1918 Farm Journal Illus. Directory of Ottawa County, Michigan - Classified Business Directory

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Page 181Abstractors .. Bakers
Page 182Bakers .. Boilers
Page 183Bookbinders .. Casket Ornaments
Page 184Cattle, Horse and Swine Breeders .. Coal
Page 185Coal .. Crochet Hooks
Page 186Dentists .. Engines
Page 187Express and Hauling .. Furniture
Page 188Furniture .. General Stores
Page 189General Stores .. Grocers
Page 190Grocers .. Harness
Page 191Harness .. Iron and Metal
Page 192Jewelry .. Machinery
Page 193Marble and Granite .. Newspapers
Page 194Newspapers .. Pianos and Musical Instruments
Page 195Pianos and Musical Instruments .. Pulleys
Page 196Real Estate .. Tailors
Page 197Telephone and Telegraph Companies .. Women's Wear