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Newark, NJ 1840 - 41 City Directory - R

Last NameFirst NameProfessionResidenceOther
RaisbeckCharles40 Green
RamseyIsaacgoldsmith34 Franklin
RamseyJohn W.lottery26 Franklin
RamseyWilliam7 Plane
RandelJesseclerk601 Broadway, NY
RandellChloewidow11 South Essex
RandellIsaacjeweller18 Boudinot
RandolphHarriet F.31 Mulberry
RandolphLewis F.grocer332 Broad
RandolphSimeonlivery stable20 1/2 Hill
RankinAndrewhat manuf.10 Park Place
RankinCharles W.10 Park Place
RankinIsaac N.271 Broad rear of 206 High
RankinWilliam206 High
RansleyJohntrimmer13 New
RayAdambarber127 Marketcolored
RayJamescoachman11 Pearlcolored
RayJohnKinney corner of Railroad Ave.colored
RayRosannahwidow17 Academycolored
RaymondJohnWilbur's Alley
ReadJohncurrier42 Catharine
RedfieldElisha K.tinman14 Park
ReedJoannawidow of Amos / confectionery81 Mulberry
ReedMiss Juliaprincipal Green street seminary435 Board
ReedPeterlaborer7 Corey's Alleycolored
ReedRichardtrunk maker3 Catharine
ReeseJohnshoemaker21 Kinney
ReidJohn J.painter3 Green
ReeveAbner S.builder and mason113 Plane
ReeveEzrabuilder and mason16 S. Essex
ReeveJonas C.mason14 S. Essex
ReevesAbnergrocerrear of 75 Market
ReevesDr. Abner W.174 Broad
ReevesIsarilla H.tailoress141 Mulberry
ReevesMiltonshoemaker703 Broad
OliverReeves75 Market
ReevesSarahwidow of Benjamin141 Mulberry
ReevesWilliamshoemaker103 Academy
RemerGertrudewidow of H.34 Commerce
RemerJacob F.grocer13 Academy
RemerJohngrocer276 Broad
RenardJosephphysician101 1/2 Market
RentonGeorge H.grocer71 Lock
RentonJamesshoe manufacturer196 Bank
RentonWilliampainter90 Halsey
ReockJohn13 Boudinot
ReseCharlesclerk S. B. Napoleon, NY and Albany
ReuckAarontailor149 Academy
ReyJohn B.cordial distiller and sugar refiner29 Fair
ReynoldsElizabethwidow of James / boardinghouse1 Fair
ReynoldsHenry80 N. Canal
ReynoldsWilliam H.24 Park Place
RiceJoseph W.painter8 Front
RiceJoseph W. jr.painter183 Market
RiceNabumpainter32 Front
RichardsDavid W.grocer25 Smith
RichardsJohn C.2 Point-lane Ferry
RichardsLeonard150 S. Broad
RichardsPrudden A.shoemaker11 Fair
RichardsRachelwidow41 Market
RichardsSamuelgardener370 Ferry
RichardsSusanwidow195 Plane
RichardsThomas399 Ferry
RichardsonMary Ann43 Fair
RichmondOrlandoshoemaker20 New
RickettsWilliam91 Halseycolored
RidelFrancoisFrench dyer130 Broad
RigbyHenryboot tree maker80 Academy
RiggsElizabethtailoress153 Market
RiggsIrenatailoress153 Market
RiggsJuliettatailoress153 Market
RiggsLucindatailoress153 Market
RiggsSarah Anntailoress153 Market
RikerAbrahambootmaker3 Arch
RikerHenryturner520 Broad
RikerJohnblacksmith27 Marketcolored
RikerSamuelBloomfield Avenue
RileyCharlesmason157 Ferry
RileyJameslaborer267 Market
RileyMichaelgrocer37 Mechanic
RileyOwenblacksmith27 Catharine
RileyRobertcurrier172 Plane
RileyWilliam M.grinder10 Garden
RoachCatharinewidow121 Broad
RoalofsAndrewironfounder42 Ferry
RobbJohnwood merchant27 N. Canal
RobbWilliamcarman29 Park
RobertsAbrahamgratesetter13 Broadcolored
RobertsEliasmasonElizabethtown road near Broad
RobertsGeorge W.fringe weaverBrown near Stone
