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Butte, Montana 1928 City Directory - F

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Page #Surnames in order they appear. Not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 146Faa, Fabatz, Fabert, Fabian, Facchi, Facincani, Fafonitis, Fagan, Fagernas, Fah, Fahey, Fahle, Fair, Fairbairn, Fairbrother, Fairchild, Fairelo, Faist, Fajon, Falancer, Falcon, Fales, Faley, Falk
Page 147Fall, Fallas, Faller, Fallert, Fallon, Falmer, Falt, Famietti, Famos, Fanning, Fanojlio, Fanoni, Fant, Fantini, Fariello, Farlan, Farlen, Farlin, Farman, Farmer, Farming, Farnham, Farrar, Farrel, Farrell, Farrelly, Farren, Farris
Page 148Farris, Farron, Farthing, Fasso, Faubain, Faucher, Faulkner, Fauman, Faure, Fauske, Fauss, Fava, Favaro, Favero, Favra, Fay, Fayle, Fayon, Feacy, Fearon, Featherly, Fedaneff, Feeley, Feeney
Page 149Feeney, Feller, Fellmer, Fellows, Femminis, Fenlon, Fennah, Fennell, Fennelly, Fennimore, Fenter, Fenton, Fenz, Ferby, Ferd, Ferebee, Fereman, Ferguson, Ferko, Ferkovich, Ferlic, Fermento, Fern, Ferns, Ferory, Ferrando, Ferrari, Ferrell, Ferrero
Page 150Ferrero, Ferrins, Ferriter, Ferrlan, Ferrolio, Ferrori, Ferry, Fetherolf, Fetta, Fetterman, Fetters, Fewell, Fewer, Fezzey, Fictros, Fidanza, Field, Fiester, Fife, Filcher, File, Final, Finberg, Finch, Fine, Fines, Finglor, Fink, Finlen, Finley, Finn, Finnanes, Finnas, Finne, Finnegan, Finnevid, Finney, Finnie, Finnigan, Fior
Page 151Firman, Fischer, Fisher, Fishl, Fiske, Fitch, Fitschen, Fitz, Fitzgerald
Page 152Fitzgerald, Fitzgibbon, Fitzgibbons, Fitzhenry, Fitzpatrick, Fitzsimmons, Fitzwilliams, Fivey, Flagg, Flagler, Flaherty, Flahive, Flanagan, Flanders, Flanick, Flanig, Flanigan, Flanik, Flankey, Flannighan, Flannigan, Flatley, Fleiner, Fleischman, Fleming
Page 153Fleming, Flemming, Fletcher, Flick, Flinck, Flink, Flinkey, Flippan, Flood, Floreen, Florin, Florsheim, Flubacher, Fluent, Flummerfelt, Flynn, Fochat, Fofoutis, Fogarty
Page 154Fogarty, Fogerty, Fogleman, Fohey, Folden, Goley, Folio, Folker, Folkins, Follmer, Folsom, Folstad, Folts, Foltz, Fones, Fong, Fontana, Fontini, Foot, Foote, Foran, Forbes
Page 155Forbes, Forcier, Ford, Fordmier, Fore, Foren, Forest, Forgard, Fork, Forman, Formento, Fornasari, Fornia, Forrest, Forrester, Forsel, Forsell, Forsman, Forsty, Forsythe, Fort, Fortina, Fortunati, Fortune, Foss, Fossum, Foster
Page 156Foster, Foucher, Fournier, Fowler, Fox, Foy, Foye, Fragakis, Fram, Frame, Francis, Francisconi, Francke, Francone, Frand, Frandsen, Franey, Franich, Frank, Franken, Frankfort, Frankino
Page 157Frankino, Franklin, Frankovich, Franks, Franti, Frantila, Franz, Franzman, Fraser, Frasher, Frayler, Frazer, Frazier, Fred, Fredericks, Frederickson, Fredi, Fredrickson, Free, Freebourn, Freedee, Freel, Freeman, Freenor, Freethy, Freiheit, Freishenimer, Freitag, Frelund, French
Page 158French, Frennah, Freshman, Fretla, Freudenstein, Freudenthal, Freund, Frey, Freyler, Frick, Friddle, Friend, Fries, Frink, Frisbee, Frisbie, Fritz, Fritzeland, Froehlich, Froka, Frost, Frounier, Frowen, Frustek, Fry, Fryar, Frye, Fryett, Fryler, Fuchs, Fudge, Fuehr, Fuge, Fugilla, Fulford, Fuller, Fullerton, Fullmer, Fulton
Page 159Fults, Fumerton, Fundy, Funell, Funk, Fuqua, Furgusson, Furlong, Furman, Furno, Furtmyer, Fye

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