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Elizabeth, New Jersey 1921 City Directory - C

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Page #Surnames in order they appear. Not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 143Cabak, Cabana, Cabinos, Cable, Cabney, Cabot, Cacko, Cacossa, Cadigan, Cadwell, Cady, Caffery, Caffrey, Cagliano, Cahill, Cahoon, Cain, Caine, Cairns, Cala, Calabro, Caladrino, Caldario, Caldbeck
Page 144Caldbeck, Calder, Calderone, Caldwell, Calhoun, Calico, Caligeo, Call, Calladime, Callahan, Callard, Callealta, Callen, Calleson, Callinane, Callman, Calvano, Camasto, Cambeol, Cambria, Cameron, Camicci, Camman, Cammann, Campa, Campafiorito, Campanello, Campbell
Page 145Campbell, Camping, Campion, Campo, Canavan, Canceo, Canellis, Canfield, Cangelosi, Cangey, Cann, Cannata, Cannazzaro, Canning, Cannon, Canodo, Canot, Cantello, Canter, Cantillo, Cantor, Cantrell, Cantwell, Canty, Capaci, Capano, Caparo, Capeci, Capezza, Capone, Caponi, Caporaro, Caporos, Capp, Cappello, Caprario, Capraun
Page 146Caprino, Caprio, Capron, Capucchi, Capura, Caputo, Caracappa, Caracheen, Carberry, Carbutto, Carden, Cardillo, Cardon, Cardonsky, Cardos, Cardwell, Carena, Careo, Carew, Carey, Carford, Carhart, Caricich, Carino, Carkhuff, Carkumo, Carl, Carley, Carlile, Carlin, Carlino, Carlisle, Carlozzi, Carlson, Carlton, Carlyle, Carmen, Carmer, Carmichael, Carmine, Carmody, Carne
Page 147Carne, Carney, Carnie, Carolan, Carpa, Carpenter, Carpy, Carr, Carral, Carrigan, Carroll, Carrolls
Page 148Cartaret, Carter, Cartin, Cartrazuichi, Cartwright, Carty, Carunzi, Caruso, Caruzzi, Carver, Carwell, Cary, Carys, Casal, Casano, Cascio, Casconi, Carcranovo, Case, Casella, Casey, Cash, Casio, Casino, Caskie, Casner, Casper, Casprisk, Casro, Cassaro, Cassciono, Cassell, Cassella, Cassels, Casserly
Page 149Cassese, Cassidy, Cassin, Cassio, Casson, Castelane, Casteline, Caster, Casterline, Castle, Castles, Castylam, Caswell, Catalano, Catale, Catalino, Catangaro, Catarinichi, Catarinichio, Catarino, Catlin, Catranicha, Caudill, Caufield, Caughman, Caulkins, Caulo, Causby, Cavallo, Cavanagh, Cavanaugh, Caverera, Cavish, Cavooto, Cawley
Page 150Cawley, Cawthorne, Caywood, Ceca, Cech, Ceckonzi, Cefatelli, Cella, Cembrola, Ceraso, Ceromo, Cerrillo, Cervenack, Cesare, Cetti, Ceuba, Chach, Chaco, Chade, Chadwick, Chaer, Chafitella, Chagaris, Chait, Chalek, Chalmers, Chalnopa, Chama, Chamberlain, Chambers, Champion, Champlin, Chandler, Chanowitz, Chap, Chapell, Chapin
Page 151Chapin, Chapman, Charanight, Charchowicz, Chard, Charity, Charka, Charko, Charles, Charlock, Charlton, Charmorry, Charnow, Charnuch, Charters, Chase, Chasin, Chason, Chatfield, Chazik, Cheatham, Cheekaroni, Cheeseman, Cheety, Chekay, Chelnik, Cheney, Chenin, Cheputa, Cherdak, Cherlin, Chernewsky, Chernick, Cheruick, Chervinsky, Chesley, Cheslovaky, Chesna, Chesney, Chesnok, Chestney, Chetwood
Page 152Chevrier, Chiafitella, Chibera, Chicarillo, Chiccino, Chidsey, Chiffon, Chikofski, Chilakos, Chiliberto, Chilibetto, Child, Childridge, Chinitz, Chiponski, Chirchirillo, Chirichelli, Chirichello, Chirichiello, Chirnefski, Chirnik, Chist, Chistaro, Chizik, Chlepala, Chliva, Chmara, Chmely, Chmiel, Choda, Choduroski, Chornezki, Chorowicz, Chowaniec, Chraust, Chrisikos, Christel, Christensen, Christenson, Christiansen, Christie, Christman, Christo, Christoffersen, Christopher, Christy, Chrotty, Chrysler, Chrystal, Chubb, Chudda, Chullo, Chumar, Chung, Church
Page 153Church, Churchick, Churchill, Churs, Cianne, Ciapko, Ciarko, Cibik, Cibitis, Cibula, Ciccorielli, Ciccoriello, Cice, Cichonski, Cichy, Ciecierski, Ciejka, Ciemniezki, Cikinski, Ciliatta, Cilo, Cingas, Cinterill, Cioban, Cioci, Ciopek, Cipala, Cippel, Cirku, Cisco, Cishek, Cissal, Cistaro, Ciuba, Ciuk, Ciurakowski, Ciurczak, Ciurnik, Cizak, Cizon, Clague, Clahan, Clair, Clamas, Clamer, Claney
