Annual Reports of the Town Officers of Fitzwilliam, NH for the Year Ending January 31, 1931

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Town of Fitzwilliam Annual Report
for the year ending January 31, 1931


Page #Description: Surnames (in order of appearance)
Page 1Title Page
Page 3Town Officers: Blair, Blake, Davis, Stone, Firmin, Byam, Stone, Damon, Blair, Stone, Pierce, Holman, Emerson, Robbins, Damon, Byam, Angier
Page 4Town Officers cont': Emerson, Byam, Stone, Damon, Flagg, Howes, Firmin, Colby, Robbins
Page 5Inventory of Polls and Ratable Property: Angier, Austin, Autio, Asiala, Anderson, Apwood, Baldwin
Page 6Inventory of Polls and Ratable Property: Baldwin, Baker, Barrus, Bemis, Barnes, Batcheller, Blodgett, Bigelow, Brooks, Blair, Blake, Brennan, Bosworth, Bowen
Page 7Inventory of Polls and Ratable Property: Boyce, Bordo, Bliss, Bolter, Bolles, Brandt, Burbank, Byam, Bent, Brooks, Brennan, Baasto, Blodgett, Brewer, Bruso, Carlson, Campbell, Chase, Colby, Cross, Crooker, Codworth, Collins, Clark, Corey, Cushing, Coffin
Page 8Inventory of Polls and Ratable Property: Davis, Daley, Damon, Decatur, Derby, Dickinson, Dunton, Dumm, Duplissie, Dunn, Dodge, Damon, Dunton, Dokamas
Page 9Inventory of Polls and Ratable Property: Dodge, Duplissie, Ellis, Elson, Esdaile, Emerson, Emery, Foster, Fairbanks, Farinola, Flagg, Fisher, Firnin, Fletcher, Fostrum, Firmin, Gilson
Page 10Inventory of Polls and Ratable Property: Gilman, Gordon, Grier, Grant, Grady, Holman, Hayden, Hall, Hannihen, Haskell, Hodge
Page 11Inventory of Polls and Ratable Property: Howe, Hesinnaki, Hongisto, Houvinen, Hill, Hinds, Howe, Huston, Hill, Hendrickson, Hamilton, Jackobson, Jarvis, Kimball, Kendall, Kouvinen, Komi, Kovanen, Knight, Levla, Lacount, Lynch, Lindall, Lake, Lassila
Page 12Inventory of Polls and Ratable Property: Lehta, Loupa, Lord, Loupa, Laro, Maffitt, Magnani, Meatey, Murray, Michelson, Mattson, McQuestion, MacKenzie, Murray, Mattson, Makela, Murray, Nelson, Narramore, Nutting, Newcomb, Nichols, Ovaskinen, Pollary, Parker, Paul
Page 13Inventory of Polls and Ratable Property: Patterson, Paul, Pelto, Pierce, Pattiman, Plante, Putnam, Putney, Patria, Rantilla, Reed, Roundy, Reed, Rugg, Russell, Reynolds, Robbins, Rotanz, Saari, Schaff, Shea, Sherrick
Page 14Inventory of Polls and Ratable Property: Sherrick, Starkey, Smitherman, Smith, Stone, Streeter, Stone, Saunders, Sprague, Stone, Smith, Sprague, Sten, Sturtevant, Spicer, Shampney, Shea, Sempinen, Stone
Page 15Inventory of Polls and Ratable Property: Son, Thompson, Turner, Tommila, Treat, Tuuri, Turner, Tenney, Tarr, Valz, Wilder, White, Winters, White, Williams, Whipple, Whitcomb, Whipple
Page 16Inventory of Polls and Ratable Property: Whitcomb, Whipple, Wilkins, White, Wheelock, Webb, Wheeler, Whipple, Whitcomb, Wilson, Yon
Page 17Inventory of Non-Resident Taxable Property: Aldrich, Arnold, Burdette, Baldwin, Beals, Bemis, Bean, Ballou, Boyce, Blanchard, Bonnette, Bragg, Butler, Butland, Boyce, Brown, Beals, Burbank, Byam, Bowditch, Becker
Page 18Inventory of Non-Resident Taxable Property: Crowley, Cheeney, Chaplin, Clark, Chaplin, Crittsinger, Conway, Chaplin, Caron, Congdon, Cushing, Clough, Curtis, Crabtree, Davis, Dunton, Evans, Eldred, Edwards
Page 19Inventory of Non-Resident Taxable Property: Estabrook, Erickson, Farnum, Felton, Frasier, Frye, Farrington, False, Fletcher, Gallup, Gahling, Gay, Godbier, Green, Greenhall, Gallagher, Goodale, Gilley, Holman, Holmes, Hart, Haradon, Harrington, Hale, Ingraham, Jefferson, Jenkins, Jones
Page 20Jones, Johnson, Keene, Kienon, Kimball, Kinsman, Knapp, Keith, Koski, Lane, Lawrence, Lord, Lovell, Lovering, Lowe, Lang, McKenney, Martin, Morrison, Mitchell, Morgan, Mills, MacKenzie, Martin, Newton, Nugent, Nesbit, Murdock
Page 21Newton, Nichols, Perry, Phillips, Pope, Reed, Rice, Russell, Racine, Robbins, Roebuck, Sullivan, Stearns, Stone, Streeter, Sturtevant, Sawtell, Smith, Saylor, Smithurst, Streeter, Tout, Troy, Townsend
Page 22Thurston, Trowbridge, Tuttle, Timlow, Urion, Wheeler, Ward, Witherell, Whittemore, Wilson, Whitney, Windheim, Young
