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1821 City Directory for St. Louis, MO - M

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  • Macfaden, Mary south Third below G
  • Mackey, James brick house west of the Church street bridge
  • Macklin, William teacher sw corner of north G & Church dwelling house north of the Bastian
  • Magenis, Arthur attorney at law 29 north Church above north A
  • Maguire, John laborer 182 north Main above north H
  • Malard, H. Indian Trader ne corner of south D and Church
  • March, Clement merchant 84 south Main below south C
  • Marly, F. (widow) south Church se corner of G
  • Marly, Louis south Church below G
  • Marly, Michael tavern keeper and victualler south Church below G, stall 7 Market House
  • Marly, Michael jr. boatman south Church below G
  • Marsh, Daniel painter and glazier 85 south Church
  • Martin, Charles copper smith sw corner of north D and Church
  • Martin, John prefect of the studies St. Louis College
  • Mason, Ann (widow) south Third below south A
  • Mason, Richard physician 37 north Main below B
  • Massey, David Missouri hotel 168 north Main sw corner of north H
  • Mathurin, Jean Baptise south Church sw corner of B
  • May, James cordwainer 57 south Main
  • M'Adam, James grocer 47 north Main above north E
  • M'Dermott, Mrs. Louisa of Charles A. south D above Main
  • M'Donald, Patrick lumber merchant sw corner of Church and north G
  • M'Ewen, Margaret 111 Church below D
  • M'Ginn, Bernard and Patrick victuallers 13 Market dwelling house south Fifth below B
  • M'Girk, Isaac deputy sheriff at the jail
  • M'Guire, Thomas merchant and justice of the peace 42 north Main, dwelling house west of Seventh
  • M'Gunnegle, James of the US Army 201 north Main above north I
  • M'Gunnegle, Wilson 201 north Main above north I
  • M'Knight, Thomas commission merchant north Water above Team Boat ferry dwelling house 202 north Main above north I
  • M'Laughlin, Michael carter north H above Main
  • M'Manus, Edmund 61 north Main below north C
  • M'Nair, Alexander governor of the state of Missouri north Third near the first large Indian mound
  • Menard, Aimable south D above south Main
  • Menard, Louis merchant 48 south Main
  • Merry, Samuel physician 98 south Main nw corner of south D
  • Michau, John A. cabinet maker south Church below I
  • Migneron, Louis S. gunsmith 97 north Main above north D
  • Milam, ______ merchant 43 north Main se corner of north B
  • Milburn, William clerk in the surveyor general's office dwelling house Bennet's hotel
  • Millagen, Richard tailor 33 south Main
  • Millaudon, Philip merchant 46 south Main
  • Miller, Ellen millener south B above Main
  • Miller, ______ carpenter 128 south Main
  • Moderwell, R. merchant 65 north Main ne corner of north C
  • Molaire, Baptiste carter north Third above north C
  • Mills, Nathan victualler 85 south Church below C
  • Monestes, David carpenter north D above Main
  • Monet, Francis laborer 186 north Main
  • Montagne, Joseph blacksmith north C above Church
  • Moore, Alfred turner &c. south Third below F
  • Moore, Clarissa (widow) 77 south Main se corner of C
  • Moore, ______ carpenter 128 south Main
  • Moore, Daniel S. D. deputy clerk circuit court Market above Fifth
  • Moore, Daniel bacon store 53 north Main above B
  • Moore, James carpenter north Church corner of north I
  • Moore, Nimrod H. south Church above south C
  • Morin, Baptiste boatman south Church nw corner of K
  • Morin, Joseph boatman south Third below south J
  • Morin, (widow of Anthony) south Church corner of H
  • Morrison, John printer 51 south Main
  • Morton, George carpenter south Church below south G
  • Morton, Morgan carpenter south B above Main
  • Mount, Samuel coach maker north D above Fifth
  • Mullett, Frederick se corner of Main and south ?
  • Mulligan, Eliza (widow) near Bastian
  • Mullin, James laborer 84 south Church
  • Murphey, Matthew brewer at Brew House north Main
  • Murphy, James south Third below F
  • Murphy, Thomas 210 north Main

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