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Butte, Montana 1928 City Directory - L

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Page #Surnames in order they appear. Not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 239Laaja, Labisonniere, LaBlanc, LaBorde, Labranche, LaBreche, Labrie, LaCasse, Lacey, LaChaine, Lackey, Lackner, LaClair, LaCombe, Lacourne, Lacy, Lademan, Ladendorff, Ladic, Ladnavitcle, LaDuke, Lafley, LaFond, LaFontise, LaForest, LaFountain, Lage, Lagerstedt, Lagg, Lagle, LaGue, Lahiff, LaHood, Lahti
Page 240Lahti, Laidlow, Laiho, Lainctot, Laine, Laird, Laitinen, Laity, Lake, Lakin, Lalaine, Lalande, Lalich, Lally, Lalond, Lamar, LaMare, Lamb, Lambdin, Lamberg, Lambert, Lambrecht, LaMere, Lammic, Lamming, Lamonte, Lamoot, Lampala, Lamphier, Lampi
Page 241Lampson, Lamut, Lance, Landers, Landin, Landon, Landram, Lane, Lang, Langdon, Langdorf, Lange, Langerude, Langevin, Langhorne, Langstadt, Lanigan, Lanihan, Lankinen, Lanley, Lanli, Lannin, Lano, Lanphier, Lanterman, Lantern
Page 242Lantz, Lanyon, LaPalm, Lapp, Lappalainen, Lappi, Lappin, Laramie, Larese, Lerew, Larkin, Larko, Larkos, LaRose, LaRouche, Larribee, Larris, Larsen, Larson
Page 243Larson, LaSage, Lasell, Lash, Lasich, Laskos, Lasley, Laslovich, Lass, Lassila, Lasswell, Laszkiecz, Latch, Latham, Lathi, Lathrop, Latimer, Latinovich, Latsch, Lattimer, Latva, Laughlin, Laukkanen, Laun, Laurance, Laurandeau, Lauren, Laurenz, Laurie, Lautman, Lauzon, Lavan, Lavaroni, Lavell, Lavelle
Page 244Lavelle, Lavender, Lavers, Lavia, Lavin, Lavis, LaVogue, Lawery, Lawler, Lawlor, Lawrence, Lawry, Lawson, Layton, Lazarivich, Lazzari, Leach
Page 245Leachman, Leader, Leagne, League, Leahy, Leaman, Leamer, Lean, Lear, Leary
Page 246Leary, Leavens, Leavitt, Leavy, Lebert, LeBlanc, Lebon, LeBrun, Leck, Lecke, Lecklider, Leclair, Lecas, Leddicoat, Leddra, Ledebur, Ledford, Ledgate, Lednum, LeDuc, LeDuke, Lee, Leebrick, Leece
Page 247Leehan, Leehy, Leeming, Leeper, Lefevre, Leffler, Leftweek, Legal, Legare, Legault, Leggat, LeGraff, Legrand, Legree, Leheney, Lehman, Lehmen, Lehmus, Lehn, Lehr, Lehti, Lehto, Lehtoner, Lehwalder, Leib, Leick, Leigh, Leighton, Leik, Lein, Leinbaugh, Leipheimer, Leipman, Leishman, Leitrich, Leloile
Page 248Lemelin, Lembke, Lemieux, Lemke, Lemler, Lemley, Lemm, Lemons, Lemperk, Lemphe, Lenahan, Lenart, Lendholm, Lenehan, Lenihan, Lennihan, Lennon, Lentz, Lenz, Lenzie, Leonard, Leovich, Lepetich, Leppala, Leppky, Leptic, Leptich, LeProwse, Lera, Leroux, LeSage, Leskela
Page 249Leskovar, Leslie, Lesse, Lessel, Lessolo, Lester, Letcher, Letchworth, Lethlan, Leuck, Leukuma, Levander, LeVeaux, Levengood, Leveni, Leveque, Levereton, Levesey, Levin, Levins, Levinski, Levitre, Levy, Lewarn, Lewers, Lewis
Page 250Lewis, Leybold, Leyden, Leys, Lhain, Lhotka, Liall, Libby, Liberko, Lichendaul, Licina, Liddicoat, Liddle, Liebel, Lieberman, Lien, Lienemann, Ligault, Liggan, Lightfoot, Ligon, Likarich, Likens, Lilja, Liljemark, Lillberg, Lillie, Lilly, Lillywhite
Page 251Linardos, Lincoln, Lind, Lindal, Lindberg, Lindborg, Lindeke, Lindella, Linden, Lindfors, Lindgren, Lindhorst, Lindland, Lindlief, Lindmeyer, Lindo, Lindquist, Lindsay, Linduska
Page 252Lindusky, Lineheart, Linfors, Linforth, Lingan, Lingley, Lingol, Link, Linkovich, Linman, Linne, Linsley, Linville, Linz, Lipnitz, Lippincott, Lippitt, Lipscomb, Lipson, Liss, Lissauer, Lisselo, Liston, Little, Littlejohn, Liva, Lively, Livermore, Livingston, Lizzie, Lewellyn, Llewelyn
Page 253Lloyd, Loakaris, Lobb, Lochray, Lochrie, Lock, Lockard, Locke, Locker, Lockett, Lockhart, Lockie, Lockmar, Lockwood, Lodders, Lodge, Lodwick, Loeber, Lofquist, Lofts, Loftus, Logan, Lohiff, Lohman, Lohmire, Loholo, Loise, Loiselle, Lok, Lokowich, Loma, Lomas
Page 254Lomas, Lombardi, Lomber, Lompola, Lonam, Lonardi, Lone, Long, Longbottom, Longer, Longfellow, Longhorn, Longley, Longpre, Lonner, Lonnie, Lonyon, Looby, Loomis, Loos, Loovaris, Loper, Lorainas, Lorck, Lord, Lordan, Lorden, Lore, Lorengo, Lorentz, Lorenz, Lorenzen, Lorenzo, Loret, Lorich, Lorimer, Loring
Page 255Losich, Lostin, Loudean, Loughery, Loughlan, Loughlin, Loughran, Loughrin, Louis, Loukoo, Louma, Lounsbery, Lousen, Louvich, Love, Lovelace, Lovelady, Loveland, Loveni, Loverich, Lovett, Lowary, Lowe, Lowell, Lowney
Page 256Lowney, Lownsberry, Lowre, Lowry, Lowther, Loy, Loyk, Loynd, Lozano, Lozier, Lozowski, Lrylhals, Lubach, Lubick, Lucado, Lucas, Lucce, Luce, Lucero, Lucey, Luchatts, Luck, Lucke
Page 257Luckecroth, Lucketti, Lucky, Luders, Ludlum, Ludwick, Ludwig, Lufken, Lugg, Lukanich, Lukanish, Luke, Lukenich, Lukkonen, Lumbard, Lund, Lundborn, Lundgren, Lundi, Lundin, Lundon, Lundy, Lung, Lunney, Luoma, Luoto, Lurakis, Lurich, Lush, Lushia, Lussi, Lust, Lustig, Lutey, Lutz, Luzar, Luzero, L'Vin, Lybold, Lyden, Lydon, Lyford
Page 258Lyford, Lyle, Lyman, Lynch
Page 259Lynch, Lynchehan, Lyndon, Lyne, Lynn, Lyon, Lyons, Lyth, Lytton

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