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Newark, NJ 1840 - 41 City Directory - CH .. CN

Last NameFirst NameProfessionResidenceOther
ChadwickJohnpatent leather5 Lombardy
ChadwickThomasfruit store103 1/2 Broad
ChallHughMill near Washington factory
ChamberlainIsaac105 Academy
ChamberlainSamuelshoemaker78 Academy
ChalnoerGeorgemoulder31 Orange
ChandlerAlbert S.Park house
ChandlerDavid D.27 Park Place
ChandlerE. S.343 Broad rear of Park house
ChandlerElizabethwidow275 Nesbitt
ChandlerRev. John12 Commerce
ChandlerMasonsaddler14 Court
ChapmanRev. G. T.pastor Grace Churchrear 1 Park Place
CharlesWilliamlaborer54 Broad
CharltonRichardweaver32 Mercer
ChedisterSimeon B.saddler185 Washington
CheeverRev. Ebeneezerpastor 2d Pres. Church13 Washington
ChetwoodJohnatt. and cours. office344 rear 341 Broad
ChevalierC. E.jeweller408 Broad
ChilcoatHannahwidow of John34 Fair
ChipenaseJohnlaborer274 Mulberry
ChristieMorris K.captain13 Court
ChurchDaniel688 Broad
ChurchDaniel teacher688 Broad
ClarkAbrahamshoemaker246 High
ClarkCharlescarpenter135 Washington
ClarkDaniel T.hat finisher16 Bank
ClarkGeorgelaborer145 Warrencolored
ClarkG. W.jeweller135 Washington
ClarkJ. H.coachmaker16 Bank
ClarkJohncoachmaker379 High
ClarkJohnpainter214 Plane
ClarkJohn D.shoemaker24 Hill
ClarkJohn R.hat finisher16 Bank
ClarkJotham225 Market
ClarkMarywidow / boarding house16 Bank
ClarkMarywidow of David21 Chestnut
ClarkPeterSouth Canal near Marketcolored
ClarkPeter131 Nesbittcolored
ClarkSineasgrocer135 Washington
ClarkThomasboarding house13 Catherine
ClarkTryphenawidow of John27 Ward
ClarkWilliam S. B.master mason62 New
ClarksonDavidcoffee and spice manufactory163 Market
ClarksonFreeman M.hatter53 Commerce
ClarksonWilliamframe work knitter35 Ferry
ClawsonWilliammason162 Court
Clearmanwidow of Daniel20 South Bridge
ClearmanWilliamsaddler20 South Bridge
CleggEdmondhatter410 Broad
ClevelandBenjamin9 Park Place
ClevelandSereptawidow of Benjamin9 Park Place
ClintockMatthiasbrushmaker368 Broad (upstairs)
ClintockMatthiaslivery stable10 William
ClintockWilliam R.saddler176 Mulberry
ClussPeter H.shoemaker248 Plane

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