Amsterdam, New York 1893 City Directory - C

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 57Cadman
Page 58Cady, Caenfield, Cafaells, Caffrey, Cain, Cainfarr, Caldaia, Calderwood, Cadwell, Calhoun, Call, Callaghan, Callahan, Callary, Callery, Callender, Cameron, Camfield, Campbell
Page 59Camobell, Canary, Canavan, Cane, Caney, Canna, Cannon, Canselbaum, Cantine, Cantwell, Cangan, Capell, Carbonelli, Card
Page 60Carey, Carington, Catley, Carlon, Carlson, Carmichael, Carmody, Carmal, Carney, Carnrite, Carolan, Carpenter, Carr
Page 61Carrano, Carroll, Carson, Carter, Carver, Case, Casey, Casler
Page 62Casper, Cass, Cassey, Cassidy, Casson, Castler, Cary, Castor, Cath, Chadsey, Chadwick, Chalmers, Chambers, Chanticlere, Chapman, Charles
Page 63Charles, Chase, Cherry, Chiara, Chipperfield, Chism, Chrest, Chrisman, Christancy, Christian, Christman, Christy, Chuctanunda, Chulick, Chung, Cinelli
Page 64Claflin, Clapper, Clark, Clary
Page 65Clary, Clasby, Claus, Claw, Clear, Clegg, Clements, Clemons, Cleveland, Cline, Clizbe, Close, Clow, Clowes, Clum, Clute
Page 66Clute, Coach, Coates, Coats, Cobee, Coe, Cogan, Cogoman, Cogswell, Cohan, Cohnhauser, Cole, Coleman, Colgan, Collamer
Page 67Collar, Collett, Collier, Collins, Coloney
Page 68Coloney, Colson, Colymer, Comar, Combes, Combs, Comiskey, Comrie, Conant, Cone, Conkey, Conley, Conlon, Conyan, Connell, Connelly, Conney
Page 69Conney, Conniff, Connif, Connolly, Connor, Connors, Conover, Conrad, Conroy, Conway
Page 70Conway, Coogan, Cook, Cool, Cooling, Coons, Cooper
Page 71Cooper, Copp, Corcoran, Cordone, Core, Corey, Corley, Coscow, Cosow, Cossens, Costello, Cotter, Coughtry, Coulter, Couse, Courtney, Cover, Covey, Cowley, Coy, Cozzens
Page 72Cozzens, Crager, Cragin, Craig, Cramer, Crandall, Crane, Craner, Crawford, Cregg, Creig, Creighton, Criddle, Crippin, Cromie
Page 73Crommie, Cromwell, Cronin, Cronkhite, Crosby, Cross, Crossley, Crossman, Crouch, Crouse, Crowe, Crowell
Page 74Crowell, Crowford, Crowley, Cruise, Cuddy, Cullen, Cummerford, Cunniff, Cunningham, Cummings, Cummins, Cunningham, Cutler, Curley
Page 75Curley, Curnin, Curran, Curren, Currie, Curtin, Custiss, Cusick, Cussey

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