Auburn, NY 1897-98 City Directory - Q .. R

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 342Quackenbush, Quaid, Quailey, Quain, Quick, Quigley
Page 343Quigley, Quill, Quinlan, Quinn
Page 344Quinn, Quirk, Race
Page 345Race, Radcliffe, Radney, Raesler, Rafferty, Raguse, Raiman, Raines, Ramage, Ramsay
Page 346Ramsay, Ramsey, Randall, Randolph, Ranf, Rankin, Ransier, Rappleye, Rappole, Rase, Rathbun, Rattigan
Page 347Rattigan, Rawson, Ray, Raymond
Page 348Raymond, Rea, Reagan, Reardon, Recordon, Redmond, Reed
Page 349Reed, Reeder, Reedy, Reese, Reeves, Regan, Regenbogen, Reichenecker, Reickel, Reid, Reilly
Page 350Reilly, Reinberger, Reinhold, Reisdorf, Relph, Remarque, Remington, Remley, Renihan, Reno
Page 351Reskevitch, Retallack, Reynolds, Rheinboth, Rhoads, Rhodes, Rhymer, Riby, Rice
Page 352Rice, Rich
Page 353Rich, Richards, Richardson, Richens, Richter, Rickert, Riddell, Ridley, Rieger, Riegle
Page 354Riegle, Rigby, Riggs, Rightmyer, Riley, Rindge, Ring
Page 355Ring, Ringland, Ringwood, Rising, Risser, Rivers, Roach, Roane, Robbins, Roberson, Roberts
Page 356Roberts, Robertson, Robinson, Robitow
Page 357Robitow, Rockefeller, Rockhill, Rockwell, Rodgers, Roe, Roffee, Rogers, Rohn, Roland, Rolfe, Rollo, Romanis, Romig, Ronan, Roney, Rood
Page 358Rood, Root, Roscher, Rose, Roseboom, Rosenberg, Rosecrans, Roshinski, Ross
Page 359Ross, Rosse, Rothery, Rounds, Roundy, Rourke, Rouse
Page 360Rouse, Roush, Rowan, Rowe, Rowlinson, Roy, Royce, Rubert, Rublee, Ruetsch, Rugg, Ruhland, Rumpf, Rumsey, Rusco
Page 361Rusco, Rusk, Russell, Rust, Ruszak, Ryan
Page 362Ryan
Page 363Ryan, Ryder, Ryszkiervias

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