RobertsMosesfarmer626 Broad
RobertsThomas B.shoemaker6 Union
RobertsRev. Williampastor halsey street church?8 Plane
RobertsWilliambuilder16 Ward
RobertsWilliam lamp maker55 Green
RobertsonEliaschair maker481 Broad
RobinsNathan jr.drygoods252 Broad
RobinsonCatharinewidow of Samuel15 William
RobinsonCharles E.281 Broad
RobinsonHettywidow4 Clinton
RobinsonJames H.27 Washington
RobinsonJohnhatter2 Beaver
RobinsonJosephRose Cottage Ferry
RobinsonMargarettailoress15 William
RobinsonRobert O.11 Thomas
RockafellowWilliam28 1/2 Orchard
RoderegoJoshualaborer111 Mulberry
Rodemakerhenrymason11 Prince
RoderegoCharlestailor147 Court
RoderGeorgetailor147 Court
RodwellAaron Mtrimmer39 Mulberry
RodwellRichardtailor34 Quarry
RoeJosephcutler96 Orange
RoffAaron A.237 Market
RoffAbbywidow38 Fair
RoffCharles B.237 Market
RoffErastussash and blind maker6 Church rear of 17 Hill
RoffEzra L.8 Summit
Roffwidow of Frederick O.237 Market
RoffGeorge M.carpenter127 Mulberry
RoffJohnshoemaker38 Fair
RoffStephen237 Market
RoffWilliamrear of 10 Academy
RogansDaniellaborerGrant's Alley
RogersCharles G.teacher22 New
RogersHenryattorney258 1/2 Broad
RogersJabez D.84 Ferry
RogersJacob W.laborerbasement Bethel Church
RogersJoannawidow of David92 Ferry
RogersJohnshoemaker56 Catharine
RogersJosephshoemaker26 Walnut
Rogerswidow258 1/2 Broad
RohdeGeorgespring manufacturer2 Broad
RollJohnpainter and glazier470 Broad
RollinsonThomas176 Broad rear 11 Park Place
RomanusCharlesshoemaker518 Broad
RomineCorneliusharnessmaker76 Halsey
RorbachJohnsaddle and harness maker317 Broad rear 4 Commerce
Roscoesamuelharnessmaker13 Harris
RoseDanieldraper and tailor338 Broad
RoseJohn N.hatter10 Boudinot
RoskEdwardwoolpiocker103 Plane
RosegrantGittywidow23 North Essex
RosettWilliam E.harnessmaker10 Longworth
RossBenjaminclothier8 Garden
RossEdwinbaker22 Academy
RossFlaveltinman199 Plane
RossGeorge G.portarit painter51 Commerce
RossjamesDaily Office28 Clinton
RossJohn J.tailor26 Elm
RossMargaretwidow of James10 New
RossMary A.20 Elm
RossMoses181 Mulberry
RossSamuelcarmanS. Canal
RossSarah H.14 Church
RossStephen W.72 Bank
RossWilliam B.tailor25 Commerce
RossWilliam H.72 Ferry
RossWilliam L.hatter10 New
RotheryGeorgefile cutter48 Quarry
RowWilliamshoemaker25 Catharine
RowenMartinfurrier100 High
RubsamChristiangrocer1 Grand
RuchPhiliplaborer18 Broom
RuchtySamuelLush near S. Orange Road
RuckelGeorge C.59 Commerce
Ruckelwidow of John E.249 Market
RuckelRobert H.saddler249 Market
RueMary13 Corey's Courtcolored
RundleWilliamcarriage trimmer703 Broad
RunyanRebeccawidow27 Orchard
RunyanThomas423 Broadcolored
RupertJohnfiler60 State
RussellAlexanderwheelwright1 E. Mechanic
RussellJohn W.eatinghouse294 Mulberrycolored
RussellMary Annwidow of Josiah156 1/2 Plane
RussellNoah painter156 1/2 Plane
RustSamuellampmaker185 Warren
RutanJanewidow of Daniel23 Church
RutanJohnblacksmith13 Plane
RutanManninggrocer4 River
RyanDennislaborer89 Bruen
RyanWilliamhatter13 Court
RyerWilliam30 Broad
RyersonMartinattorney office269 Broad rear park House
RyersonUzalmason18 James

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