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Kansas City, Missouri 1859/60 City Directory - P

  • Padron, Felix (clerk) Chamberlin & Carpenter

  • Paine, Edward (clerk) D. M. Boland & Co.

  • Parker, Christopher (laborer) Henneke, Andre & Co. Boards German House

  • Patten, Wm. (marshal) Residence McDaniel, McDaniel's add.

  • Paus, John (carpenter) James corner of Allen Residence same

  • Payne, Milton J.(city mayor) office Court House Residence W. side Delaware between Fourth and Fifth

  • Peak, J. J. (livery stable) Boards Walnut

  • Pease, W. A. (bar keeper) Commercial House W. side Main between Third and Fourth

  • Pendry, James (brickmaker) Pendry & Showalter

  • Penn, J. M. (laborer) Residence Delaware between Fourth and Fifth

  • Perry, Rev. Thompson (Methodist) Fifth between Delaware and Wyandotte

  • Petsch, Peter (brickmaker) Allen

  • Pierce, E. W. (agent for Hannibal and St. Joseph R. R.) Boards Eldridge House

  • Pinneo, Wm. W.(retired) May & Hubbard's add.

  • Pitkin, Geo. E.(salesman) Trefren, Ward & Co.

  • Platt, John W.(clerk) Charles Keains

  • Platt, Samuel J. Platt & Moore Residence Wyandotte between Seventh and Eighth

  • Poeper, Charle (clerk) Henneke, Andre & Co. Boards German House

  • Polk, Wm. (mason) Residence Grand ave between Manard and Allen

  • Pollard, Lucien W. Pollard & Fairman Boards Commercial House

  • Pollard, Wm. D.(clerk) W. H. Chick & Co.

  • Powell, J. (salesman) Boards Union Hotel

  • Pownall, George (clerk) Jeffries & Maxton

  • Powles, Henry F.(teamster) Boards corner of Grand ave. and Second

  • Preston, Charles L.(superintendent) stables corner of Levee and Broadway

  • Prosser, Philip (laborer) Boards W. side Delaware between Cumberland ave and Spring

  • Pulte, H. A. Bruckman & Pulte Residence corner of Second and Wheat

  • Purcell, H. C. (clerk) M. J. Friedsam

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