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Kansas City, Missouri 1859/60 City Directory - MC

  • McBride, S. H. (job printer) Metropolitan office

  • McCabe, James (laborer) Vine between Third and Fourth

  • McCanna, John (laborer) Boards John Conner

  • McCarty, Edward C. McCarty and Barkley Residence Peory Place

  • McCarty, Edward C. (cashier) Mechanics' Bank corner of Commercial and Delaware

  • McCarty, F. (laborer) Third

  • McCarty, Thomas (shoemaker) Residence W. side Main between Sixth and Seventh

  • McCarthy, E. (mason) Residence James

  • McCarthy, Michael (laborer) Third between Vine and Oak

  • McCleod, William (tinner) Wm. Morrison Boards Commercial House

  • McConner, B. (laborer) Wyandotte

  • McCullen, Daniel (brickmaker) Forbes & Rollinson

  • McCulloch, Wm. (carpenter) Boards H. F. Hyman

  • McCullough, Wm. (carpenter) Boards McGee

  • McCoy, John C.(director) Mechanics' Bank Residence 3 miles S. E. of city

  • McDaniel, Thompson (proprietor) Union Hotel corner of Main and Sixth

  • McDaniel, Wm. J. Boards Union Hotel

  • McDonald, I. Or L. W. McDonald & Kline Residence W. side Main corner of Fourth and High

  • McDowell, widow of John Vine between Fourth and Fifth

  • McDowell, Samuel (carpenter) Vine between Fourth and Fifth

  • McDowell, Wm. Boards Irving House

  • McGary, Charles (fruits and restaurant) Levee between Main and Delaware

  • McGee, F. M. (proprietor) Farmer's Hotel Residence same

  • McGee, F. M. (general store) Metropolitan block corner of Mabillon and Grand ave.

  • McGee, J. H. (real estate dealer) Metropolitan block corner of Mabillon and Grand ave.

  • McGrath, widow of Daniel Chouteau ave., W. Catholic Church

  • McHome, John (clerk) B. Hermans

  • McIntire, J. (carpenter) J. B. Higgins & Co.

  • McKee, Lawrence (laborer) E. Levee

  • McKetchmi, Wm. (river runner) Residence Grand ave. between Manard and Allen

  • McLaughlin, Augustus (steward) Union Hotel

  • McLevitt, Francis (carpenter) Wm. Campbell;s add

  • McMahon, Michael (laborer) Delaware between Fifth and Sixth

  • McManman, James (saloon) Grand ave between Allen and Manard, Residence same

  • McMannaman, Michael (mason) Residence Grand ave between Mabillon and Milton

  • McMillan, A. W. (carpenter and joiner) 3 Metropolitan Block Residence corner of McGee and Mabillon

  • McNaman, D. C. (carpenter) Boards Mechanics' Hotel

  • McNees, James R. Residence Main junction of Delaware

  • McNees, John C.(proprietor) livery stable rear Union Hotel Residence Delaware junction of Main

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