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Ocean City, New Jersey 1928 City Directory - M

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order,
Page 144MacAllister, MacBride, MacCashland, MacCotter, MacDonald, MacDowell, Mace
Page 145Macfarlane, Macgeorge, MacGregor, Mach, MacHenry, MacKain, Mackay, Macken, MacKenzie, Mackey, Macklin, Macky, Maclary, MacMillan, MacMullin, MacMurray, MacMurtrie, MacNamee, MacNatt, MacNeal, Maconochie, MacPherson, MacTague, MacVaugh, Maddock, Maenner, Maginn
Page 146Maginnis, Magonigal, Maguigan, Maguire, Mahle, Mahon, Mallon, Malloy, Malone, Maloney, Malverne, Manieri, Manley, Mann, Manne, Mannice, Manning, Mansfield, Mara, Marco, Marder, Margerison, Marino, Marks, Marley, Marot, Marple
Page 147Marquetand, Marriott, Marsden, Marsh, Marshall, Marsino, Marter, Martin, Martine, Marts, Marvel, Mason
Page 148Massey, Mathers, Mathis, Mathues, Matlack, Matthews, Matthias, Maul, Maurer, Maus, Mawson, Maxfield, Maxwell, May, Mayberry, Mayer, Mayers, Mayes
Page 149Maynard, Mazzarella, Mazzeo, Mearns, Mears, Meck, Meckert, Mecky, Mecouch, Meehan, Meenan, Megard, Megee, Mehnert, Meichel, Mellor, Mench, Mengel, Menzies, Mercer, Merklee, Merkt, Merrill, Merryman, Mershon, Messersmith, Meyer, Meyers, Michener
Page 150Middleton, Migliaccio, Miles, Millar, Millard, Mille, Miller
Page 151Miller, Mills, Millspaugh, Milstead, Milvin, Mina, Minahan, Miner, Minner, Minot, Mintzer
Page 152Mintzer, Miraglilo, Missimer, Misskelly, Mitchell, Mizell, Mockler, Moffet, Moffett, Moir, Molyneux, Monahan, Moncrief, Monchief, Money
Page 153Monihan, Monroe, Montagna, Montell, Montgomery, Moody, Moon, Mooney, Moore, Moorhead, Morey, Morgan
Page 154Morgan, Morrell, Morris, Morrison, Morse, Morton, Moseley, Moses, Mosley, Moss, Mossbrooks
Page 155Most, Motley, Mott, Mount, Mounts, Mowbray, Mowen, Mowrer, Mowry, Moxey, Moyer, Muhly, Mulcahy, Mulford, Mylhrine, Mullen, Mullin, Mulvey, Mumford, Munger, Murphine, Murphy
Page 156Murphy, Murray, Murrel, Murtagh, Muth, Myers

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