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1821 City Directory for St. Louis, MO - L

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  • Labadie, Joseph bellman south Third below E
  • Labadie, Silvester north of the brewery
  • Labarge, Joseph grocer 20 south Third below Market
  • Labeaum, P. A. inquire 51 north Main
  • Labross, Sarah (widow) seamstress south Third below G
  • Labuche, Francois boatman nw corner of Main and south H
  • Lacroix, Joseph north C above Third
  • Lacroze, J. J. & Co. confectioners and cordial distillers 27 and 29 south Main below A
  • Lagrandeur, Louis 82 south Third below C
  • Lagrandeur, Vincent 77 south Third se corner of C
  • Laguaisse, Margaret midwife 86 north Church sw corner of D
  • Lakenan, James gun smith &c. 200 north Main dwelling house north Church above I
  • Laland, Marie south Church below K
  • Lamb, James grocer 91 north Main
  • Landeville, Andre storekeeper 87 north Main ne corner of D
  • Lane, Joshua boarding house south D above Main
  • Lane, M. M. accountant 66 Main
  • Lane, William Carr physician 98 dwelling house 127 south M
  • Langham, Elias T. 1st clerk in the Missouri bank north Main
  • Langham, John S. clerk in the US register's office near Bennet's
  • Larned, capt. Benjamin F. paymaster in the army of the US back 65 north Main in north C
  • L'atrisse, John boatman 88 south Third below C
  • Laurent, Maurice teacher of penmanship 46 south M
  • Laveille, Joseph C. carpenter 16 south C dwelling house corner of Church and south D
  • Lawless, Luke E. counsellor at law office nw corner of Third and Market dwelling house 24 north Main
  • Lebeau, Francis carpenter 100 north Church
  • Lebeau, Henry carpenter se corner of north C and F
  • Leblond, Joseph 66 north Church nw corner of C
  • Lecomte, madame (widow) 44 south Main
  • Leconte, J. Baptiste laborer 171 north Main
  • Leduc, M. P. collector of taxes 34 north Main at north A
  • Lee, Mary (widow of John) Third above the Bastian
  • Lee, Patrick ne corner of south Church and C
  • Le Favre, miss P. young ladies academy 50 south J
  • Le Gris, Belisle Pierre trader 49 south Main
  • Leguerrier, Charles carpenter 99 north Church
  • Lemignon, Doctor north B above Main
  • Lemonde, Louis carter 88 north Church
  • Leroux, Ellen (widow) south B above Fourth
  • Levering, Benjamin plasterer &c. south Church below G
  • Lewis, Mrs. Fanny of John south Church below D
  • Lewis, James O. engraver &c. 118 south Main
  • Light, Andrew wagon maker 181 north Main
  • Lindell, Jesse G. merchant 21 north Main se corner of north A
  • Lindell, John & Co. merchant 21 north Main se corner of north A
  • Lindell, Peter merchant 21 north Main se corner of north A
  • Lisa, Mary (widow) north Main ne corner of north A
  • Long, James carpenter se corner of north C and Fifth
  • Longdon, ______ 234 north Main
  • Loper, James bricklayer 119 south Main ne corner of E
  • Louis, Paul Indian interpreter north Water above A
  • Lucas, J. B. C. on the St. Charles road 1/2 mile from St. Louis
  • Lucas, William attorney at law 1 Jones' Row corner of Market and Fourth
  • Lycett, John C. silver plater 35 and 118 south Main
  • Lynch, Timothy tailor 40 north Main

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