Fargo, North Dakota 1909 Business and Professional Directory

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Fargo, North Dakota 1909 Business and Professional Directory

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We have scanned the original business and professional directory for Fargo, North Dakota for 1909 and indexed it for your quick search. Click on the the page number for the section you are interested in. Clicking on the page number should take you to the appropriate page.

Page #Contents
Page 262Abstracts of Titles
Page 262Architects: Albrant, Friedlander, Hancock, O'Shea
Page 262Art Goods: McClane
Page 262Artificial Limb Manufacturers: Kurth
Page 262Artificial Stone
Page 262Automobile Repairs
Page 262Bakeries: Nordale
Page 262Banks
Page 263Banks
Page 263Barber Shops: Atkinson, Brown, Cowie, Dawson, Emerson, Furlong, Zebley, Saindon, Wandmaker
Page 263Barbers' Supplies: Wandmaker
Page 263Bath Rooms: Brown, McNeely, Wandmaker
Page 263Belting Manufacturers: Nott
Page 263Bicycles: Johnson
Page 263Bicycle Repairs: Berg
Page 263Blacksmiths: Loudon, Watchie
Page 263Blank Book Manufacturers
Page 263Bookbinders
Page 263Books & Stationery: Knudsen, McClane, Morris
Page 263Bottlers
Page 263Brick Manufacturers
Page 263Bridge Contractors
Page 263Brokers - Grain
Page 263Brokers - Merchandise
Page 263Business Colleges
Page 263Building & Loan Associations
Page 263Butter, Eggs & Cheese
Page 263Carriages and Wagons: Brown, Lasenske, Lynch
Page 263China & Glassware: Ballou
Page 263Chiropodists: Geary
Page 263Cider (Wholesale)
Page 264Cigar Stores: Blout, Cummins, Epstein, Haggart, Mezirow, Thorne, Wilkson, Yuster
Page 264Cigars (Wholesale): Ferris, Gardner
Page 264Clothing: Akerman, Aronson, Borowski, Eggen, Geglich, Hance, Hartstein, Holmes, Lally, Naftalin, Rubel, Rutz, Shaiavitz, Siegel, Simonson, Stern, Swansen,
Page 264Collections: Hamilton
Page 264Commission Merchants
Page 264Confectionery: McLean, Everhart
Page 264Contractors and Builders: Campbell. Bower, Paul, Schlanser, Wilson
Page 264Contractors (Masonry)
Page 264Creameries
Page 264Cream Separators
Page 264Dentists: Ball, Christiansen, Clarke, Devenport, Frenette, Graves, Hallenberg, Harmon, Heller, Hill, Rose, Sherman, Starling
Page 264Department Stores
Page 264Drug Stores: Brownlee, Bryant, Crasoe, Nickells
Page 264Dry Goods: Moody, Olson, Tozier
Page 264Dyeing and Cleaning
Page 265Employment Bureaus: Hotop, Olson
Page 265Engines - Gas and Gasoline: Edgerton
Page 265Farm Lands: Otis
Page 265Farm Machinery: Blake, Brown, Lynch, Robb, Van Brunt
Page 265Flour and Feed: Knerr, Lewis
Page 265Flouring Mills: Knerr
Page 265Fruits: Lewis, Moulton
Page 265Furniture: Ames, Levitz, Luger, Olson, Wasem, Gaard
Page 265Furriers: Dennis, Zekman
Page 265Gas and Electric Fixtures: Harrington
Page 265Gold and Silversmiths: Sandberg
Page 265Grain Dealers: Stanford
Page 265Grocers: Bergquist, Calmer, Hadeland, Harris, Howland, Jacobson, Norton, O'Hern, Perry, Hartstein, Yerxa
Page 265Grocers Wholesale
Page 265Haberdashers
Page 265Hardware: Harrington, Hansen, O'Neill
Page 265Hardware (Wholesale)
Page 265Hardwood Flooring
Page 265Harness Manufacturers: Abel, Stewart
Page 266Harness (Wholesale)
Page 266Hay and Grain: Gilles, Lewis
Page 266Heating and Lighting
Page 266Horseshoers: Anmer, Watchie
Page 266Hotels: Burton, Klug, Goldstien, Cummings, Thorson, Cole, Knerr, Lyon, Mattson, Kroeger, Burreson, Peterson, Carlson, Early
