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Kansas City, Missouri 1859/60 City Directory - L

  • Lacy, H. S. (ice cream and oyster saloon) W. side of Main between Fifth and Sixth Residence same

  • Lahr, John Newcom & L Commercial House

  • Lally, Frank (boarding house) Levee near Wyandotte

  • Langsenkamp, Frank F. L. & Co. Residence Main

  • Lantry, Francis (plasterer) Holmes between Mabillon and Manard

  • Lantry, James (plasterer) Holmes between Mabillon and Manard

  • Large, Patrick (teamster) McGee Swopes add

  • Lary, Thomas (brickmaker) Perry near Independence ave.

  • Larkunthey, Wm. B.(carpenter) Main Residence same

  • Lauvin, Thomas (laborer) Locust between Milton and Gertrude

  • Lawrence, George ( ) W. side McGee between Catherine and Gertrude

  • Lawrence, M. (brickmaker) Campbell & Gault

  • Lawrence, R. J. Boards Farmer's Hotel

  • Layfield, Robert (carpenter) Residence E. side Main between Ottowa and Chestnut

  • Lazarus, Isaac (clerk) Hammerslough Bros.

  • Leahard, John (carpenter and builder) Grand ave., near Court Residence same

  • Lemoine, Jules (watchmaker) McGee between Mabillon and Manard

  • Lester, T. B. Lester & Maughs, physicians Residence corner of Seventh and Walnut

  • Levi, Peter (groceries) Residence W. side Delaware between Fifth and Sixth

  • Liddill, James M.(plasterer) corner of Laurel and Milton

  • Liggett, Charles Boards Farmers Hotel

  • Linderman, J. P. E. side Main between Fifth and Sixth

  • Linderman, Mrs. Sarah A. (millinery and fancy goods) E. side Main between Fifth and Sixth

  • Lindsey, R. W. with G. B. Thomas corner of Third and Main Boards Union Hotel

  • Lisch, George (carpenter) Vine between Seventh and Court

  • Livengood, Silas (clerk) M. Diveley Boards Mechanics' Hotel

  • Livewright, John (carpernter) Brand ave. between Allen and Ottowa

  • Long, Adam C. & A. L. Residence at store

  • Long, Charles C. & A. L. Residence at store

  • Long, Daniel Boards Irving House

  • Long, Peter L. & Alton Residence at yard

  • Long, Robert (gunsmith) W. side Main between Sixth and Seventh

  • Long, Wm. (teamster) corner of Sixth and Walnut

  • Longyer, Wm. (brickmaker) Perry near Emily

  • Lord, Thos. R. H. S. Ward & Co. Residence Kane ave. end McDaniel's add.

  • Loos, Frederick (watches, clocks and jewelry) E. side Main between Fifth and Sixth

  • Lovassy, Bela (barber) John Sprink

  • Luke, Alexander (clerk) Chas. S. Hunter

  • Luther, J. H. (principal) Seminary corner of Cumberland ave. and May

  • Lynch, Daniel (brickmaker) W. & C. Gary

  • Lynch, Joseph (brickmaker) W. & C. Gary

  • Lynch, Patrick (laborer) Broadway near Fifth

  • Lynch, Michael (laborer) Residence Fifth corner of Church

  • Lynds, James Boards City Hotel

  • Lyons, A. S. (boarding house) corner of Walnut and Pearl

  • Lykins, Johnston (president) Mechanics' Bank corner of Commercial and Delaware

  • Lykins, Johnston (physician) Residence corner of Broadway and Ottowa

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