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Newark, NJ 1835 - 36 City Directory - K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 50Kahoe, Kallet, Kanouse, Karr, kearney, Keen, Kean
Page 51Keen, Keesly, Kelly, Kelley, Kelsall, Kemper, Kennedy, Kent, Keough, Kernin, Kerr, Kesselmeier, Kesslen, Ketcham, Kidd, Kidgar, Kidney, Kiggin, Kilburn, Kimbol, King
Page 52King, Kinney, Kintina, Kipp, Kirk, Kirkpatrick, Kilpatrick, Kissam, Kitchell, Knapp
Page 53Knapp, Knowland, Knowles, Krise, Kreemeich, Kurly, Labour, Lacy, lackey, Laddy, Lang, Langstroph, Lapan, Larue, Latham, Laura, Launon, Law, Lawlow, Lawrence, Layton, Lebret, Ledger, Ledwith, Lee
Page 54Lee, Leek, Lehman, Lemassena, Leonard, Levesage, Levison, Lewis, Lindsley, Linter, Little
Page 55Little, Littlejohn, Lock, Lockwood, Logan, Lomedieu, Lombard, Long, Longworth, Looker, Loomis, Lord, Loree, Loud, Lovett, Low, Loweree, Lowery, Lloyd, Lumm
Page 56Lumb, Lyman, Lyon, Lyons, Lynch, Macaby, Macknett, Mackadona, Madden, Magie, Mahar, Mahon
Page 57Mahon, Mahannah, Mainstone, Major, Malarkey, Manderville, Maning, Marcell, Mars, Marsh, Martin
Page 58Martin, Mary, Mason, Masker, Massaker, Massacar, Mathews, Matlock, Matthias, May, McBeth, McBride, McCabe, McCafferty, McCan, McChesney, McClauflin, McClauglin, McCoen, McColgan, McColigan, McCoun, McCounde, McCuen, McCurdy, McCully, McDaniel
Page 59McDermit, McDermot, McDervitt, McDougal, McDonald, McDonnah, McElhose, McElwee, McFelo, McGauren, McGill, McGowen, McGrath, McGuire, McKann, McKeaw, McKee, McKeig, McKenger, McKibb, McKiel, McKiernan, McLaughlin, McLue, McMahon, McManas, McMenomy
Page 60McNiell, McSheffery, Mead, Meadon, Mealio, Medcraft, Medina, Meighan, Meeker, Mercer
Page 61Merchant, Mercy, Merrell, Merrick, Mersallier, Mersereau, Mervin, Meeson, Metsell, Metyer, Mieggs, Miles, Mills, Milledge, Miller
Page 62Miller, Ming, Minton, Mitchell, Mix, Mockerage, Moleson, Monihan, Monroe, Montier, Montgomery, Moor, Moore
Page 63Moore, Mooney, Moran, Morarland, More, Morehouse, Morgan, Morman, Morris, Morss, Morrison
Page 64Morrow, Morton, Mourison, Mourrous, Moynshia, Muclow, Mullord, Mulin, Mullen, Munay, Mundin, Munks, Munn, Munro, Munroe, Munson, Murkey, Murray, Murry, Murphy
Page 65Murphy, Muzzy, Myer, Myers, Mygatt, Myre, Nailor, Narwood, Nash, Nathan, Naylor, Neate, Neblo, Nelson, Nesbitt, Nevious, Newton, Nichols
Page 66Nichols, Nisbeck, Noe, Norman, Norris, Norton, Noxon, Noyes, Nutman, Nuttman, O'Brien, O'Connel, O'Donnell, O'Donald, O'Fake
Page 67O'Hea, O'Hara, O'Hare, O'Neil, Ogden, Ogg, Olds, Oliver, Osborn, Osmun, Ougheltree, Owens, Owen
Page 68Pagan, Page, Paine, Parliment, Parcels, Parker, Parkhurst, Park, Parks, Parsals, Parsel, Parsells, Parrice, Parrot, Parsons, Passmore, Paterson, Patton, Paul, Payne, Peck, Peckwell
Page 69Peel, Peer, Peeney, Pell, Pellin, Pennington, Pennyman, Periam, Perkin, Perkins, Perry, Peters, Pety, Philips, Phillips, Pieffer, Pier, Pierce, Pierson
Page 70Pierson, Pike, Pilcher, Pitt
Page 71Pitt, Pitney, Pittenger, Plum, Plume, Plumley, Plunket, Poinier, Pollard, Pool, Porter, Post, Potter
Page 72Pounder, Powell, Power, Powers, Powles, Prager, Pratt, Prall, Price, Priest, Proal, Proall, Probasco, Provost, Prudden, Pursel, Purdin
Page 73Quackenbush, Quick, Quigly, Quinn, Quimby, Queen, Rankin, Ransley, Randolph, Rassell, Rathbone, Ray, raymond, Raynor, Reading
Page 74Reamer, Rednor, Reed, Reeves, Reilay, Remer, Reock, Reuck, Reynolds, Rice, Richer, Richards, Richardson, Rickets, Rider
Page 75Ridge, Rigby, Riker, Riley, Rily, Roak, Roat, Robb, Roberts, Robertson, Robins, Robinson, Rockafellow, Rodgers, Roe, Roeloff
Page 76Roff, Rogan, Rohde, Roll, Romanus, Rose, Rosegrant, Ross, Rossell, Root, Rowan, Rowen, Rowly, Rowley, Ruckel, Rundle
Page 77Runyan, Rupert, Russell, Rutan, Rutherford, Ryerson, Ryon, Ryonier

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