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Newark, NJ 1840 - 41 City Directory - CA .. CG

Last NameFirst NameProfessionResidenceOther
CadmusHalmaghbootman204 Plane
CadwellLevibroom manufacturer508 Broad
CainThomasBroad near Bloomfield Avenue
CairnsJamesseedsman107 Orange
CairnsSamuelshoemaker127 Orange
CalaryElizabethwidow of William163 Commerce
CalaryJamesMcWhorter near Ferry
CalaryLaughlinlaborer17 Harris
CaldwellIsrael D.31 Franklin
CaldwellJohncarpenter24 Centro
CalawayFredericsash and blindmaker33 Market
CallanJosiah F.currier21 Court
CamfieldDavid J.6 Commerce
CamfieldElizabethwidow of Jabez6 Commerce
CamfieldJabez H.6 Commerce
CamfieldJoanna B.6 Commerce
CammackHughleatherdresser115 Market
CampAaron4 South Broad
CampBruen4 South Broad
CampCaleb H.Franklin Square, Clinton, NJ
CampEdward A.4 South Broad
CampJohn J.chairmaker481 Broad
CampNoahpicture framemaker202 Broad
CampWilliam4 South Broad
CampWilliam1 Grove
CampbellAbnerlooking glass manufacturer63 Market
CampbellCharles65 Market
CampbellCharleslaborer80 Broad
CampbellDavidtobacconist93 Orange
CampbellJamesblacksmith23 Broom
CampbellLewis L. C.jeweller77 Market
CampbellMargarettawidow59 Bank
CampbellThomaslaborer120 Williamcolored
CampfieldAaron B.coal dealer116 High
CampfieldAbraham287 Broad
CampfieldEdwardbookbinder114 Plane
CampfieldMahloncoach man410 B'way, NY / 146 High
CampfieldHenry B.29 Market
CampfieldRobert B.146 High
CampfieldRev. Robert B., jr.146 High
CanfieldAlbert W.clothier17 Park Place
CanfieldDavid E.cabinetmaker15 Kinney
CanfieldEliaspainterElizabethtown road near Broad
CanfieldElizabethboardinghouse44 Green
CanfieldHenry C.26 Bank
CanfieldJacobcabinetmaker1 Wilsey
CanfieldJamesmasonClinton township near Broad
CanfieldJames W.fruit dealer139 Market
CanfieldJohnshoemaker28 Lombardy
CanfieldMosesjewellerClinton township near Broad
CanfieldStephen E.blacksmith3 McWhorter
CanfieldThomaspainterClinton township near Broad
CanfieldWilliamcoachmaker31 Lawrence
CanfieldWilliam E.coachmaker1 Brants Court
CannWilliam A.tailor39 Market
CarlanElizabethwidow of John13 Harris
CarleJohncoachmaker61 Market
CarltonJamesshoemaker32 Plane
CarmanMarywidow10 Park
CarowinOwencurrier10 Maiden Lane
CarpenterJohnshoemaker37 Longworth
CarrElizabethnurse53 William
CarrHannahtailoress4 Green
CarrHesterwidow of Peter209Washington
CarrPhilipshoemaker65 Bank
CarrSarah177 Washington
CarrWilliam N.tailor257 Plane
CarringtonJames M.427 Broad
CarringtonLuther G.205 Pearl, NY
CarswellLockhart R.16 New
CarterAaron jr.jewellerrear of 369 Broad
CarterAmos K.coachmaker66 Warren
CarterCaleb369 Broad
CarterEdwardcivil engineer24 Commerce
CarterGeorgecoachmaker66 Warren
CarterGeorgegrocer3 Kinney
CarterHorace369 Broad
CarterJames J.saddlerrear of 369 Broad
CarterJane423 Broadcolored
CarterL.blacksmithMill near stone bridge
CarterTheodoreplater198 Washington
CartyPeter172 Plane
CaseEdward41 Market
CaseElizabethnurse113 William
CaseWarrensaddler171 Mulberry
CasedyDavidpress founder74 Catherine
CaseyE.widow of James47 Plane
CassianMichaelcarpenter179 Plane
CasterlineJacob S.shoemaker230 Market
CasterlineJames S.coachtrimmer15 Kinney
CasterlineMulford W.grocer2 Ferry

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