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Newark, NJ 1840 - 41 City Directory - Y

Last NameFirst NameProfessionResidenceOther
YeareanceJohn G.55 Bank
Yee or YeoSarahwidow / nurse89 Orange
YoungAaronshoemaker57 Orange
YoungAaron jr.hatter176 Mulberry
YoungCharles E.merchant175 Washington
YoungF.Mill near Factory
YoungHenrycarpenter55 Walnut
YoungJohn G.175 Washington
YoungJohn32 Fulton
YoungMartinmason26 Division
YoungMary26 Faircolored
YoungNathanielfancy store118 Market
YoungShebna S.boatman4 Ward
YoungStephen O.shoemaker136 Kinney
YoungsDavidsaddlerLove Lane near Bank
YoungsIsaac maker9 Ward
YoungsSamuelshoemaker88 Plane
YoungsSarahwidow / nurse9 Ward
YoungsThomastoll collectorOld Bridge
YoungsUzal A.mason9 Ward

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