Auburn, NY 1897-98 City Directory - O

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 313Oakley, O'Brien
Page 314O'Brien, O'Byrne, Ockenfels, Ocobock
Page 315Ocobock, O'Connell, O'Connor
Page 316O'Connor, O'Dea, Odell
Page 317Odell, O'Donnell, O'Donoghue, O'Donovan, O'Farrell, Offenberg, O'Flaherty, Ogden, O'Grady, O'Hara, Ohart
Page 318Ohart, O'Hear, O'Hearn, Ohlheiser, O'Hora, O'Kane, O'Keefe, Olager, Oldfield, Olds, O'Leary
Page 319O'Leary, Ollivell, Olmsted, Olney, O'Mally, O'Mara
Page 320O'Mara, O'Meara, O'Neil, O'Neill
Page 321O'Neill, Opdike, O'Reilly, Ormsbee, O'Rourke
Page 322O'Rourke, Orr, Osborn, Osborne, O'Shea, Osterhoudt, Osterhout, ostrander, O'Sullivan
Page 323O'Sullivan, Otis, O'Toole, Ouimette, Overton, Owen
Page 324Owen, Owlett

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