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1821 City Directory for St. Louis, MO - D

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  • Dacres, Dorothy (widow) south B above Fifth
  • Daggett, James H. clock and watch maker 35 south Main
  • Daggett, John D. merchant 75 north Main
  • Dangen, Anthony silversmith and jeweller 53 and shop 59 south Main below south B
  • Daniels, Aaron furrier and store keeper 124 north Main above north E
  • Darcy, Michael wagon maker 79 north Main
  • Darrow, Zadock carpenter north A above Church
  • Day, Sarah boarding house back of Steam boat warehouse
  • Deane, William merchant 94 north Main above D
  • De Camp, Samuel G. J. physician office 52 29? north Main
  • DeLassus, Charles formerly governor of Upper Louisianna
  • Delancy, Margaret 111 south Church below D
  • Dejardin, Paulet tavern keeper south Main below south ?
  • Delannay, D. 56 north Main
  • Delisle, Francis baker south Water above south B
  • Demoulin, J. Baptiste (widow) north Church sw corner of north A
  • Derouin, Francis boatman south Third below A
  • Derouin, John 28 south Third sw corner of south A
  • De Soyres, Louis merchant 46 south Main
  • Detandebaratz, Martial merchant ne corner of south Main and south A
  • De Wint, Lucinda (widow) 64 north Main nw corner of north C
  • Deys, Rev. Leo professor of languages and director of the St. Louis college south Church below Market
  • Dignam, Bernard cordwainer 86 north Third sw corner of north D
  • Didier, Pierre watch maker and treasurer of the state of Missouri nw corner of south Church and F
  • Dillon, Lucy (widow) 170 north Main nw corner of H
  • Dillon, Walter grocer north Water below H
  • Dolan, Dennis tailor 66 north Church nw corner of north C
  • Dolan, Mary 112 Church above north E
  • Domine, Baptiste sw corner of Church and E
  • Douberman, John jr. ornamental painter 42 north Main
  • Dougherty, John grocer 107 south Church below D
  • Dougherty, Matthew drayman 172 north Main
  • Douglass, Thompson justice of the peace 176 north Main above north H street
  • Doyle, Anthony laborer 140 north Main
  • Doyle, Edward grocer 81 north Third below north D
  • Droddy, Elizabeth seamstress north H street below Main
  • Dubourg, Right Rev. Louis William Bishop of Louisiana and Floridas
  • Dubrauel, Susan (widow) Church above north A
  • Dugan, William tailor 92 north Main
  • Duchouquet, Francois south Church sw corner of G
  • Duchouquet, madame Pierre tavern keeper 118 south Church nw corner of E
  • Duchouquet, Baptiste farmer
  • Duncan, Robert south Church near the bridge
  • Duncan, William south Main below F
  • Dunlavy, Richard carpenter south D above Main
  • Dunn, John blacksmith north Water above north F
  • Duponts, Peter baker 3 Market below Main
  • Durocher, Auguste tavern keeper 205 north Main
  • Dutremble, Anthony 87 north Church ne corner of ?

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