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Charlotte, North Carolina 1921 City Directory - H

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Page #Surnames presented in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 306Haas, Hackett, Hackney, Hadden, Haddock, Hagan
Page 307Hager, Haggard, Hagins, Hagler, Hagood, Hahn, Haight, Halle, Hailey, Haines, Hair, Hairston, Haithcock, Haithcox, Halback
Page 308Haldeman, Hale, Hales, Hall
Page 309Hall, Haller, Hallett, Halley, Hallman
Page 310Hallman, Hallums, Hallyburton, Halsey, Haltom, Ham, Hambright, Hamby, Hamer, Hamilton
Page 311Hamilton, Hamit, Hamlin, Hammond, Hamner, Hamor, Hampton, Hamrick, Hance, Hancock, Hand
Page 312Hand, Handley, Hanes, Haney, Hangs, Hankins, Hankinson, Hanks, Hanline, Hann, Hanna, Hannah, Hannelton, Hannon
Page 313Hanslow, Harakas, Hard, Hardaway, Hardeman, Harden, Hardenbergh, Hardie, Hardin, Harding
Page 314Harding, Hardy, Hare, Hargett, Hargrave, Harkey
Page 315Harkey, Harlan, Harley, Harmon, Harper
Page 316Harper, Harrell, Harrelson, Harrill, Harrington, Harris
Page 317Harris
Page 318Harris
Page 319Harris
Page 320Harris, Harrison
Page 321Harrison, Harron, Harry, Hart
Page 322Hart, Hartgrove, Hartis, Hartley, Hartline, Hartman, Harton, Hartsell
Page 323Hartsell, Hartt, Harty, Harvell, Harvey, Harwell, Harwood, Haskell, Hasler, Hasley, Hassell, Hassen, Hassiotios, Hastings, Hasty
Page 324Hasty, Hatch, Hatcher, Hatchett, Hatfield, Hathcock, Hatley, Hatton, Hattrich, Haughton, Hauser, Havener, Hawes, Hawfield, Hawkins
Page 325Hawkins, Hawley, Hawthorne, Hayden, Hayes
Page 326Hayes, Hayman, Haynes, Haynie, Haywood
Page 327Haywood, Hayworth, Hazlewood, Head, Headen, Heafner, Healen, Hearn, Heath, Heavner
Page 328Heavner, Hechenbleikner, Hecht, Hechman, Hedgecock, Hedrick, Heeseman, Heffner, Heidt, Heim, Heindel, Heinicke, Heinman, Hedeman, Heller, Hellington, Helms
Page 329Helms
Page 330Helms, Hemby, Hemphill
Page 331Hemphill, Henderson
Page 332Henderson
Page 333Henderson, Hendon, Hendren, Hendricks, Hendrix, Hendry, Henley
Page 334Henley, Hennessee, Hennigan, Hennon, Henofer, Henry, Hensley, Hepburn, Hereford, Herion, Herlong, Herman
Page 335Herndon, Herring, Herrington, Herron, Herz, Hess, Hester, Hethcox, Hetherington, Hetland, Hewitt, Heyward, Hibbard, Hice, Hickerson, Hicklin
Page 336Hicklin, Hicks, Higgins, High
Page 337Hightower, Hildebrand, Hildreth, Hileman, Hill
Page 338Hill, Hilton
Page 339Hilton, Hines, Hinkle, Hinnant, Hinrichs, Hinshaw, Hinson
Page 340Hinson, Hinton, Hinze, Hipp, Hirshinger, Hirst, Hise
Page 341Hiss, Hoagland, Hoard, Hobbs, Hockette, Hodge, Hodges, Hodgin, Hoffar, Hoffman, Hogan, Hogewood, Hoggard
Page 342Hoggly, Hogland, Hoke, Holback, Holbrook, Holcombe, Holder, Holjes, Holland, Hollars, Holler, Holliday, Hollifield
Page 343Hollifield, Hollingsworth, Hollins, Hollis, Holloway, Hollowell, Holly, Holman, Holmes
Page 344Holmes, Holobaugh, Holsey, Holsonback, Holt, Holton, Holtshouser, Holtzclaw
Page 345Holtzclaw, Holtzenborff, Home, Honeycutt
Page 346Hong, Hood, Hooey, Hook, Hooker, Hooks, Hoopaugh, Hooper
Page 347Hoover, Hope, Hopkins, Hoppe
Page 348Hopper, Horah, Hornbuckle, Horne, Horner, Horning, Horton
Page 349Horton, Hoseycloth, Hoskins, Hosmer, Houchin, Hough, House
Page 350House, Houser, Houston
Page 351Houston, Hovis, Howard
Page 352Howard, Howell, Howerton, Howie
Page 353Howie, Howland, Howser, Hoyle, Hoyt, Hubbard
Page 354Hubbard, Hubbel, Hucks, Hucles, Huddleston, Hudgins, Hudson
Page 355Hudson, Huell, Huey, Huff, Huffman, Huffstetler, Huffstickler, Huggins, Hughes, Hughey, Hulick, Hull
Page 356Hull, Hulsey, Hummel, Humphrey, Huneycutt, Huneysuckle, Hunnicutt, Hunsuck, Hunsucker, Hunt
Page 357Hunt, Hunter
Page 358Hunter
Page 359Hunter, Huntington, Huntley
Page 360Hurd, Hurdle, Hurley, Hurlong, Hursey, Hurst, Hurt, Husband, Huske, Huss, Hussey, Hutcherson, Hutchins, Hutchinson, Hutchison
Page 361Hutchison, Hutson, Hutto, Hutton, Huyck, Hyams, Hyatt, Hyde, Hyder, Hyght, Hyland
Page 362Hyland, Hyman, Hyndman

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