quick search.   View the index below and click on page numbers of sections you would like to see or go to the name index and click on the letter which corresponds to the first letter of the last name for the person you are seeking.   You will be taken to a list of page numbers which correspond to specific surnames. Clicking on the page number should take you to the appropriate page.   These pages are scans of the original document which are fairly large files. Pages may download slowly if you are not on a fast connection.   Please be patient and let us know if you have problems accessing them.

Page #Description / Surnames
Page 017Title Page
Page 018Table of Contents
Page 019Index to Advertisers
Page 020Index to Advertisers
Pages 021 - 043Lestershire Residential Directory / Lestershire Business Directory
Pages 201 - 435

Binghamton Residential Directory

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436 - 672Binghamton Business Directory
044 - 074Binghamton Miscellany
Page 044Advertisement
Page 045US Govt .. NY Senators
Page 046US, State and Local Government .. Sheriffs, Surrogates and County Clerks
Page 047Sheriffs, Surrogates and County Clerks .. Judges, County Officers, Commissioners and Supervisors
Page 048Post Office
Page 049Port Office
Page 050Postal .. City Government
Page 051City Government .. Notaries
Page 052City Government
Page 053Fire Dept .. Newspapers
Page 054Schools .. Churches
Page 055Churches
Page 056Churches
Page 057Churches .. YMCA
Page 058Railroad Dept .. Hospitals
Page 059Hospitals, Homes, Cemeteries
Page 060Cemeteries, Banks, Military Orgs
Page 061Clubs, Societies, Organizations
Page 062Clubs, Societies, Organizations
Page 063Clubs, Societies, Organizations
Page 064Clubs, Societies, Organizations
Page 065Clubs, Societies, Organizations
Page 066Clubs, Societies, Organizations
Page 067Clubs, Societies, Organizations
Page 068Clubs, Societies, Organizations
Page 069Clubs, Societies, Organizations and Corporations/td>
Page 070Clubs, Societies, Organizations and Corporations
Page 071Clubs, Societies, Organizations and Corporations
Page 072Railroad Fees
Page 073Railroad Fees .. Ward Boundaries, Parks, Buildings
Page 074Buildings
075 - 200Binghamton Street Directory
Page 075Abbott .. Alfred
Page 076Alfred .. Arthur
Page 077Arthur .. Baxter
Page 078Bayless .. Beman
Page 079Bennett .. Bigelow
Page 080Bingham .. Broad Av
Page 081Broad Av .. Brown
Page 082Brown .. Butternut
Page 083Butternut .. Carroll
Page 084Carroll .. Cary
Page 085Catharine .. Chapin
Page 086Chapin
Page 087Chapin .. Charlotte
Page 088Charlotte .. Chenando
Page 089Chenando
Page 090Chenando
Page 091Chenando
Page 092Chenando
Page 093Chenando .. Chestnut
Page 094Chestnut .. Cleveland
Page 095Cleveland .. Chestnut
Page 096Chestnut .. Clinton
Page 097Clinton .. Colfax
Page 098Colfax .. Collier
Page 099Collier .. Conklin
Page 100Conklin
Page 101Conklin
Page 102Conklin .. Court
Page 103Court
Page 104Court
Page 105Court
Page 106Court
Page 107Court
Page 108Court
Page 109Court .. Davis
Page 110De Forest .. De Russey
Page 111De Russey .. Dickinson
Page 112Dickinson .. Downs
Page 113Downs .. Eldridge
Page 114Eldridge .. Elm
Page 115Elm .. Erie
Page 116Erie .. Exchange
Page 117Exchange .. Fairview
Page 118Fairview .. Ferry
Page 119Ferry .. Franklin
Page 120Franklin .. Front
Page 121Front
Page 122Front
Page 123Front .. Gaylord
Page 124Genesee Av .. Glenwood Av
Page 125Glenwood Av .. Grand Blvd
Page 126Grand Blvd .. Griswold
Page 127Griswold .. Hancock
Page 128Hancock .. Hawley
Page 129Hawley
Page 130Hawley .. Henry
Page 131Henry
Page 132Henry .. High
Page 133High .. Hotchkiss
Page 134Hotchkiss .. Isbell
Page 135Isbell .. Jay
Page 136John .. Lake
Page 137Lake .. Laurel Av
Page 138Laurel Av .. Leroy
Page 139Leroy .. Lewis
Page 140Liberty
Page 141Liberty .. Linden
Page 142Livingston .. Lydia
Page 143Lydia .. Maiden Lane
Page 144Maiden Lane .. Main
Page 145Main
Page 146Main
Page 147Manier .. Mary
Page 148Mary .. May
Page 149McDonald .. Merrill
Page 150Merserau .. Mill
Page 151Mill .. Moeller
Page 152Moeller .. Morgan
Page 153Morgan .. Munsell
Page 154Munsell .. Murray
Page 155Murray
Page 156Murray .. Myrtle
Page 157Myrtle .. North
Page 158North .. Oak
Page 159Oak
Page 160Oak
Page 161Oak .. Oneida
Page 162Orange .. Park
Page 163Park .. Pearne
Page 164Pearne .. Perkins
Page 165Phelps .. Pine
Page 166Pine .. Prospect
Page 167Prospect
Page 168Prospect .. Ridge
Page 169Ridge .. Robert
Page 170Robert .. Robinson
Page 171Robinson .. Rush
Page 172Rush .. St John Av
Page 173St John Av .. Schubert
Page 174Schubert .. Seminary
Page 175Seminary .. Sherman
Page 176Sherman
Page 177Sherman .. South
Page 178South .. State
Page 179State
Page 180State
Page 181State
Page 182State .. Sturges
Page 183Sturges .. Susquehanna
Page 184Susquehanna
Page 185Susquehanna .. Thorp
Page 186Thorp .. Truesdell
Page 187Truesdell .. Varick
Page 188Varick .. Vestal
Page 189Vestal .. Vine
Page 190Vine .. Walnut
Page 191Walnut
Page 192Walnut .. Washington
Page 193Washington
Page 194Washington .. Water
Page 195Water
Page 196Water .. West
Page 197West .. Wilber
Page 198Wilber .. Winding Way
Page 199Winding Way .. Yager
Page 200Advertisement