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Kansas City, Missouri 1859/60 City Directory - M

  • Mack, Michael (tinner) Wm. Morrison

  • Maden, Michael (brickmaker) Perry near Emily

  • Madden, Thomas (brickmaker) Forbes & Rollinson

  • Maddox, Stephen (laborer) Fourth near High

  • Mahon, Thomas (drayman) Independence ave. between Perry and Emily

  • Mahoney, J. H. Colored(barber) Union Hotel Shaving Saloon Main

  • Maloney, David (carpenter) Ford & Bro.

  • Maloney, John (laborer) Residence W. side Delaware between Cumberland ave. and Spring

  • Maloy, Daniel (grocery) Levee E. of Grand ave.

  • Mannahan, Michael (saloon and boarding house) Market corner of Third Residence same

  • Mansfield, James (shoemaker) W. side of Main between Commercial and Levee Residence Grand ave. between Second and Levee

  • Marion, ______ (bill poster) Residence Walnut between Fourth and Fifth

  • Maroney, Michael (porter) J. P. Wheeler & Co.

  • Maroney, Patrick (stone mason) Boards Vine between Seventh and Court

  • Martin, A. J. (attorney and real estate dealer) S. side Third near Main Residence one mile S. of city

  • Mason, Thomas Scarborough & Co. Boards Union Hotel

  • Masuch, E. (gunsmith) Residence Delaware between Cumberland ave and Spring

  • Mather, J. P. (lime agent) Perry between Emily and Ross

  • Matzke, Otto (watches and jewelry) W. side Main between Fifth and Sixth

  • Maughs, G. M. B. Lester & Maughs, physicians Residence Wyandotte between Fifth and Sixth

  • Mawhan, John (laborer) James McGee's add.

  • Maxey, Wm. (shoemaker) Wingate & Darrow

  • Maxton, James L. Jeffries & Maxton Boards Union Hotel

  • Mechton, E. (watches & jewelry) W. side Main between Second and Third Residence Thomas add.

  • Meehan, Patrick (laborer) Ranson's add.

  • Meglone, Lewis P. (clerk) J. C. Adkins

  • Mehaffey, G. W. (meat market) W. side Main between Fourth and Fifth Residence same

  • Mehan, Edward (laborer) Boards James

  • Meiser, A. (shoemaker) James McGee's add.

  • Mensing, John H. (teamster) Residence McGee, Ross, & Scarrit's addition

  • Metz, Franklin (carpenter) corner of Wyandotte and Sixth

  • Metz, Frank P.(blacksmith) James McGee's add.

  • Michael, Peter Boards City Hotel

  • Millar, Wm. (trader) Commercial near Grand ave.

  • Miller, D. V. (saddler) Eleanor between Ottowa and Allen

  • Miller, Henry (agent for Kraft & Hoffman) W. side Main, between Second and Third Boards Commercial House

  • Miller, John (carpenter) McGee between Mabillon and Manard

  • Mills, John (chair maker) A. W. Henning

  • Mimms, David W. Residence corner of Fifth and Wyandotte

  • Mimms, John (boarding house) Fifth between Delaware and Wyandotte

  • Mimms, Robert W. Boards John Mimms

  • Mitchner, J. L. (pork and beef packer)

  • Mohiney, William (laborer) Laurel near Milton

  • Moland, Michael (contractor) corner of High and Third

  • Molgahan, Thos. (laborer) Residence Fifth corner of Broadway

  • Molloy, widow of Patrick (saloon) Grand ave. between Catherine and Gertrude

  • Moore, Clinton H. C. H. Moore & Co. Boards Union Hotel

  • Moore, John H. Platt & M. Residence Wyandotte near Delaware

  • Moore, R. M. (billiard saloon) W. side of Main near City Hotel Boards Wm. Millar

  • Morris, David (clerk) T. B. Hale

  • Morris, J. T. (physician & surgeon) W. side Main between Fourth and Fifth Residence junction of Main and Delaware

  • Morris, William (clerk) T. B. Hale

  • Morrison, Wm. (stoves and tin ware) W. side Main between Commercial and Second

  • Morton, Quin (teamster) corner of Locust and Gertrude

  • Moss, John (painter) Vine between Seventh and Court

  • Murphy, James (brickmaker) Forbes & Rollinson

  • Murnan, Wm. (painter) Boards F. Zimmerman

  • Music, Mrs. Mary (boarding house) W. side Main between Court and Seventh

  • Myers, A. (bar keeper) C. M. Kendall

  • Myers, John (shoemaker) Wingate & Darrow

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