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Kansas City, Missouri 1859/60 City Directory - R

  • Raffaletti, G. S. (wines and liquors) Levee between Main and Walnut

  • Ragel, Adam (brick mason) Residence Allen corner of James

  • Rahlf, Christian (boot and shoemaker) E. side Main between Fifth and Sixth

  • Ralf, ______ (physician) E. side Wyandotte

  • Ralls, Samuel S.(clerk) James A. Gregory Residence E. side McGee, McGee's add.

  • Ramage, Lewis Ramage & Withers Boards N. Jennings

  • Rand, Aaron (butcher) James Ward Grand ave., between Mabillon and Manard Residence same

  • Randall, Dudley (foreman) Metropolitan Office

  • Rannell, A. (printer) Boards Irving House

  • Ranson, James R.(attorney) Court House Boards J. C. Runson

  • Ranson, Joseph C.(office 6 Levee) Residence E. of city limits

  • Ratcliffe, George T. (clerk) Union Hotel

  • Rawlson, Abraham (carpenter and builder) William Campbell's add.

  • Raworth, E. M. Raworth & Seely Boards Union Hotel

  • Read, R. D. Read & Field Residence Main opposite Court House

  • Redheffer, Jas. Redheffer & Henderson Boards Walnut near Sixth

  • Redheffer, William (tinner) Boards Walnut between Seventh and Court

  • Reid, John W. Reid, Otter & Bouton Residence Independence

  • Reinhardt, Peter Sprink & Reinhardt Main between Levee and Commercial

  • Reinhardt, Philip Dobus & Reinhardt Residence Walnut between Court and Seventh

  • Reister, Lewis (carriage trimmer) Boards McGee's add.

  • Renahan, James (laborer) Boards M. Renahan

  • Renahan, Michael (laborer) Vine between Seventh and Court

  • Renouf, Philip (bar keeper) J. Godier Main between Fifth and Sixth

  • Reynolds, Wm. S.(compositor) Metropolitan Office

  • Richards, Henry G.(boarding house) E. side Main between Commercial and Second, upstairs

  • Richardson, Jonathan (city marshal) Court House Residence Grand ave. between Court and Ross

  • Richardson, Warren Fernald & Richardson Residence W. side Main between Sixth and Seventh

  • Richilds, Antony (tailor) Residence Ranson's add.

  • Rickett, Wm. (millwright) Residence corner of Walnut and Sixth

  • Ricke, Henry (baker) E. side Main between Ross and Court

  • Riddlesbarger, Jesse (director) Mechanic's Bank Residence S. E. corner of Main and Second

  • Ridge, Isaac M.(physician) office corner of Fourth and Main Residence Walnut, Swope's add.

  • Ried, James H.(physician) Metropolitan Block corner of Mabillon Boards Farmer's Hotel

  • Rielley, Wm. (clerk) W. J. Jarboe

  • Riley, Erasmus (shinglemaker) Grand ave. between Catherine and Gertrude

  • Riley, James (laborer) Boards W. side Delaware between Cumberland ave and Spring

  • Riley, Michael (laborer) Vine between Third and Fourth

  • Riley, Philip (cook) Union Hotel Boards Union Hotel

  • Rippey, Geo W. A. B. Cross & Co. Boards A. B. Cross

  • Ritter, John (teamster) corner of Fifth and Oak

  • Roberts, Elias (teamster) Levee between Grand ave. and Pine

  • Roberts, Isaac N.(shoemaker) Delaware between Fourth and Fifth

  • Roberts, James (agent for Kansas, Missouri and Fort Scott Stage Co.s) corner of Delaware and Levee

  • Roberts, James (general stage agent) Boards Union Hotel

  • Robertson, James (clerk) J. P. Wheeler & Co.

  • Robinson, John D. W.(city attorney) Court House Residence corner of Delaware and Sixth

  • Roeder, Michael (wagonmaker) Independence ave.

  • Rogers, H. C. (clerk) Eldridge House

  • Rogers, John (messenger) U. S. Express Co.

  • Root, C. M. (music teacher) Residence May between Cumberland ave. and Hubbard

  • Ruckel, John H. (carriage manufacturer) Grand ave. near Allen Residence corner of McGee and Mabillon

  • Ruckel, Henry (carriage smith) J. H. Ruckel

  • Russell, Thos. A. Russell & Bell Residence E. side of Wyandotte between Sixth and Seventh

  • Ryan, Michael (laborer) Locust near Mabillon

  • Ryne, Wm. (brickmaker) W. & C. Gary

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