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Charlotte, North Carolina 1921 City Directory - W

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Page #Surnames presented in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 653Waddell, Wade
Page 654Wade, Wadles, Wadsworth, Waetzig, Waggoner, Wagner, Waisner, Wait, Wakefield
Page 655Wakefield, Walcott, Walden, Waldron, Waldup, Walker
Page 656Walker
Page 657Walker
Page 658Walkup, Wall, Wallace
Page 659Wallace
Page 660Wallace, Waller, Wallis
Page 661Walls, Walpole, Walsh, Walter, Walters, Walthall, Walton
Page 662Walton, Ward, Ware, Warlick, Warner
Page 663Warner, Warren, Warwick, Wash, Washam, Washburn
Page 664Washburn, Washington, Waters, Watkins, Watson
Page 665Watson, Watt
Page 666Watters, Watterson, Watts, Waugh, Wavra, Way, Wayland, Wearn
Page 667Wearn, Weary, Weatherly, Weathers, Weatherspoon
Page 668Weaver, Webb, Webber
Page 669Webber, Webster, Weddine, Weddington, Weddon, Wedenfeller, Weeks, Weilbacher
Page 670Weingarten, Weinhold, Weir, Weiseman, Weiss, Welborn, Welborne, Welch, Weldon, Welker, Wellman, Wellons, Wells
Page 671Wells, Wellslager, Welsh, Weltie, Wendle, Wentz, Wering, Werner
Page 672Werry, Wert, Wesley, West, Westbrook, Westbrooks, Westephal
Page 673Westfall, Westmoreland, Westray, Wetmore, Wetzler, Wharton, Wheatley, Wheeler
Page 674Wheeler, Whelchel, Wherry, Whisnant, Whitaker, White
Page 675White
Page 676White
Page 677White
Page 678White, Whitehead, Whitener, Whiteside, Whitfield, Whitley, Whitlock
Page 679Whitlock, Whitlow, Whitman, Whitnall, Whitner, Whitney, WhitsettWhitt, Whitted, Whitten, Whittington, Whitworth
Page 680Whyte, Wicker, Wickliffe, Wielbacher, Wier, Wigfall, Wiggins, Wilbanks, Wilbourn, Wilburn, Wilby, Wilcox, Wilder, Wiley
Page 681Wiley, Wilford, Wilhelm, Willie, Wilkerson, Wilkes
Page 682Wilkes, Wilkie, Wilkins, Wilkinson
Page 683Wilkinson, Willard, Willbanks, Willeford, Willey, Willett, Williams
Page 684Williams
Page 685Williams
Page 686Williams
Page 687Williams
Page 688Williams
Page 689Williams, Williamson
Page 690Williamson, Willingham, Willis, Williston, Willmann
Page 691Willmann, Willner, Willoughby, Wills, Willson, Willstock, Wilmoth, Wilson
Page 692Wilson
Page 693Wilson
Page 694Wilson
Page 695Wilson, Winecoff, Winch, Winchester, Windham, Windle, Winfield, Wing, Wingate
Page 696Wingate, Wingfield, Winston, Winslow, Winters, Wintzer, Wisdom, Wise, Wisehart, Wiseman, Wister, Witcher, Withers
Page 697Withers, Witherspoon, Witt, Witten, Witter, Wittowsky, Wix
Page 698Wohlford, Wolfe, Womack, Womble, Wood
Page 699Wood, Woodcock, Woodell, Woodfin, Woodlock, Woodruff, Woodside, Woodward
Page 700Woodward, Woody, Wool, Woolcott, Wooldridge, Woolen, Wooley, Wooten, Workman, Worley, Worrell
Page 701Worrell, Worsley, Wortham, Worthen, Worthington, Worthy, Wortman, Wray, Wrenn, Wright
Page 702Wright, Wyant, Wyatt, Wyche
Page 703Wyche, Wylie, Wyly, Wyndham, Wynne, Wyrick

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