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Kansas City, Missouri 1859/60 City Directory - W

  • Wachter, H. (barber) Boards Main between Levee and Commercial

  • Wagner, Henry (painter) Residence James

  • Wall, Harrison (plasterer) Laurel between Manard and Mabillon

  • Wallace, ______ (cabinet maker) Market between Second and Commercial

  • Walpole, Richard C.(tannery) Grand ave. between Ottowa and Allen Boards Grove's Hotel

  • Walker, James A.(clerk) F. Conant Boards N. Jennings

  • Walter, Wm. (brick maker) W. & C. Gary

  • Ward, Daniel (brick maker) Huckberry corner of Gertrude

  • Ward, Edward (plasterer) Boards J. Richardson

  • Ward, Henry S. H. S. Ward & Co. and Trefren, Ward & Co. Boards H. G. Richards

  • Ward, James (butcher) Grand ave. between Mabillon and Manard Residence same

  • Ward, Wm. (saloon) Grand ave. between Manard and Allen Boards same

  • Washer, Larkin Main between Shawnee and Ross

  • Watkins, John Q.(cashier) Xorthrup & Co. Boards Eldridge House

  • Webber, A. W. (insurance agent) corner of Third and Main

  • Wegner, J. F. German House W. side Main between Sixth and Seventh

  • Welch, Michael (brick maker) Boards Ranson's add.

  • Welch, Patrick (teamster) Stringtown near Levee

  • Wentworth, Geo D. (painter) Ranson's addition

  • Wentworth, Geo. (cooper) Gay between Independence ave. and Emily

  • Wersing, Thomas (bricklayer) Boards J. Richardson

  • West, ______ (carpenter) J. B. Higgins & Co.

  • Wescott, E. R.(clerk) M. Diveley

  • Wettshman, John (teamster) Residence McDaniel, McDaniel's add.

  • Wettshman, Nicholas (teamster) Residence McDaniel, McDaniel's add.

  • Wetzen, John (brewer) Boards between Fourth and Fifth

  • Whalen, Pat. (laborer) Boards James

  • Wheeler, John P. J. P. Wheeler & Co. Boards Union Hotel

  • Wheatly, Wm. T. Hubbell, Wheatly & Co. Residence High between Third and Fourth

  • Whiteworth, George W.(salesman) Buckman & Pulte Boards Commercial House

  • White, Charles (cooper) Eleanor between Allen and Manard

  • White, Jim (shoemaker) Boards Mechanic's Hotel

  • White, M. C. (dairyman) Delaware between Second and Third

  • White, Robert C. Eleanor between Gertrude and Catherine

  • Whitney, Geo. C.(patent roofing) Main near Grove Hotel

  • Wiggin, Charles P.(local editor) Western Journal of Commerce

  • Wiggins, D. H. (mason) corner of Court and Grand ave.

  • Wilbu, Albert E.(miller) Central Flouring Mills

  • Wiley, W. W.(carriage manufacturer) 1 and 2 Metropolitan Block

  • Wilhite, P. G.(proprietor) Central Flouring Mills E. Levee Residence corner of Second and High

  • Wilhite, Jesse C.(miller) Central Flouring Mills Boards corner of Second and High

  • Wilherd, John (boarding house) W. side Delaware between Cumberland and Spring

  • Williams, D. R. (lumber dealer) Main

  • Williams, John H.(plasterer) Eleanor between Ottowa and Allen

  • Williamson, Asbury Walnut near Commercial

  • Willis, J. W.(carpenter) Ford & Bro.

  • Wilson, H. P. Boards Farmers' Hotel

  • Wilson, J. (brick maker) Campbell & Gault

  • Wilson, R. T.(music store and marble yard) W. side of Main between Fourth and Fifth Residence Wyandotte between Seventh and Eighth

  • Winchester, Andrew J. Boards Grove Hotel

  • Windolph, Michael F. Langsenkamp & Co. Residence at store

  • Wingate, E. H. Wingate & Darrow, boots and shoes Residence Walnut between Seventh and Eighth

  • Wirth, Charles (laborer) Boards Ranson's add.

  • Wiseman, John (watchman) Union Hotel

  • Withers, Enoch M.(clerk) Charles P. Hunter

  • Withers, G. S. Ramage & Withers Residence E. side Delaware between Fifth and Sixth

  • Wolcott, H. C. H. C. Wolcott & Co. Boards Union Hotel

  • Wolcott, Leven H. C. Wolcott & Co. Boards Union Hotel

  • Wolfe, Thomas (carpenter) Vine between Seventh and Court

  • Wood, John (lumber yard) Grand ave. between Catherine and Amelia Residence Quincy, Ill.

  • Wood, J. M. (physician and surgeon) Third between Main and Walnut Residence Delaware

  • Woodson, Hickman (bookkeeper) Union Bank

  • Woodson, W. C. (attorney and Real estate dealer) Boards Union Hotel

  • Woodwards, Dr. (physician and surgeon) Third near Main

  • Woldt, Fred. (bootmaker) Langsenkamp & Co.

  • Workman, John Boards John Mimms

  • Wuerz, August (editor and proprietor) Missouri Post Main between Second and Third Residence James

  • Wyatt, James (shoemaker) Wingate & Darrow, boots and shoes

  • Wyley, Alfred (laborer) Boards Ottowa

  • Wyley, William (carpenter) Residence Ottowa

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