Welcome to Gilford, New Hampshire Annual Report for the year ending March 1, 1882

We have scanned the "Annual Reports of the Treasurer, Overseer of the Poor, and School Committee of the Town of Gilford, for the year ending March 1, 1882" and indexed it for your quick search. Click on the page number which corresponds to the section or surname of interest and this should take you to the appropriate page. The average page is about 80K and will download slowly if you are not on a fast connection. Please be patient and let us know if you have problems accessing the pages.

Page #Description / Surnames in order they appear on each page, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 3Treasurer's Report
Page 4Treasurer's Report / Sanborn, Brown, Flanders, Blaisdell, Rowe, Weeks, Sanborn, Merrill, Weeks, Gove, Frohock, Parker, Gove, Morrill, Dockham
Page 5Treasurer's Report / Potter, Colby, Davis, Plummer, Blaisdell, Colby, Blaisdell, Morrill, Osgood, Gove, Copp, James, Sanborn, Copp, Gove, Weeks, Rowe, Rublee, Hayward, Morse, Grant, Morrill, Frohock, Watson, Flanders, Ames, Locke, Leavitt
Page 6Treasurer's Report / Morrill, Hunt, Hoyt, Weeks, Farrar, Hoyt, Weeks, Rowe, James, Collins, Hill, Sanborn, Parker, Robinson, Sanborn, Ayer, Davis, Brown, Rowe, Thing, Bean, Boyle, Leavitt, Hatch, Gove, Favis, Frohock, Morrill, Leavitt, Frohock, Watson, Potter, Flanders, Leavitt, Sanders, Sargent, Hunt, Weeks
Page 7Treasurer's Report / Farrar, Hoyt, Weeks, Rowe, James, Collins, Jewett, Parker, Blaisdell, Dockham, Prescott, Ayer, Davis, Rowe, Moulton, Thing, Bean, Boyle, Badger, Batchelder, Gove, Davis, Frohock, Morrill, Leavitt, Watson, Potter, Flanders, Leavitt, Sanders, Rand, Sargent, Hunt, Weeks, Farrar, Hoyt, Weeks, Rowe, James
Page 8Treasurer's Report / Collins, Jewett, Parker, Blaisdell, Dockham, Prescott, Ayer, Davis, Rowe, Moulton, Thing, Bean, Boyle, Badger, Batchelder, Gove, Davis, Badger, Sanborn, Pulcifer, Rublee, Morrill, Sanborn, Pulcifer, Morrill, Sleeper, Wadley, Rowe, Odell, French, Ward, Bugbee, Dearborn, Hicks, Whiting, Whiteman, Tyler, Moulton
Page 9Treasurer's Report / Whiteman, Whiting, Rollins, Haynes, Silsby, Rublee, Hunt, Morse, Wilcomb, Hobbs, Plummer, Swift, Sleeper, Sanborn, Locke, Goss, Follett, Brown, Ward, Baker, Odell, Fowler, Morrill, Pulcifer, Sleeper, Dodge, Sleeper
Page 10Treasurer's Report / Rublee, Davis, Flood, Tilton, Curtis, Smith, Whitcher, Tucker, Brawn, Sleeper, Champlain, Ward, Wadley
Page 11Financial Condition of Town and Debt Statement
Page 12Assets and Report of Overseer of Poor / Chick, Smith, Dockham, Danforth, Bryant
Page 13Overseer of Poor / Chick, Smith, Jones, Perkins, Dockham, Ward, Danforth, Leavitt, Sanders, Wadley, Ward, Bryant, Moulton, Hill, Leavitt, Blaisdell, Goss, Leavitt, Frohock, Davis, Brown, Davis, Jones, Davis, Sleeper, Frohock, Robie, Thurston, Moore, Rollins, Munsey, Wadley
Page 14School Committee's Report
Page 15School Committee's Report
Page 16School Committee's Report
Page 17School Roll of Honor / Flanders, Jones, Smith, Fellows, Flanders, Johnson, Rand, Ames, Buzzell, Leavitt, Rollins, Morrill, Ricker, Glidden, Morrill, Rollins, Dow, Glidden, Belville, Carr, Watson, Sanborn, Kimball, Spiller, Hunt, Davis, Sanborn, Spiller, Hunt, Davis, Gove, Merrill, Smith, Munsey, Crosby, Wiley, Munsey, Crosby, Robinson, Munsey, Sanborn, Hoyt, Cotton, Weeks, Bennett, Hale, Jones, Brown, Colby, Frohock, Leavitt, Watts, Follett, Hoyt, Jewett, Collins, Hoyt, Watts, Follett
Page 18Teachers / Folsom, Britton, Lee, Bean, Sanborn, Bennett, Prescott, Gordon, Ayer, Barron, Robinson, Bennett, Davis, Randlett, Bennett, Davis, Perley, Kelsea
Page 19Report of the Board of Education
Page 20Teachers / Pulcifer, Wetherbee, Goodwin, Stevens, Dicey
Page 21Roll of Honor / Bean, Brown, Buzzell, Hall, Huntoon, Lee, Peaslee, Quimby, Rand, Saunders, Smart, Swain, Whitten, Bean, Bruce, Bryant, Capen, Cox, Davis, Dufresne, Gingras, Hall, Heughes, Leavitt, Lee, Perkins, Sanborn, Smith, Swain, Swift, Whitcher, Whiteman, Badger, Bean, Brown, Burnham, Burras, Buzzell, Campbell, Davis, Dearborn, Dufresne, Downing, Gilman, Hall, Hughes, Lee, Martin, Moulton, Mudgett, Peabody, Pickering, Sanborn, Sargent, Simpson, Smith, Swain, Tyler, Whitcher, Wood, Walker