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1821 City Directory for St. Louis, MO - R

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  • Ramsay, James grocer north Third above north E
  • Ranken, Hugh 25 north Main above north A
  • Ranken, Robert merchant 25 north Main above north A
  • Rankin, John and Samuel tanners and curriers south F above Main
  • Rawlings, Margaret mantua maker 9 Jones' row
  • Reams, John tailor 83 south Church below C
  • Rector, colonel Elias post master office north A above Main dwelling house north Third on the hill above Bennet's
  • Rector, Stephen surveyor ne corner of south C and Church
  • Rector, general William surveyor of the U. State lands in Illinois, Missouri, and Arkansas office west of Bennet's
  • Regis, Vasseur N. south Third sw corner of C
  • Reed, Mrs. Chloe (widow of Captain Jacob) south D above Fifth
  • Reguier, Francis teacher of French south Church nw corner of south F
  • Reilly, Robert porter-house 9 south C above Main
  • Renard, Hyacinthe north Main near the Ox mill
  • Renshaw, William merchant 52 south Third nw corner of B
  • Reynolds, Fabritus 82 and 85 south Church
  • Reynolds, Obediah stone mason 150 north Main sw corner of north G
  • Rice, Edward laborer north C above north Church
  • Richard, Eulalie south Church below south F
  • Richards, Jane (widow) boarding house 45 north Main se corner of north B
  • Riddick, Thomas F. president of the Missouri bank south Fourth below south F
  • Riley, ______ victualler stall 9 Market House
  • Riviere, Madame Philip south Church below F
  • Robb, George H. merchant 155 north Main ne corner of north G
  • Roberts, Michael cordwainer 141 north Main above north F
  • Roberts, Thomas victualler N. W. of the Bastian stall market house
  • Robidoux, Joseph and Francis merchant 71 and 73 south Main ne corner of north C
  • Robinson, Richard 218 north Main
  • Rocheblave, Phillip carpenter and justice of the peace 26 south C above Main
  • Rochford, Francis teacher north E above Fifth
  • Rogers, ______ farmer near Bent's Mill
  • Rollet, Michel 100 south Main corner of D
  • Rollins, Henry cordwainer south D above Church
  • Rollons, Miles drayman north Fourth above G
  • Rosegrant, John Allen carpenter 98 south Main nw corner of south D
  • Ross, Charles R. 64 north Main corner of C
  • Rowrount, Anthony wheelwright back 214 north Main
  • Roy, Lewis victualler 208 north Main - stall 5 market house
  • Royard, ______ farmer south Third below D
  • Rule, William K. merchant 72 and dwelling house 68 north Church
  • Rupley, Jacob carpenter 16 south C dwelling house sw corner of south Church and D
  • Russell, Jesse D. sign and ornamental painter 17 south C above Main
  • Russell, John potter 17 south C above Main
  • Russell, John S. turner and chair maker 17 south C above Main

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