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Newark, NJ 1840 - 41 City Directory - MO .. MZ

Last NameFirst NameProfessionResidenceOther
MockridgeAbrahamplanemaker135 Washington
MockridgeA. student35 Franklin
MockridgeElihu F.shoemanuf.35 Franklin
MockridgeLames F.coachm.147 Academy
MollesonJosephcoach trimmer108 Plane
MoltonCharleshatter7 Beaver
MonroeSmithlumber merchant36 Kinney
MonroeStephenshoemanuf.20 Lombardy
MonroeWilliam W.R. R. agentPassaic Hotel 306 Market
MontgomeryWilliamcurrier160 Plane
MooreDaniel S.justice110 Washington
MooreEdwardlaborer99 Mercer
MooreElicoach lace7 Pearl
MooreJameslaborer58 Broad
MooreJohncarpet weaver3 Fair
MooreJohn C.South ward Hotel398 Broad
Moorewidow of Philetus27 Academy
MoorePhilipsexton Trinity Church32 Rector
MooreStephen M.carriage maker209 Plane
MooreSylvester H.builder84 Commerce
MooreMrs. Thomasmillinery208 Broad
MooreThomascoachm.208 Broad
MooreThomaslaborer26 Augusta
MoranRev. Patrickpastor Roman Catholic Church12 Mulberry
MoranMichaelmorocco dresser1 Hoyt
MorehouseA. W.roots and herbs69 Orange
MorehouseDanielgrocer75 Market
MorehouseDavid W.shoemaker162 Plane
MorehouseEdwardshoemaker26 Halsey
MorehouseEzra B.shoemaker244 Washington
MorehouseHenry blind75 Green
MorehouseIsaac W.grocer69 Orange corner of Essex
MorehouseJohnshoemanuf.200 Plane
MorehouseMosesshoemaker41 Warren
MorehouseM. P.1 Comes
MorehouseSamuel75 Market
MorehouseWilliam C.mason31 Halsey
MorganCharlesladies shoemaker103 Academy
MorganHenry B.carpenter96 Broad
Morganwidow of Ralph A.153 Market
MorganWilliamshoemanuf.625 Broad
MorrisElizabethwidow27 Smith
MorrisJacobcarpenter122 E. River
MorrisJohnjustice63 Halsey
MorrisJohn L.currier188 Plane
MorrisJosephmason7 Harris
MorrisNathaniellacew.14 E. Mechanic
MorrisStaats and counsellor61 Halsey
MorrisStephen E.carpenterrear 74 N. Canal
MorrisLemuel S.carman237 Plane
MorrisWilliam D.27 Bridge
MorrisonJohnlumber202 Broad
MorrisonMrs.millinery202 Broad
MorrisonThomas73 Bruen
MorrisonWilliamjeweller214 Washington
MorseAaron370 Broad second story
MorseClaudian G.printer489 Grand, NY
MorseJohn G.carpenter26 Centre
MorseN. R.New Market, Middlesex Co, NJ
MorssJoblaborer30 Academycolored
MortonJohncutler57 Quarry
MortonJohnhatter51 Commerce
MortonRichardboot fitter10 Comes
MortonRobert127 Broad
MortonThomas127 Broad
MortonThomas jr.liquor merchant127 Broad
MourisonJohnshoemaker29 Broad
MourisonHenry A.American Hotel127 Washington
MuchmoreJohncarpenter38 Bridge
MuirCalebrear of 577 Broad
MuirJonathan M.grocerrear of 577 Broad
MulfordAndrewblacksmith2 Liberty
Mulfordwidow of Thomas29 Commerce
MullensJohnboatman37 S. Canal
MundyHenry E.carpenter28 S. Market
MunnAaron34 Hamilton
MunnAlbertmerchant tailor15 Bank
MunnHannahwidow of David / tailoress25 S. Canal
MunnWilliamcashier Orange BankOrange NJ
MunsonSarah39 Academycolored
MunsonSusannnahwidow / boardinghouse14 Park
MunsonThomaslaborer48 Academycolored
MurchWilliamcoach lamp242 Mulberry
MurdenRobertbar steamboat Napoleon, NY and Albany
MurphyFrancis D.teacher195 Mulberry
MurphyHenry W.shoemaker13 New
MurphyHenry W.14 Rankin
MurphyJohnmorocco dresser75 Academy
MurphyJohn D.shoemaker258 High
MurphyMileschandler139 Plane
MurphyNicholaslaborer116 Court
MurphyPatricklastmaker130 Bank
MurphyThomashatter12 Camfield
MurrayAquillashoemaker39 Orchard
MurrayDaniel C.rear of 318 Broad
MurrayIsabellawidow208 Broad
MurrayStephen S.tailor206 Market
MurryJameehatter267 Market
MurryJohnmasonClinton township near Broad
MuzzyMary Annwidow of Nathan256 Broad
MyerBenjamingrocer6 Broad
MyerCharlesfarmerFerry down Neck
MyerWilliam30 Front
MyerWilliam A.pres. Mech. Ins. Co.270 Broad
MyersJamesquarryman50 Quarry
MyersL. M.baker80 Broad
MyersLeonardlaborer21 East River
MygattAnnwidow6 Clinton
MygattFrederick T.clothier6 Clinton
MygattL. C.6 Clinton

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