1916 Farm Journal Illustrated Directory of Ingham County, Michigan - Q .. R Surnames

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 94Quackenbush, Quenby, Quinn, Raby, Race, Rae, Railer, Ramsdell, Ramsel, Ramsey, Randall, Rankey, Rann, Ranney, Rapp, Rathbone, Ratzloff, Ray
Page 95Raymond, Reason, Reasoner, Rector, Redman, Redner, Reed, Rees, Reeve, Reeves, Regenos, Rehm, Reidenbach, Reineke, Reinhart, Remington, Rene, Repp, Reuter, Reynolds, Rhines, Ribbey
Page 96Ribbey, Ribby, Rice, Rich, Richards, Richardson, Richmond, Rickett, Rider, Ridley, Ried, Riethmiller, Riggs, Riker, Rilchsown, Riley, Riper, Ripley, Risch
Page 97Risch, Risley, Ritter, Rivard, Rix, Roback, Robb, Robbins, Roberts, Robertson, Robeson, Robinson, Rock, Rockwell, Rodman, Roeback, Roepcke, Roger, Rogers, Rohrbacher
Page 98Rohrbacher, Roiston, Rolf, Rolfe, Rood, Roosa, Rorabeck, Rose, Roseerance, Rosier, Ross, Rossman, Roth, Rothney, Rotnour, Rouse, Rowe, Rowland, Rowley, Rowlinson, Royce, Royston
Page 99Royston, Rugg, Rumsey, Runciman, Ruppert, Rusch, Rush, Russell, Rutter, Ryan