Page 266House Furnishing Goods: Ames, Crotty, Luger, Wasem, Gaard
Page 266Insurance (Fire): Anheler, Shattuck, Wright
Page 266Insurance (General): Baker, Lane, Walker
Page 266Insurance (Life): Foster, Rouse, Robbins
Page 266Ice Cream Manufacturers
Page 266Jewelers: Aronson, Belles, Hagen, Hartstein, Ingebriktsen, Pabst, Sullivan, Sundberg
Page 266Laundries: Dixon
Page 266Lawyers: Ball, Watson, Maclay, Barnett, Reese, Benton, Best, Clapp, Cole, Crum, Frame, Glassford, Hamilton, Johnson, Kellogg, Laizure, Lee
Page 267Lawyers: McEldowney, McEnroe, Miller, Morrill, Engerud, Newman, Spalding, Stambaugh, Phelps, Pierce, Tenneson, Pollock, Resser, Roberts, Robinson, Rose, Ryan, Scott, Shure, Smith, Stimmel, Tilly, Turner, Twichell, Wallace
Page 267Livery & Boarding Stables: Doyle, Marsh, Peterson
Page 267Loans (Mortgage): Amertand, Cole, Eaton, Haslerud, Lough, Wheelock
Page 267Loans (Real Estate): Lane, Morton
Page 267Lock and Gunsmiths: Kurth
Page 267Lumber: Beidler, Robinson, Chestey, White
Page 267Lunch Rooms: Ackerman, Callahan, Hebip, Losness, Hanson, Thompson
Page 267Machinists: Kurth, Sykes
Page 268Marble and Granite
Page 268Meat Markets: Fitzgerald, Lyonsmith, Green, Eggert, Hauser, Rentchler, Shoeninger, Voller
Page 268Men's Furnishers: Hartstein, Naftalin, Siegel, Stern
Page 268Merchant Tailors: Berg, Lasson, Olson, Pickton, Rockwell, Rynning
Page 268Millinery Stores: Conn, Flaten, Holderman, Lillibridge, Mitchel, Moon, Rahilly
Page 268Mill Work: Bower
Page 268Model Manufacturers: Kurth
Page 268Musical Instruments: Hall
Page 268Musical Merchandise: Hal
Page 268Newspapers
Page 268Opticians: Pabst, Sandberg
Page 268Painters: Boerth, Shaw
Page 268Paints, Oil and Glass
Page 268Photographers: Erickson, Hubertz, Hanson, Swem
Page 268Physicians: Balay, Kackelmacher, Branch, Callander, Campbell, Carpenter, Crucial, Darrow, Folsom, Henning, McConnell, Burton, Rindlaub, Skelsey, Sorkness, Tharm, Tronnes, Vidal, Wear, Weible, Wheeler
Page 268Pianos and Organs: Hall, Luger, Wasem, Gaard
Page 268Picture Frames & Mouldings: McClane
Page 269Plumbers: Harrington, Holt, Dahlby, Riley
Page 269Pool Rooms: Johnson, Lemieux, Stout, Fresk, Tweeden, Brownlee, Stevers, Wyser
Page 269Printers: Brown, Gage
Page 269Real Estate: Angell, Benton, Darling, Blakemore, Ellsworth, Jenkins, Folsom, Hodgson, Krogh, Lane, Lough, Lincoln, Peterson, Wheelock
Page 269Restaurants: Bixby, Fisher, Frances, Gabel, Golden, Thorson, Lemieux, Mattson, Matson, Nelson, Nordhaug, Roundtree, Sanford, Yuster
Page 269Sale Stables: Peterson
Page 269Sashs, Doors, and Blinds
Page 269Second Hand Stores: Levitz
Page 269Seeds: Lewis, Magill
Page 269Self Feeders
Page 269Sewing Machines
Page 269Shoe Repairers: Jagust, Johnson, Eggum
Page 269Shoe Stores: Hagman, Hagen, Johnson, Kinnear, Kurtzman, Naftalin, Siegel, Stern
Page 269Shooting Galleries: Lemieux
Page 269Sign Painters: Cook
Page 270Sporting Goods: Johnson
Page 270Steam and Hot Water Heating: Harrington, Klinsmann
Page 270Steam Plows
Page 270Stocks and Bonds: Wheeler
Page 270Stoves and Ranges
Page 270Surety Bonds: Lane
Page 270Teachers' Agency: Love
Page 270Teas and Coffee: Erdel
Page 270Threshing Machines
Page 270Turf Goods: Abel
Page 270Turkish Baths: Emerson
Page 270Undertakers
Page 270Upholsterers: Anderson, Skjold, Bowman, Montan, Rylander
Page 270Veterinarian Surgeons: Shepard
Page 270Wall Paper: Brown

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