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Newark, NJ 1840 - 41 City Directory - SI .. SSZ

Last NameFirst NameProfessionResidenceOther
SicklesGeorge G. or C.constable16 East Mechanic
SicklyArchibald M.26 Ward
Siedleswidow of John12 Church
SiglerAnnwidow / tailoress16 Kinney
SilabeeDavidfarmer21 Bruen
SilveyAnnwidow of John75 Spring
SilveyEdwardRail Road agent75 Spring
SilveyJamesshoemaker75 Spring
SilveyJohn G.shoemaker151 Broad rear of 75 Spring
SilveyWilliamshoemaker650 High
SimonsenAbramcoachsmith52 Washington
SimpsonJohngrocer9 Broad
SimpsonWilliam M.hardware48 William
SimsGeorge338 Mulberrycolored
SimsLindsley1 East River
SindleElizabeth16 Plane
SindleGeorge C.constable12 Division
SipHenrystepmaker85 Clay
SipThomas8 Pearlcolored
SipWilliamblacksmith20 Broad
SiscoRichard I.carpenter58 1/2 Plane
SkinkleJacob?322 Broad
SlaterLydiawidow of Thomas411 Broad
SleightAndrewpatent leather32 South Bridge
SlingerlandJacobshoemanufacturer264 Washington
SloamThomas28 Quarry
SloughJacobbuilder81 Ferry
SmallDavid J.printer Daily Office8 Bank
SmallGeorge D.Cadet Hotel165 Broad
SmallJohn trimmer66 New
SmithAbbywidow of William426 Broad
SmithAlfredcarriagemaker31 Ward
SmithAndrew student16 Bank
SmithAnn E. F.widow of Rev. Daniel21 Washington
SmithAshoel?shoemaker35 Catharine
SmithCadwallader D.26 Alling
SmithDavid6 Cedar
SmithDavidblacksmith13 Harrison
SmithDavid A.cooper6 Lombardy
SmithEdwin W.dry goods274 Broad rear of 6 Cedar
SmithElijahcarpenter88 Monmouthcolored
SmithElizabethwidow of Abraham9 Green
SmithFitch3 Washington Place
SmithFrederick H.sec't NJ Insurance Co.273 Broad
SmithGeorgefarmer127 Kinney
SmithGeorgecarpenterJohn near Springfield Avenue
SmithGeorge R.accountant215 Market
SmithHanford2 Washington Place
SmithHarrietnurse13 River
Smithwidow of Hiram197 Washington
SmithHughlaborer58 Plane
SmithJacob S.attorneyMorristown, NJ
SmithJamescurrier157 Plane
SmithJamesbronzer157 Plane
SmithJamesnurseryHudson County near Newark Bridge
Smithwidow of James C, R.131 Broad
SmithJohnbookbinder1 Rankin
SmithJohncarmanBroad near Crane
SmithJohncoach painter13 Bank
SmithLyndon A.MD253 Broad
SmithMajor43 Rivercolored
SmithMichaellaborer198 Plane
SmithMichaeltailor132 Commerce
SmithOlivercarman47 Market
SmithOliver R.hatter230 market corner of Ward
SmithPatricklaborer1 Corey's Court
SmithPatricklaborer13 Harris
SmithPatricklaborer297 Market
SmithPhebewidow of Moses60 Warren
SmithPhebe22 Camfield
SmithPhilip W.carpenter53 Ferry
SmithSamuelgrocer356 High corner of Academy
SmithSamuel P.varnish217 Washington
SmithTimothy L.engineerJersey City
SmithWilliamblacksmithMill near Factory
SmithWilliam B.hatter39 Bruen
SmockJuliaSpringfield Ave.colored
SnedecorOliverlaborer680 Broad
SnowCaleb H.cultivator mulberry trees208 S. Broad
SnyderIsaac H.shoemakerMonroe near South Market
SnyderIsaac P.shoemaker32 Ward
SnyderJamesship carpenter92 Ferry
SnyderJohn A.trimmer65 Mulberry corner of Clinton
SodeAdamshoemaker124 Mulberry
SodenJohn D.saddler18 Harrison
Sold Adamcurrier237 Washington
SommerJosephcabinetmaker71 Mulberry
SommerWaltercabinetmaker71 Mulberry
SonsChristianfiler21 Orange
SoperLaingcoachmaker232 Plane
SouthardJamesconstable24 Alling
SouthardLotclerk162 Broad
SouthardSamuel R.blacksmith27 Columbia
SparksJamesBroad near Bloomfield Avenue
SparksLewis W.3 Brunswick
SparksPhebewidow47 State
SparksWarrenshoemaker13 Thomas
SpathJohn P.shoemaker80 Catharine
SpearJ. E.watchmakerNew Orleans
SpeerHenryhatter188 Plane
SpeerJacobclerk Centre Market234 Broad
SpeerJamesmason26 Quarry
SpeerMatthiasshoemaker67 Catharine
Spencergeorge M.241 Broad
SpinningCharlescarpenter22 Franklin
SpinningElizabeth15 Fair
SpinningHesternurse1 Ball's Court
SpinningJonathan22 Franklin
SpringsteelStephen2 Nesbitt's Court Halsey
SproatThomasgrocer54 Orange corner of Broad
SpruntThomasgardener350 Ferry
SquierMatildawidow of Eli8 South Market
SquireStephencoachmaker49 Lawrence

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