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Plainfield, NJ 1909 City Directory - P

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order,
Page 214Pack, Packer, Packard, Pagan, Paglinea, Palmer, Pangborn
Page 215Pangborn, Pantazi, Paoli, Paradise, Paretto, Parent, Paritz, Parker, Parkhurst, Parnes, Paroubek
Page 216Parquett, Parr, Parrella, Parse, Parson, Parsons, Parvin, Pasch, Passmore, Pastor, Pastore, Paterson, Patten, Patterson, Paul, Pauly, Pavlik, Pawson, Payne, Payson, Peacher, Peacock, Pearce
Page 217Pearce, Pease, Pearson, Person, Peck, Peel, Peer, Pellegrin, Pelletier, Pender, Pendleton, Peney, Penfield, Penn, Penny, Pennington, Pennoyer
Page 218Perkins, Perino, Perrin, Perrine, Perry, Pessenger, Petersen, Peterson
Page 219Peterson, Petrie, Pettiford, Pfeiffer, Pfender, Pfister, Pfluger, Phelps, Phillips, Philips
Page 220Phillips, Philpott, Pierce, Pierson, Pike, Pilger, Pine, Pinto, Pittis, Pitts, Place, Pla de Villars
Page 221All organizations named for the city
Page 222All organizations named for the city
Page 223Plank, Platt, Platts, Plischke, Plum, Pplummer, Pleydell, Pocock, Poillon, Poinier, Poling, Polk, Pollard, Pollark, Pollack, Pollette, Pollin, Polon, Pomeroy, Pond, Poole
Page 224Poole, Pope, Poqek, Porcello, Porter, Post, Postlethwaite, Potter, Pound
Page 225Pound, Powell, Power, Powers, Powelson, Powlison, Pradeilles, Praed, Pratzner, Pray, Preger, Preitner
Page 226Price, Prior, Pritcheet, Probasco, Proctor, Prosher, Pruden, Prudhon, Pryor, Ptaschinska, Pugh, Pulito, Pullinger, Putnam
Page 227Putnam

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