Page 23Poll Tax Payers for 1930: Angier, Autio, Asalia, Anderson, Baldwin, Byam, Boyce, Barrus, Bemis, Bolles, Basto, Blake, Bosworth, Blair, Blodgett, Bolter, Barnes, Brandt, Blake, Blodgett, Bosworth, Brooks, bowditch, Carlson, Campbell, Cross, Cushing, Corey, Carlson, Cunningham, Chandler, Chast, Clark, Chase, Couch, Conway, Collins, Damon, Dodge, Derby, Decato, Duplissie
Page 24Poll Tax Payers for 1930: Dickinson, Davis, Dunton, Duplease, Dumm, Esdaile, Elson, Ellis, Emerson, Emery, Firmin, Firnin, Flagg, Fisher, Fostrum, Farinola, Farrington, Faucher, Fairbanks, Flanders, Green, Gordon, Gilson, Grier, Grassmuck, Grant, Garnet, Hayden, Holman, Hesimaki, Howe, Haskell, Hodge, Hill, Hinds, Hongisto, Hanninen, Hendrickson, Hayden, Hill, Hall, Huston, Hadley, Hendrickson, Hesemaki, Holman, Houvinen
Page 25Poll Tax Payers for 1930: Houvinen, Hinds, Hale, Jackobson, Jacobson, Jamsa, Kimball, Komi, Kuivener, Knights, Kovoanen, Kovanen, Kendall, Kuvanen, Kinall, Kimball, Lamala, Lynch, Lindall, Levela, Lehton, Lassala, Leino, Luopo, Lacount, Lord, Morton, Mettie, Murray, May, Mitchelson, Mattson, Matthews, Magnani, Morrison, Michelson, Mattson, Mills, Murray, Michelson, Nutting, Ovaskinen, Pierce, Parker, Pollary, Plante, Patterson, Pelto, Patria, Puska, Pettengill, Reynolds
Page 26Poll Tax Payers for 1930: Reynolds, Russell, Rugg, Rathborn, Reed, Son, Sprague, Sturtevant, Spicer, Simpanen, Smith Saunders, Stone, Starkey, Shea, Saari, Schaff, Stone, Sturtevant, Shea, Shampney, Sherrick, Thompson, Tuuri, Tommilla, Thompson, Turner, Tenney, Valz, Williams, Whipple, Whitcomb, Wheeler, White, Wilkins, Wheelock, Wilbur, Ward, Wentworth, Whitcomb, Webb, Wheeler, Whiton, Whitcomb, Wetmore, Yon, Jarvi
Page 27Schedule of Town Property
Page 28Recapitulation of value of taxed property and taxes assessed
Page 29Continued
Page 30Town Budget
Page 31Expenditures - Actual vs. Budget
Page 32Balance Sheet
Page 33Town Clerk's Report
Page 34Report of Town Treasurer
Page 35Continued
Page 36Summary of Receipts
Page 37Summary of Payments
Page 38Continued
Page 39Detail Statement of Receipts
Page 40Continued
Page 41Continued
Page 42Detail Statement of Payments
Page 43Continued
Page 44Continued
Page 45Continued
Page 46Continued
Page 47Continued
Page 48Continued
Page 49Continued
Page 50Road Agent's Report
Page 51Continued
Page 52Continued
Page 53Report of Trust Funds
Page 54Continued
Page 55Continued
Page 56Continued
Page 57Town Hall Agent's Report
Page 58Fireward's Report
Page 59Report of Superintendent of Cemeteries
Page 60Report of Village District Treasurer
Page 61Report of the Commissioner of Fitzwilliam Village District
Page 62Elliot Institute
Page 63Continued
Page 64Financial Report of the Elliot Institute
Page 65Continued
Page 66Report of Town Library
Page 67Continued
Page 68Continued
Page 69Continued
Page 70Continued
Page 71Continued
Page 72Continued
Page 73Report of Superintendent of Schools
Page 74Continued
Page 75Continued
Page 76Continued
Page 77Continued - includes names and salaries for teachers: Wetmore, Adams, Wentworth, Kimball, Flanders, Johnson, Heikkila, Blodgett, Whitcomb, Wetmore, Cowrey, Firth, Kimball, Holman, Barton, Yoffa, Blodgett, Whitcomb
Page 78Continued - Students with perfect attendance listed
Page 79Continued
Page 80Report of School Board
Page 81Continued
Page 82Continued
Page 83Continued
Page 84Continued
Page 85Continued
Page 86Continued
Page 87Continued
Page 88Continued
Page 89Continued
Page 90Continued
Page 91Continued
Page 92Continued
Page 93Continued
Page 94Continued
Page 95Continued
Page 96Continued
Page 97Vital Statistics - Overview
Page 98Vital Statistics - Births (Large File)
Page 99Vital Statistics - Marriages (Large File)
Page 100Vital Statistics - Marriages (Large File)
Page 101Vital Statistics - Deaths (Large File)
Page 102Vital Statistics - Certification
Page 103Voters Notification
Page 104Continued
Page 105Continued
Page 106Continued
Page 107Voters Notification Regarding School Matters
Page 108Continued

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