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Newark, NJ 1835 - 36 City Directory - A, B, C

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 1Aber, Abbott, Ackerly, Ackerman, Addison, Adams, Agens, Albert, Alcock, Alden
Page 2Alexander, Alfred, Allabon, Allbright, Allen, Alling, Allington, Alston, Always, Alyea, Anderson
Page 3Anderson, Andrews, Andruss, Armstrong, Arbuckle, Asbridges, Ashman, Ashbeck, Atwood, Atherton, Augcheltree, Ayres, Babcock, Bacon, Backmeyre, Backus, Badgely
Page 4Baetzel, Baid, Baily, Bailey, Baird, Bakehorn, Baker, Ball, Ballard, Ballentine, Baldwin
Page 5Baldwin
Page 6Baldwin
Page 7Baldwin, Bamber, Banks, Barber, Bardon, Barnett, Barnum, Barright, Barry, Barton, Bashford, Bassett, Bathgate, Baxter, Baylis, Beach
Page 8Beach, Beal, Beam, Beams, Beardsley, Beaston, Beatty, Bedell, Bedford, Bee, Beekman, Beeler, Beers, Begbie
Page 9Bell, Bellinger, Benedict, Benjamin, Bennet, Bennett, Benson, Benton, Bermingham, Berry, Berryman, Best, Bestick, Bettel, Betts, Biddolph, Bidwell, Binwell, Birks, Birchard, Bishop, Black, Blake
Page 10Blake, Blackford, Blauvelt, Blazier, Blynn, Boals, Bogart, Buhlen, Boice, Bolles, Bolten, Bond, Bonnel, Bonsall, Bonsell, Bontgen, Booles, Booth, Bosworth, Bottles, Boughton, Bouton, Bowen
Page 11Bowen, Bowers, Bowles, Bowman, Boyce, Boyd, Boyden, Boylan, Boyle, Boys, Bradbury, Bradner, Brady, Bragaw, Brand, Brear
Page 12Brees, Breese, Brewster, Bridle, Brittain, Britton, Broadby, Broadwell, Brodhurst, Brown
Page 13Brophy, Brower, Brudon, Bruen, Brush, Bryant, Brydon, Buchanan, Buckbie, Buckingham, Buckley, Bucknor, Buel, Bull, Bulmer, Bunell, Bunning, Bunnell, Bunyan, Burge, Burk
Page 14Burnet, Burnett, Burnits, Burrass, Burross, Burr, Burrell, Burt, Burton, Bush, Buskirk, Butler, Byington, Byns, Byrns, Cafrey, Caffrey
Page 15Cagan, Cairns, Calary, Caldwell, Callen, Camell, Cameron, Cammack, Camp, Campbell, Campfield
Page 16Canfield, Cann, Cannon, Card, Carlock, Carle, Carlile, Carman, Carny, Caroway, Carr, Carrington, Carter, Case, Cassain
Page 17Cashin, Casse, Cassenbury, Casterline, Chadwick, Chaloner, Chamberlin, Chandler, Chapman, Charles, Cheever, Chevalier, Chichester, Chilcoat, Chilles, Christell, Christie, Chuer, Clark
Page 18Clark, Clapp, Clay, Closs, Clarkson, Clearman, Cleavland, Clerr, Clifford, Clintock, Cocheran, Cockeran, Codington, Coe
Page 19Coe, Codyon, Coffin, Cogan, Cogswell, Colbath, Colbey, Coldwett, Coleman, Coles, Collard, Collins, Colly, Collyer, Colt, Colter, Colton, Colyer, Come, Comes, Commons, Compton, Conant, Condict
Page 20Condit, Congar, Conger, Conklin, Conley, Conn, Conner, Connet, Conney, Connison, Connolly
Page 21Connor, Conover, Conray, Conway, Cook, Coon, Cooper, Coovert, Corbit, Corrigan, Costar, Costello, Cortelyou, Cory
Page 22Cory, Coughlin, Coulter, Coups, Courter, Courtlandt, Cowan, Cowgill, Cowlam, Cown, Cox, Culman, Commings, Cunningham, Curby, Curean, Currans, Curry, Curtis, Crane
Page 23Crane, Crager
Page 24Cregier, Crilley, Crissy, Crockard, Crockett, Crombie, Crosby, Crosgro, Cross, Crossley, Crossman, Crowell, Crummey, Culman, Cummings, Cuningham, Curby, Curean, Currans, Curry, Curtis

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