Page 154Clare, Clarendon, Clarich, Clark, Clarke, Clarkson, Claus, Clauss, Clay, Clayborn
Page 155Clayborn, Clayton, Cleary, Cleaves, Clee, Cleffer, Cleland, Clemens, Clements, Clenahan, Clendaniel, Cletro, Cleveland, Clevling, Clews, Clifford, Clifton, Climas, Clogher, Clokan, Cloon, Close, Clough, Clougher, Clouter, Clugston, Clum, Clune, Clynch, Cnauscho, Coakley, Coalhopper, Coar, Cobb, Coburn, Cocenza
Page 156Cochran, Cochrane, Cocker, Cocozza, Cocuzza, Codding, Coddington, Coe, Coekle, Coes, Coessa, Coeyman, Coffeen, Coffey, Cogan, Cogswell, Cohen
Page 157Cohen, Cohill, Cohn, Colbert, Colbray, Colby, Cole, Colecchia, Colecchio, Coleman, Coles, Colesar, Coletta, Colgan
Page 158Colicchia, Colicchio, Colicigno, Colino, Coliqu, Coll, Collet, Colley, Colliccia, Collier, Colligen, Collinger, Collins, Collyer, Colmaggi, Colocigno, Colohan, Colton, Colure, Comasto, Comeau, Comer, Comerford, Comiskey, Comnale, Comonse, Compion, Componelli
Page 159Compton, Conahan, Conatta, Conaty, Conboy, Concannon, Conde, Condedo, Condell, Condit, Condon, Condra, Condran, Condron, Condulupi, Cone, Conforti, Conger, Congilos, Congreve, Coniglio, Conine, Coniska, Conk, Conkey, Conklin, Conlen, Conley, Conlin, Conlon, Connell
Page 160Connell, Connelly, Conner, Conners, Conniff, Connis, Connolly, Connor, Connors, Conopi, Conora, Conord, Conover, Conrad
Page 161Conrad, Conran, Conright, Conroy, Considine, Constantin, Contralo, Conway, Conzaro, Cooder, Cook
Page 162Cook, Cooke, Cool, Cooley, Coon, Coonan, Cooney, Coons, Cooper, Coopersmith, Coote, Cop, Copeland, Copio, Coplan, Copp, Coppa, Copri, Corbet, Corbett, Corbin, Corbo, Corbyn, Corcoran
Page 163Corcoran, Cordello, Cordes, Cordoni, Cordaum, Corelsky, Corey, Coriell, Corkery, Corley, Cornelia, Cornelius, Cornell, Cornings, Cornish, Cornwall, Corrado, Correll, Corrigan, Corris, Corson, Cortese, Corti, Cortright, Corwin, Cosades, Cosak, Cosbey, Coser, Cosgrove, Cosidis, Cosloff, Costa, Costanti, Costanza, Costella, Costello, Costenbar, Costine, Costino, Coston, Costordi, Cotay, Cotroneo, Cotter
Page 164Cotter, Cotton, Cottrell, Couch, Couder, Couenhoren, Coughlin, Coughnan, Courlas, Courser, Courter, Couture, Covas, Coventry, Covert, Covino, Covucci, Coward, Cowhig, Cowles, Cowperthwaite, Cox
Page 165Cox, Coxon, Coyle, Coyne, Cozzens, Craig, Craigen, Cramer, Crammer, Cramsie, Cran, Crane
Page 166Crane, Cranmer, Crannell, Cranochio, Crans, Cranse, Crary, Craspara, Crater, Craven, Crawford, Cray, Creamer, Crean, Cree, Creech, Creed, Creegan, Creily, Cressman, Creter, Crilley, Crilly, Crineoli, Crisman, Crist, Cristerson, Cristiana
Page 167Cristo, Cristopher, Critchlow, Crizer, Croce, Crocie, Croily, Croker, Croll, Cromie, Cron, Cronauer, Cronin, Crooker, Crooks, Crosby, Cross, Crossingham, Crossman, Crosson, Crouley, Crouse, Crouthers, Crow, Crowe, Crowell, Crowley, Crown, Crowther, Cruise, Crumckshank, Crupa, Crupi, Crupski, Cruse, Crusie, Cruto, Csuma, Cubas, Cubberley, Cubillos, Cubulak, Cuccelli, Cuccurullo
Page 168Cuccurullo, Cucual, Cucnot, Cuff, Cuffe, Culb, Culbert, Culin, Cullen, Culley, Cullinan, Cullinane, Culver, Cumming, Cummings, Cummiskey, Cunliffe, Cunningham
Page 169Curcio, Curette, Curley, Currall, Curran, Curren, Currid, Currie, Currier, Curry, Curtin, Curtis, Curtiss, Curvage, Cusack, Cusamano, Cusana, Cushing, Cushler, Cusmono, Custer, Cuthbertson, Cutler, Cutro, Cutting, Cwaig, Cwatkowski, Cwilikiewicz, Cyprijan, Cyram, Czachon, Czado, Czaja, Czajwoski, Czapiaga
Page 170Czaplinsky, Czarka, Czarnecki, Czarniecki, Czarnik, Czarnogorski, Czech, Czechadorski, Czeczerski, Czeczly, Czekan, Czekawski, Czercik, Czerczak, Czercyzk, Czereszka, Czernecki, Czerniak, Czerniec, Czerniecki, Czernotowicz, Czerwienski, Czeski, Czesko, Czesne, Czestny, Czeszelwicz, Czeszkowski, Czeszlak, Czink, Czito, Czop, Czornetski, Czubak, Czuzus, Czwolakiewicz, Czye, Czyzyn

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