1917 Real Estate Role for Webster, New Hampshire


  • Page - (Description): Surnames in order listed

  • Page 46 - (Appraisal of Real Estate): Anderson, Adams, Austin, Ames, Atkinson, Brackett, Berwick, Burbank, Barden, Blanchard, Bills, Bergstrom, Caspar, Cross, Courser, Chase, Colby, Chamberlain

  • Page 47 - (Appraisal of Real Estate): Clough, Colby, Corser, Courser, Daniels, Duprey, Dodge, Drown, Eaton, Elliott, Fairbanks, French, Fisk, Flanders, Foster, Gerrish, Godfrey, George, Goodhue, Glitten, Goodwin, Harper, Helbach, Hardy, Holmes, Hoar

  • Page 48 - (Appraisal of Real Estate): Holmes, Hanson, Hale, Kilborn, Kimball, Little, Lang, Ladd, Mignault, Mock, Macurdy, Nichols, Noyes, Osier, Putney, Pope, Prendell, Pearson, Roby, Rutland, Sanborn, Snyder

  • Page 49 - (Appraisal of Real Estate): Scribner, Snyder, Smart, Sweatt, Shepard, Shugrue, Stone, Sanborn, Strachen, Stevens, Sawyer, Stone, Simpson, Scribner, Tilton, Towle, Thompson, Trumbull, Whittier, Walker, Watson, Whitney

  • Page 50 - (Soldier's Exemption): Brackett, George, Nudd, Roy, Sherman, Strachen (Appraisal of Non-Resident Real Estate): Balch, Burbank, Butler, Barnard, Bowen, Bean, Chase, Carroll, Cogswell, Chase, Cole, Courser, Carter, Cutting, Call, Chase, Carter

  • Page 51 - (Appraisal of Non-Resident Real Estate): Davis, Dustin, Dow, Davis, Dodge, Emery, Eastman, Fellows, Fisk, Frost, Hardy, Howe, Holmes, Heath, Jones, James, Kilborn, Kimball, Long, Lane, Merrill, Morse, Ordway, Osgood, Prince, Preston, Pillsbury, Rolfe

  • Page 52 - (Appraisal of Non-Resident Real Estate): Rolfe, Runnells, Shurtleff, Smith, Sanborn, Sweatt, Sewell, Sanborn, Savory, Silver, Sawyer, Shepard, Terry, Trudell, Thompson, Tarr, Woodbury, Whittier, Wheeler, Wadsworth

Source: Annual Report of the Town of the Town Officers of Webster, New Hampshire for the year ending Jan 31, 1918

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